Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Obillos and Company Deserved What They Got!

I am making this post as an addendum to my previous post regarding this same topic (Cavite police chief, 17 more cops face murder raps). I based my previous conclusions on what I saw on the early evening news. I focused on the two portions where Col Obillos was grappling with the M60 LMG and PO Paraiso holding the hand of a policeman checking his gun in his holster.

Today I reviewed the footage in Google and was even more shocked by the other details I saw. At 1:51 of the video, the man (presumably PO Paraiso) holding the hand of the policeman checking on his 9mm in his holster is himself holding an M-16. Worse, the M16 appeared to be pointed to the cop. And where ever it was actually pointed, it is definite that the M16 was held in a "ready position." All these happened while that man was shouting to the policeman "Bitawan mo yan!"

At the start of the video, at about 1:16 mark, it can be clearly seen that the cop driving the jeep was harassed by the people of Obillos to the extent that he shouted, "Wag nyo ko anuhin! Pambihira naman kayo. Tatawagin ko nga CO ko!" to which somebody from the Obillos camp retorted, "Tawagan mo! Sige tawagin mo! Sige humawak ka pa sa baril mo!" This retort was shouted while the cop was clearly walking away! In this exchange alone, it can be definitely seen who are the provocateurs! The cop was actually going the pacifist way! "Tawagin ko CO ko!" is rarely followed by "Sige para magbarilan na tayo!" When a policeman decides to call for his superiors already, then he is actually wanting to get a way out. He is passing the buck to his superior. He has no murder in mind.

Compare that with a person telling an obviously armed cop (of course, he is in uniform!) "Sige humawak ka pa sa baril mo!" What does that person intend to do if the cop holds his gun? Shoot the cop? All the time, in that instance, cops are trained to check on their gun by resting their palm in it while holstered. By all means, that is "hawak" in its barest form. Is that now permission for them to shoot the cop? What did that person has in mind provoking the cop like that?

These new details strenghtened my earlier conclusion. Infact, now, more than ever, I firmly believe that Obillos and company got what they deserved that day!

I hope that the authorities, especially the judges and prosecutors who will handle the case, will see things in an impassioned way.

Good work and kudos to the Cavite Police!


At 3:48 of the video, the lawyer of Obillos, Atty Rey Robles said, "Pag makipagbarilan ka, isa, dalawang tama...pag tumumba ka na, tama na yun no. E ito, sabi nga ng isang taga NBI na tumulong sa amin para dun sa report, parang hindi na tao ang mga bumaril dito e. Lapas ng 50 ang tama."

I wonder how many shootouts this lawyer has been into personally. When you are in a shootout, especially in that kind of close encounter, you do not have the luxury of time to check on your opponent especially if he is armed with firearms stronger than yours. I believe that that lawyer, an educated man that he is, agrees to this. But who can blame him? He was already bought by his clients to say the things they want him to say.


  1. Why did the Obillos camp rush to the Police Station? It was beacause the group of watchers and lawyers of the liberal party in bacoor were kidnapped by men in red plate vehicles then after a while they appeared at the police station and was accused of vote buying but there was no complainant? Why was Col. Obillos and Sgt. Paraiso shot from close range if it was a shootout? Why was it called a shootout when they both tested negative for gunpowder? Why was the video taken edited? Why did it take 5 days for the police to release the video to the media? Was the video edited? Did the police take away the scene where the Obillos camp surrendered? Is it true that the video editing was done in Sen. Bong Revilla-Ampatuan's productions office? This is clearly a murder and the masterminds of this murder is no other than the Revilla-Ampatuans who are afraid to lose power over bacoor. P.S. Try going on youtube and search for : A Desperate Senator, the video clearly shows the power The Revilla-Ampatuans have and at one point he said : "yung hepe ng bacoor? papapalitan ko nayan! the video was taken 3 years before the 2010 elections they also mentioned : "ang comelec mahirap man sabihin, neutral yan baka nga tayo pa ang mandaya, matikman naman nila madaya mga put@ngin@ nila. Now I ask you does he deserve to be the number 1 senator? It is not us from the liberal party in bacoor who lost in the elections, it is the people of bacoor who really lost because they sold their future to the revilla-ampatuans who has not even graduated high school. If the ampatuan clan was punished for the massacres it will be a lot harder to jail the revillas for there are 88 sons of Revilla Sr. Iincase it was really the police men who was wrong in this case I hope the masterminds would also get punished unlike what happened in the ninoy aquino case where the marcos family was not punished. Justice for the people who died to protect the sanctity of the ballot!

