Thursday, January 06, 2011

PNP admits breach in discipline

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Spate of crimes involving cops alarms top brass

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine National Police (PNP) Wednesday admitted that there was a breakdown in discipline among its ranks following a spate of crimes allegedly carried out by several policemen.

“This is a serious breach in discipline. But we have to accept that reality,” PNP chief Director General Raul Bacalzo said in a press conference at Camp Crame.

In the last six weeks, Bacalzo noted that 14 policemen had been linked to various crimes. Of the 14, six were arrested, three confined to quarters while five remain at large.

At the same time, he reported the actions the PNP would take against erring policemen, including putting them in provincial or city jails with other common criminals instead of restricting them to their quarte

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It has been a while since I posted in my blog. Despite all those explosive issues in the past 4 to 5 months, I have not felt that great urge to post my views. I have a lot of opinions on the Luneta Hostage Fiasco, the taping of guns this past New Year, and several other issues but other priorities took precedence. Until now, my schedule is still as hectic as before but reading the statements of Bacalzo regarding the apparent breakdown of discipline in the PNP ranks, I felt that this is one issue worth contributing to.

At the outset, let me add my voice to the observations that indeed, there is breakdown in discipline in the PNP ranks. But let me add: it is not only now. It had been happening for quite sometime now. And let mo shout this out: the worst breakdown in discipline is not what you read on the pepers: the worst breakdown in discipline is happening right inside Camp Crame, in the National Headquarters of the biggest crime organization in the Philippines and they are perpetrated by most of the current top brass. Save for some senior officers, the PNP is currently lead either by bumbling idiots or spineless former idealists who allowed themselves to be sucked in the system not unlike the Cosa Nostra. And mind you, the similarities are not just skin deep. Take this entry from Wikipedia for Cosa Nostra: “Each group, known as a "family", "clan", or "cosca", claims sovereignty over a territory in which it operates its rackets – usually a town or village or a neighbourhood (borgata) of a larger city. Their primary activity is protection racketeering, but they are also involved in drug trafficking, loan sharking, and liquor and cigarette smuggling.” Sounds familiar? Have you heard about the families in the PNP? PMA, PNPA, PMO, APOLE, Iglesia, Mason, etc! But the biggest and most damaging families are the Comptroller family, Finance family, COA family, and DBM family. I will explain that in a short while.

That’s right: you read me right. I feel that the PNP had turned into the biggest crime organization in the Philippines right now and those PO1s that you read on the news are not even the tip of the iceberg—they are merely small broken chips of the iceberg. I can finish a whole ream of bond paper if I enumerate and discuss the rackets going on in the PNP. But let me zero in on one very Mafiosique racket in the PNP: The CLEARING FEE. What is this clearing fee? This is the automatic deduction levied on all funds that goes to an end user. Say a District Director is allocated P 100,000 monthly for his MOOE. The DD signs the receipt that he received P 100,000 but in truth, he will be only given P 70,000 because the current rate of Clearing Fee is 30%. Actually, at the regional and provincial levels, the money given to commanders were already “cleared” thus, whether they sign a receipt or not does not matter anymore. It is at the NHQ level that the funds are “CLEARED.” When we say “cleared,” what does it mean? That means that on paper, the money is already spent and the supporting documents are already submitted to the proper authorities, usually the DBM and the COA. For this to succeed, several families must work together: the Comptroller Family, the Finance Family, the DBM Family, and the COA Family!

How do they do this? Well, the explanation will consume another ream of bond paper. So here is just the unmistakable and irrefutable indication of the anomaly: in the last Christmas season (and in previous Christmases), did you notice that the cash gifts given by generals playing Santa to their subordinates are always in cold, hard cash? How do these generals clear these millions? Go figure!

Bacalzo is alarmed for the breach of discipline of his men? He better start reforms at the 1st and 2nd floors of the NHQ!

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