Friday, June 11, 2010

Man claims money woes led wife to abortionist

HER CONCERN OVER THE added financial burden of having another mouth to feed drove his 22-year-old pregnant wife to seek help from an abortionist.

This was the claim made Thursday by the husband of Catherine Castro who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon by barangay officials in Quezon City based on a tip from a concerned citizen.

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My pulis take:

The above links are my previous articles on sex education, contraception, and my railings about the Catholic Church. Now here comes another incident of intentional abortion. At the very least, this is one of the strongest arguments that the Catholic Church should consider in reexamining their stand on the RH Bill. If before we thought that abortion is only performed in unwanted pregnancies by pregnant unwed women, then here is the proof that a legally married woman, impregnated by her legal husband--and the pregnancy is acknowledged by the husband--may seek abortion for other reasons. In this case, it is financial. This also goes to show that people nowadays are fully aware of the burden and responsibilities brought about by child rearing. Given a choice, these people will definitely take steps to avoid unwanted pregnancy. To do so effectively, they have to be educated. And this is through sex education that the Catholic Church so strongly opposed for so long a time now (since the Spanish era! hahaha).

Heck, with Noynoy at the helm, I hope he stands firm on his earlier pronouncements supporting the RH Bill. I hope he will not kowtow to the Catholic Church just like what his predecessors did.

Well anyway, there is no Catholic vote. If the Roman Catholic Church has not realized it yet, it is now almost irrelevant in Philippine politics. Just look at the latest elections and the previous elections.

They should now realize that Iglesia is already the big IT!

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