  2. You really have no right to say that the Col. got what he deserved. Sino ka ba sa tingin mo? Be a responsible blogger and gather information before you commment on something. Try putting yourself in the position of the families of the men killed. Tapos sasabihin kong tama lang na pinatay sila. Sarap ba?

  3. Only one from the stupid policemen was wounded in the head because he was accidentally shot by his fellow policemen. There is no hope for the philippines if we have this kind of people who should be the ones protecting us not hurting us. Another thing if it was really a shootout then why was no policeman hit? 2 Marines were shot and no one from the policemen hurt? Obviously marines have been trained for years before they go to war while policemen are the fat,stupid ones who cannot even protect themselves. This is clearly a murder because it really impossible for policemen to be better than marines in an alleged "shootout" by the police-bacoor who are known to be loyal to the Revillas

  4. Col. Obillos deserved what he got? are you sure about what your saying? You have to read between the lines mister. Maybe you were also paid by the revillas to make blogs, how much is your talent fee? you have a preety good script!

  5. you are trully paid by the revillas!!!!

  6. Wow and whew! Read my blog guys. I said that I reviewed the video from google. And the video from google is from TV Patrol of ABS-CBN. I based my conclusions on what I saw and I pointed out the specific portion. Admittedly, I am angry at Obillos and co. when I made the post and may have used very harsh words, specifically that portion that "they deserved what they got." But despite of it all, I stand by my opinion that I believe that the policemen acted correctly in that situation. I believe that no one has the right to tell a uniformed cop walking away, "Sige, hawakan mo pa ang baril mo!" That in itself is an inexcusable affront to the policeman and the government that he symbolizes! Because if we tolerate those "small things" pass by without redress, what will we tolerate next? Policemen are just agents of the law. They are just enforcing the laws for the good of everybody. They are trained to stand their ground. They are taught that "The policeman is the wall that separates anarchy and peace." In that case, the policemen even took a step back, both literally and figuratively, when that driver said, "Pambihira naman kayo. Tatawagin ko muna CO ko." And what retort did he get? "Tawagan mo! Sige humawak ka pa sa baril mo!"

    Go figure.


    1. As to the Revilla-Ampatuan involvement, I do not know anything about that. In fact, fan ako ni Noynoy and only in my later readings did I found out that the casualties were from the side of his allies. But it did not change a thing in my previous opinions. As I have said before, and I will say it again, I based my opinions and conclusions on the videos that I saw in the mass media.

    Sorry sa mga nasaktan but I think you have to also show to the media your side of the story. I think you even have the advantage in media exposure right now.

    2. As to the issue that the there were no powder burns on the hands of the victims, that does not hold water because: a. Not all negative parrafin tests mean that the person did not fire a gun. Especially in that case that it appeared that the group of Obillos were armed with long rifles, parrafin test would most likely turn out negative even if they fired a gun. Ask a disinterested crime lab expert. b. in a shootout where my opponent is also armed with a rifle, I would not wait for him to fire that rifle first at me. Especially in light of those inflammatory challenges very clearly recorded in the video, I would make sure that nobody fires first at me. In the first place, nobody should display--much less point, as shown in the video--their gun to policemen in a hostile manner. This is what we are trained for. That is called The Tactical Edge!

