Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Roberto Rosales vs Arlyn dela Cruz

I saw on TV last night the face off of Arlyn dela Cruz and Dir Roberto Rosales over Channel 2 with Noli de Castro at TV Patrol. The most noticeable thing is the unrepentant stance of dela Cruz despite the conciliatory overtures of Rosales. Once again, the abuse of power of a reporter came to a fore and reared in full display for all the world to see. She even highlighted her arrogance that she kept on talking out of turn even while Rosales was still talking. And in the true tradition of these fearless reporters na walang sinasanto, walang inuurungan, at walang kinatatakutan, the report included the segment showing that she went straight to the police station in Bgy Batasan to put on police blotters the alleged threats that Dir Rosales made against her (at the Multi-Purpose Hall in Camp Crame during a live interview with practically all the networks including the fly-by-night reporters) and that she fears for her life.

Before I go any further, I would like to share to everyone an old information. I kept a copy of a confidential report given to me by a colleague connected with an intelligence agency in Camp Crame. It states:

Reporter Arlyn dela Cruz is keeping hostile feelings against Chief Supt Rosales, the WPD Director because despite the sexual favors she had given to him to the extent that she gifted her with her nieces, Gen Rosales failed to live up to his promise of giving her scoops which should have been expected, given his proximity to President GMA. Also, dela Cruz’s anger at Rosales came to a hilt when Rosales totally dumped her after he found out that her alleged kidnapping by the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan in 2002 was but one of her trysts with her then boyfriend Khadaffy Janjalani.

I dug up this old report from my files after I read the headline story of the Inquirer last Sunday and thought that dela Cruz had not yet gotten over her animosity against Rosales.

Well, that’s life. If she wants as copy of the report, I can show it to her but I will not name my source. And mind you, this is an A1 report from a trusted source and not based on a text message thus I stand by my story.


  1. actually, nahigh-blood ako sa kakapanuod kay Arlyn kagabi... para syang palengkera na ewan.. tsk tsk tsk... 5 mintues of fame nga naman!

  2. and the way she acted is true to form: paid hack. now things are doing a boomerang!

  3. Hi, poging pulis, I admire Rosales, so I hope I'm right with my understanding that you wrote the last three paragraphs only to prove that anyone can say "I have a trusted source from an intel unit in the AFP...." and to bait Arlyn to react so that you can use as your defense what she used with Rosales?

  4. Oh yeah, I read your post again, and yes, Arlyn probably thought she'll hit the big time with this one...
    About the alleged threat, hindi naman threat yon sa life niya. Advice nga ni Rosales yon -- she has to correct her report, because otherwise she wouldn't be able to restore her credibility.

  5. Hi Naya,

    No, the last three paragraphs were not written just for the sake of writing. I am dead serious with my report. It is not based on a text message so it must be true. Look at the way I emote with my face. Exactly like Arlyn dela Cruz!

  6. hahahaha, you're really a good writer, i like your style


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