Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drug Mules

Now that it is over, let me say the piece that I had been holding back for quite a while. I want to take exception to the statements of many officials and media personalities that the whole country is grieving over the execution of the three drug mules. I don’t. Moreover, I rejoice, actually.

Insensitive? Say what you want but I really feel that way. Just thinking of the almost 15 kilograms of heroin caught from them, I can’t seem to find in me any compassion for them. As I see it, their execution is correct from whichever viewpoint I look at it. If they carried the drugs knowingly, then they deserved their fate. If they were just unwitting mules as they claimed, then to some extent, they still deserved their fate. Just imagine the number of lives they will destroy because of katangahan! (Side note: I might be this insensitive because I actually don’t believe that they did not know that they were carrying drugs. Why? In airline travel, baggage allowance is very limited. It is extremely preposterous to claim that you do not know that you have 5 kilograms of unaccounted weight in your baggage. Hell, that is about a quarter of the whole baggage allowance!)

Adding to the outrage that I feel was the special treatment given to the families of the convicted mules. They were given a free ride to China to see their relatives. I understood that this was the assistance given to them by the DFA. For this, the government used people’s money. (If I am wrong, then I deeply apologize.) But as I understood it from the news accounts, it was public funds. Do the families deserve this freebie? Hundreds or thousands of Filipinos out there are dying because the government cannot provide for their basic needs due to lack of funds. These are the same Filipinos who toil day in and day out just to get by. Are we making them the same Filipinos who dutifully pay their taxes just to make sure that this government can spend for the assistance of families of “drug mules?”

And after all what the government did for them, the families of the mules, especially the family of Evangelista, has the gall to blame the government? Binay is even giving scholarships to the children of Evangelista!

Now let me ask as a cop. Will Binay also give scholarships to my children if I die tomorrow because some drug addict gets lucky and kills me?

Looking at the house of Credo from the TV footages, it appears that he is already enjoying the fruits of his illegal activities. His house is a palace compared to the squatter shanties where survey showed more than half of cops live.

I am wont to ask this time: Am I in the wrong business? Should I not be a drug mule instead of a cop? Crime does pay after all!

Or should I be a drug protector? It is easier to do, given my position as a cop. Will the Filipinos make a monument for me if I become one? Drug dealers are heroes (or congressmen) in this country anyway. I will just say that I do not know that the friends I am protecting are drug dealers!