  7. Makasabat na nga sa usapang ito. Pare-parehong may puntos kayo. Unang punto na sa palagay ko ay mahalaga, napaka-humiliating naman na sabihan ang isang pulis na, "Sige tumawag ka sa CO mo at humawak ka pa sa baril mo." Sapat na yon para malamang walang galang ang nagsabi nun sa isang pulis. Iyon ba ay dahil sa mababa na talaga ang pagtingin natin sa ating kapulisan? Tungkol naman doon sa shoot-out, kataka-taka talagang mapatay mo ang mga marines nang hindi ka masusugatan. They were highly trained to fight wirh their guns. It's plausible but not convincing. Aminin na natin na talagang sa Pilipinas ang mga "shoot-outs" kailanman ay hindi 100% shoot-out, meron talagang sikreto dyan, pare-pareho lang naman tayong mga Filipino kaya't alam natin yan. Eh bakit nga ba in-edit yung video? Ang ibig sabihin, merong ayaw ipaaalam sa publiko. Kung sinuman ang nag-edit, yung ang siguradong at fault, kasi kung ikaw ang nasa katuwiran, walang kang itatago.
    Kaya't kung kagaya namin na mga ordinaryong tao ang makakaharap ng kahit sinong panig dito, Obillos o mga pulis Cavite, siguradong delikado na kami. Bottom line, nagkakaharap-harap sila kasi pare-pareho silang may kapangyarihang pinaghahawakan.
    Para sa aming mga odinaryong tao, siguro lulunukin na lang namin ang aming takot at kahihiyan.
    Pero umaasa ako na sa pamumuno ng ating bagong P. Noy, ang mga abuso sa kanilang mga kapangyarihan ay mawawalan na ng puwang sa ating lipunan.

  8. I read your blog a long time ago and just dismissed your comment as one comming from an immature person and a Policeman at that.

    If the Gun Powder thing is true (that it will not hold water) then the more incrminating evidence of shooting Col. Obillos point blank and downwards in the face is more than enough to show that he was executed. Is this how the Police work? Sgt. Paraiso bore more than 50 bullet wounds? Is this, again, how the police work? Don't tell me that it takes that much to take him down. And don't try to argue about combat and encounters because I was in the Army and have been in Mindanao Fighting the MILFs. These just shows that the Police really wanted them dead. If indeed Col. Obillos was trying to take over the M60, shouldn't he be shoving and kicking the Policeman off of the Jeep (which is unlicensed and with a fake license plate)and is owned by the Police? Now the Video that was released, why was it edited and have a Powerpoint presentation showing or re-enacting the scene? Why don't they show the whole thing?.

    Lastly, even if Col. Obillos and company was at fault they did not deserve to die. Nobody deserves to die!

  9. kaya nga pulis eh! dyan sila magaling, ang pumatay!sirang-sira na talaga image nila.

  10. may ebidensiya ba na na edit yung video? claim lang yun and the people who can prove that claim are the technical experts. wag kasi tayo magbigay ng kunklosyon sa bagay na ito at antayin na lang natin ang resulta ng mga kasong nasa korte na. it is true that nobody deserves to die but in that incident it is clear that the provocation came from the side of obillos and company. what where there authority to take hold of the M160 machinegun, disarm and poke a gun a a uniformed policemen on the first place?pareparehas tayo wala doon sa pangyayari kaya hayaan na lang natin na ang mga ebidensiya ang magsabi ng katotohanan. anyway, as far as i know, bot parties have filed criminal charges to each other. so its up to the court to decide who really was at fault.

  11. Hello everyone, sana ay magpalamig muna lahat tayo ng ulo at sa totoo lang nininerbyos ako sa inyo!

    Ok, gusto ko lang ng kunti makitalakayan sa inyong mga kagalang galang na mga nilalang.

    Unang una, sir pogi na pulis an sakit mo naman magsalita kahit totoo ang ibang sinasabi mo.

    Peace my friend!

    I think we can agree on the following:

    1. Inedit yung video.

    Pero regardless subalit gayunpaman bagamat...

    2. Tinutukan ng M16 yung pulis na may hawak ng matsing gun
    3. Kitang kita sa video kahit inedit na ang pakay ng grupo ng mga nanghaharass sa mga pulis e - inisin sila sa pamamagitan ng pagagaw ng matsing gun!

    Hindi natin nakita nangyari sa pagitan but why? why? why?

    Why nila gusto agawin ang matsing gun! at why nila tutok tutok da m16 at the uniformed personnel?

