Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bacoor Cops vs Obillos, Abaya et al. Part 3

I read in the Philippine Daily Inquirer today that the DOJ is recommending the filing of 2 counts of murder against 14 police officers involved in the infamous Bacoor, Cavite-shooting incident during the May 10, 2010 automated elections that led to the death of a retired police officer and a navy officer.

I had written two entries (Entry 1, Entry 2) about this incident in this blog last year and to say that I am saddened with the DOJ resolution is an understatement. I am actually outraged at the brazenness of power peddling of the Abayas and at the same time, I am disappointed with PNoy himself for tolerating such shenanigans. Just because the Abayas are Liberal Party members?

I need not re-explain my position as I think, for non-believers, no explanation will be sufficient. I just would like to show a screen grab from the incident and you be the judge. The man holding an m-16 was “victim” Navy Petty Officer Juanito Paraiso. The policeman in uniform is now one of the accused. Just look at the picture and see for yourself if the Obillos camp is as faultless as they say they are.

With the way PNoys administration is going, he will be indeed very lucky if he actually finishes his term. He has to remember that the winning margin of Joseph Estrada over his closest rival (24%) is way way bigger than his margin (15%) over Erap. Yet this margin of Erap was eroded in just a little over 2 years. PNoy better keep this in mind and start thinking clearer while walking the Matuwid na daan!


  1. Those cops should really go to jail, maybe the other party was the aggressor and they just responded appropriately. However the criminal case is based on the fact that Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) and the Internal Affairs Service of the Cavite PNP reported that NO SHOOTOUT took place. SO there was an attempted cover up, I guess we should also jail the SOCO and IA operatives together with these guys. Why do a cover up if you are innocent? I guess they really had something to hide...

  2. ngayon ko lang nakita ang post na ito. no shoot out? pakitingnan uli ang screen grab sa taas...


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