Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PO2 Jomel Caronan, HERO!

PO2 Jomel Caronan joins the list of the elite group of policemen who were given the chance to be a hero, stood up to the challenge, and emerged unscathed. This is indeed heartwarming and I hope that this is a portent of things to come in the P-Noy administration.

Not all policemen is given this chance in their lifetime. In fact, majority of policemen who stay in the service for more than 30 years in the service, will never have this kind of chance encounter in flagrante delicto. And not all who will encounter this opportunity will step up to the challenge. Others will run away. Others will just pretend that they have not seen anything. More so in the case of PO2 Caronan, he could have opted to just drive away because he is assigned in Paranaque and the place of incident is in Manila. Unfortunately, shoe who accept this challenge do not survive or gets injured to a varying degree. This makes the accomplishment of PO2 Caronan a triple victory for him!

Once again, congratulations to PO2 Jomel Caronan!

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