Monday, July 05, 2010

Alfredo Lim and Wang Wang

Last Thursday or Friday, (June 1 or 2), I chanced upon a live interview of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim over DZMM. I tuned in a bit late in the interview but I got the drift of the conversation. It appeared that Lim declared an all out war against wang wang. He said something to the effect that "Uunahin ko ang mga pulis at ang mga stainless steel jeeps nila. Paano susunod sa batas ang mga tao kung ang mga mismong nagpapatupad nito ay hindi sumusunod?" The anchor appeared to be goading him into saying those fighting words.

This interview of Lim really got my goat. It showed his age and his rumored very deteriorated mental state. He is so out of touch with reality. That time, I want to shout in his face, "Hoy Mayor, hindi pulis ang nag wa wang wang nang illegal sa kalye. Ito ay ang mga pulitiko na gaya mo at mga Intsik na gaya mo uli." True enough, on Sunday, the HPG conducted operations in Binondo area and netted around 50 wang wangs. Another 30 was reportedly voluntarily surrendered by their owners--yes, all Tsinoy businessmen in Binondo.

This anti wang wang campaign of PNoy did not affect many cops. Only very very few use wang wang in their private cars. Most of the illegal wang wang users are the politicos and rich businessmen and their escorts. Mind you, many of these escorts are civilians who are often like flies perched on top of a carabao and thought that they are taller than the carabao! The very glaring evidence is that in the wake of the anti wang wang drive spurred by PNoy's lead and pronouncements, not one policeman was included in the list of illegal wang wang users.

Kaya Pulis na Pogi cheers, "Go, go, go, Pnoy!

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