    Kakalungkot na ginagamit ng mga tao ang kanilang mga baril kaysa na sa kanilang "rationality"

    Ganun ba talaga kahalaga sa kanila ang pera at kapangyarihan?

    Mabuti na lang tahimik ang buhay ko. Pero pinapanerbyos ako ng ganitong mga tao.

    So, condolence sa namatay at be nice naman mr pogi na pulis. Tama ka at kung hindi mamamanipula ang court system e lusot dapat ang mga pulis Bacoor.

    Sa totoo lang, nagagambala ako sa mga panahon na kung saan pwedeng tutukan ng m16 ang pulis at tapos sila pa ang magkakaso kapag binaril sila ng pulis.


  12. makasagot nga po sa inyo. ako'y caviteno mula sa pagkabata at nakita ang malalaking pangalan ng mga pulitiko mula sa mga montano, camerino pero hindi sila nagkakabanggaan ng ganito. at wala akong natatandaan na sino mang bodyguards ng mga magigiting na pulitiko noong araw sa cavite na gumire at humamon sa kapulisan. respetado ang pulis cavite kahit kailan noong pa man. nakakalungkot ang pangyayaring ito, masyadong minaliit ang mga pulis natin sa cavite ng iilang bodyguards ng mga bagong pulitiko ngayon sa cavite.

    Moral na leksyon:

    Panahon na upang ipagbawal ang mga civilian bodyguards ng pulitiko. Dapat isabatas ito ng ating kongreso. Ang may karapatan na maging bodyguards ng mga politiko ay ang ating men in uniforms,may sapat silang training. sa mga bansang amerika, canada, uk, france pawang galing sa police force o military special units ang mga bodyguards, kaya marunong silang mag galangan sa isa't isa. nasa kongreso ang unang step, gawin ninyo yan at siguruhin na ma implement. ipatupad ninyo ang batas ng tama sa pagkakasulat ninyo para sumunod ang mamamayan. itaas ang suweldo ng sundalo, pulis para maiwasan ang corruption. hindi natin kailangan ang mga traffic enforcer ng mmda, dagdag gastos lang yan at mitsa ng corruption sa kalye. lagyan ninyo ng tamang pondo ang transportation at public works para lahat ng kalye at intersection sa buong bansa ay magkaroon ng sapat at tamang mga traffic lights. pulis ang dapat naka patrol sa mga lansangan para maparusahan ang mga drivers na abusado sa kalye. lagyan ng tamang mga speed limits ang bawat kalye segun sa location. maximum 100 km/hr sa mga expressway, 70 km/hr sa main roads, 50 km or 60 km/hr sa main roads along residential areas. maximum 40km/hr sa mga school zones. lagyan ninyo ng cameras ang mga traffic lights para nakukunan ang mga vehicle plate numbers na beating the red lights, over speeding at other unsafe driving actions. dyan kayo mag concentrate mga congressman huwag sa mga walang katuturan na debate. pag malaki suweldo ng pulis, mataas ang quality ng trabaho. kapag nakikita ng mga driver na talagang titikitan sila ng pulis ay maraming susunod sa batas ng trapiko. at bigyan ninyo ng pansin ang car insurance, gumaya kayo sa mga bansa sa amerika at canada na dodoble ang insurance premium mo kapag may aksidente ka at maraming demerits ang driving licence mo gawa ng mga road driving violations. gumising kayo para magbago ang takbo ng buhay ng mga pilipino. hindi kailangang maging mayaman ang tao. ang importante ay may sapat na pondo ang gobyerno para matugunan ang mga serbisyong kailangan ng mamamayan mula sa healthcare, peace and order, education, infrastractures and livelihood. bahala na ang taong maghanap buhay at ma enjoy naman ang serbisyong galing sa gobyerno. magtaas man kayo ng buwis ay may makikita ang tao na kapalit ng serbisyo.hindo po ako nag aral ng abogasya pero bakit nasasabi ko ito, kasi po nakikita ko at nababasa ang mga ito na ginagawa sa mga bansang maunlad. bakit hindi ito magawa ng mga mambabatas natin ganoong nakakarating naman sila sa ibang bansa at nakikita ang mga magagandang sistema na ito.


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