Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PNP chief bats for regular physical, medical tests for cops

MANILA, Philippines—Philippine National Police (PNP) Director General Raul Bacalzo on Monday said he would propose that the National Police Commission implement an annual physical and medical exam, as well as neuropsychiatric evaluation, for all police officers as a long-term solution to rid the force of rogue cops.

Bacalzo said these tests will ensure that all 132,000 police officers are fit to work every year but revealed that they would have to find P46 million for every month that police officers undergo the said tests.

(Read the rest of the story in the Philippine Daily Inquirer by clicking on the title above)

My pulis take:

P46M monthly just for the tests? What the hell? Why so much? Had the PNP sunk this low in its "pera-pera" attitude that it cannot undertake a special project without a special funding? And regular fitness test cannot even be considered a special project. If the Chief PNP had not known it yet, then here is the info: For so long a time now, the Semestral Physical Fitness Test is a regular income source for corrupt SESPOs and Training Officers who ask for P700 from each PNP member who do not want to go through the rigors of the test but simply sign their PFT forms.

Likewise, what does the gargantuan medical unit of the PNP does if it cannot make the PFT its flagship project in its regular funding? Is it not that for so long, because of lack of anything worthwhile to do in the PNP General Hospital, more than half of its doctors went abroad on “buko passes” (Pag nabuko, e di pass. Kung hindi, e di on duty.) The absence of these doctors were not felt for so long because basically, nothing changed when they went abroad. Just like when they are on duty, they are not reporting in the hospital so they were not missed. This is the reason why the PNP assigned then PSUPT Rolando Anduyan and PSUPT Bernard Banac who were both PMA graduates and line officers in the Medical Service, specifically to account for these AWOL personnel. Anduyan was eventually rewarded with a promotion to full colonel and Banac is expected to follow suit. Same goes true with the nurses and the other staff of the PNP Medical Service. The usual duty detail rotation is 2 days duty, 1 week off. That is how sorely the PNP Medical Service needs something to do.

So if the Chief PNP wants the regular fitness tests conducted, then he need not shell out a single cent. Actually, it is now being regularly conducted (twice a year at that!) by crooked personnel in the admin and training sections of the PNP. He just needs to make these people trudge the “matuwid na daan.” Also, he needs to make the PNP Medical Service work for its MOOE and salary of its personnel.

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