Friday, July 02, 2010

P-Noy, V-Nay, and Wang-wang

Now comes the first disagreement between P-Noy and V-Nay. And of all things, it is about wang wang. P-Noy says that he is against the use of wang wang except those allowed by PD 96 while V-Nay says that he needs it especially if he is responding to shooting incident or fires. The arguments reflect the real mindsets of the protagonists. For P-Noy, his stand is reflective of his desire to actually create equality in the country. The wang wang is the ultimate display of arrogance and panlalamang of public officials. During campaign they say, “Iboto nyo ang inyong abang lingkod!’ but when they win they say through their wang wangs, “Tumabi kayo at dadaan ang inyong abang lingkod!” How “assholic!”

On the other hand, V-Nay’s stand is reflective also of his mindset: a trapo who needs to be in the action first, even to the extent of undermining those who were supposed to be in charge. Let me take him at his word: shooting incident. He said he needs wang wang to go to the scene first. V-Nay, if you do not know it yet, the first responder should be the cops. Now, let us say you arrived ahead of them, what would you do? Of course, infront of the cameras, you will berate them because they are so slow, inept, corrupt, etc. But did you consider that they were riding in Model 90 Toyota Corollas? Most probably, its wang wang and top lights are also defective because the good patrol cars are there escorting people like you, who aside from having hawi boys on motorcycle, are also aboard the latest Toyota Land Cruisers with wang wang. Naturally, the likes of V-Nay would be on the scene first while the cops are still chipping in for gas money to be used in their patrol cars.

I really do not have a quarrel with public officials playing to the camera during crisis situations (like Bong Revilla telling Ducut “Mahal kita!” hahahaha) but I believe that if they want to be on the scene first, then they ride a marked vehicle. Then they can use their wang wang all they want. Also, this will give the criminals a good chance of shooting at them when they arrive at the scene! Hahahaha

For those who say that the time of public officials are very important such that they cannot be stuck in traffic, that is stupid reasoning. Any public official who says that, can try resigning immediately and I am sure, he will not be missed. Now, if he hates traffic, then as a public official, he is in the position to correct that. He should then solve the traffic problem so that he will not get stuck in it!

Now for those who say that P-Noy is endangering himself when he stops at traffic lights, that mindset is so 1700s. The armoring technology in the 21st century is almost perfect that you practically need a howitzer to hurt a passenger of an appropriately armored vehicle. P-Noy can actually stop in the traffic all he wants and nobody can lay a finger on him. The armoring of the presidential car is at B7! Now, if somebody can already prove that you can conceal a howitzer in a holster, then by all means, P-Noy should use the wang wang!

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