Monday, August 30, 2010

That God-damned Hostage Drama

I am very busy but I cannot help but scribble a few notes on that Rizal Park incident. Let me start with my bottomline: That fiasco is solely and wholly the blunder of the decision makers! Let me name them: EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 309 signed in November 11, 1987 by the late Corazon Aquino states that the Peace and Order Council (that doubles up as the Crisis Management Committee in crisis situations like this), is chaired by the mayor and co-chaired by the chief of police. In short, the decision makers in this case are Lim and Magtibay. Good that Magtibay was already replaced. Lim should follow suit by resigning or literally committing suicide by shooting himself in the head just like the hostages.

But if there is only one person who should be blamed for this fiasco, it is Lim. As a lawyer, he made an asshole of himself bigtime when in the aftermath, during radio interviews, he said, "Hindi ako ang nag order na arestuhin yung kapatid. Ang sabi ko, posasan at dalhin sa presinto." Such a lame excuse. For a supposed to be hardened general, the true Lim came out: a dilly-dallying officer with no backbone of his own. The hero of EDSA I? Truth to tell, he was not! No matter how much his publicists and writers romanticized his role, he was a Marcos boy until the end. He only went to Gen Ramos in Camp Crame when the outcome to the revolution is already beyond question. In fact, just a few hours after he went to see Gen Ramos, Marcos left the country. In short, sigurista talaga sya na ang taya nya ay sa panalo. Lim actually ordered the dispersal of troops that on critical Sunday, February 23, 1986. He never had the courage to say no to Marcos. The real reason that Lim was not able to follow the order to disperse the crowd in EDSA was that he was not able to muster enough policemen to follow him. Only his subordinate Col Dawis and a handful of them followed him to EDSA. All the rest of the policemen cannot be located at that time. He now declares today that he purposely left his other 800 people in Camp Sikatuna. That is pure bullshit. Even to this day, not a single unit in Metro Manila can actually muster 800 men to assemble in that short period of time! He actually ordered Col Dawis to disperse the crowd but Dawis refused to obey him, both due to lack of manpower and due to priciples na rin!

Lim cannot and did not make a stand then. He did not and cannot make a stand now. Fate caught up with him and exposed him. He should leave immediately!

As for the bungling "SWAT" men who stormed the bus: what was their fault? Their fault was the failure of their team leader to tell the decision makers, "Sir, this operation is beyond the capabilities of my unit." It was the stupidity of their bosses to send them to that situation where they are ill-prepared and ill-equipped. Mind you, there are SWAT units in the PNP that are at par or better than some SWATs in other countries. For one, the SAF and NCRPO have SWAT units that are much more capable than the MPD SWAT. In short, there should have been another unit that made the assault but the MPD SWAT.

Good that Magtibay is already out. Lim should follow suit.

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