Monday, August 16, 2010

Cry Baby Class 78

Why is it that these Class 78 people are turning out to be cry babies? First it was Bangit. Now it is Angue? Why is it that they were not crying for anything when the winds favored them. Now that they are sailing through headwinds, they begin to cry? For crissake, they are just giving proof that many of them do not deserve the positions they hold. They just keep on proving to their upperclassmen and underclassmen alike that they were appointed to their positions because they happened to adopt Gloria as their mistah! But in terms of professionalism, they are nothing but over ambitious people who lack the talent to achieve their dreams in an even playing field! To Angue, take the lesson from your upperclassman, Ramon Farolan in his counsel to Bangit some few issues back in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Look for the links in this blog. I hope you are not that incompetent not to find the links! Adios!

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