Monday, June 14, 2010

Lt Gen Delfin Bangit should resign now

It has been quite a long time that I held my peace and temper on Bangit. First and foremost, he is in the military and I am a cop. Professional courtesy dictates that I do not comment on the military's affairs. But with his latest pronouncement in the media that he was hurt because "Aquino did not inform him that he would not be retained as Armed Forces chief" I just cannot control my rage anymore. Bangit's is the ultimate poster boy of the Arroyo generals: Stupid, but greedy and ambitious officers who will sell their souls just to get their ambitions (that are normally beyond their natural talents). For how can you follow a totally discredited leader if you do not swallow your dignity that was honed to value "courage, integrity, and loyalty" during your ideal and formative years? You have to totally fool yourself to be able to convince that inner voice in you to recognize Gloria Arroyo's legitimacy. One such officer who can do (and did) that was Bangit. He not only silenced that inner voice in him: he murdered that voice forever. He is one of the Hello Garci Generals!

When Bangit said "Spare the military from politics and intrigues" shortly after he was bypassed by the Commission on Appointments, I nearly made this article already. How dare him say that after he himself dragged the military into the political abyss with the "Hello Garci!" But I still held my peace. But his pronouncement that he "was hurt" took the cake. What does he expect, Noynoy to call him at this point? Even after the proclamation, his idol Gloria is still the President. Noynoy is only limited to preparations for the transition and he has no real power yet. He should never begrudge Noynoy if the latter is acting professionally, unlike him who is acting like a child.

Bangit, after all those years in the military, should have known that a soldier's professional career service ends at the rank of Lt. Colonel. Anything higher than that are already political positions and this is enshrined in the 1987 Philippinne Constitution. (But I think Bangit knows this all the while. He is just playing dumb at his convenience and for his advantage at this time of crisis with Noynoy.) He should read Article VII, Section 16 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It is stated there that Colonels and above are presidential appointees and their appointments must be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. If he cannot grasp the "politicalness" of that situation, then he has no right to be called a soldier.

But I think Bangit knows this very well. When he was appointed Army Chief in 2009, not a few thought that there were other more deserving senior officers bypassed. But the more professional officers held their peace. The same also happened when he was appointed AFP Chief this year. He jumped over more than 20 senior officers from classes 76 and 77. Still only some of these officers just expressed their displeasures and frustrations. And more than that, all officers carried on, understanding that the President can choose even a Brigadier General as the AFP Chief of Staff because of two vital criteria: trust and confidence. Now that he does not enjoy it from the new President, he dares to cry foul? How dare! (or how stupid?)

About that bull that there are no resignations in the Army or the military, a simple google search with the keyword "general resigns" returns almost 4 million pages. Generals resign for various reasons all over the world. Resignation and retirement are two very legal options of every officer at any stage of his career!

Bangit should take either option now. Those are the last remaining options he has. This is his last opportunity to at least redeem some of his dignity that once held sacred the ideals of "courage, integrity, loyalty."


  1. Some comments:

    1. What Hello Garci are you talking about? Did he commit forced soldiers to do it? Heck no. He’s not even in a good position to do so. Ano sa palagay mo ang strength ng ISAFP during that time? Even if he deployed the entire AFPWSSU it would not be enough.

    2. Calling Gen Bangit one of the “stupid, but greedy and ambitious officers” is totally uncalled for. You weren’t there when he turned SOLCOM from a financial back office into the Best Area Command. You can’t do that by simply being close to GMA.

    3. You said that “Bangit, after all those years in the military, should have known that a soldier's professional career service ends at the rank of Lt. Colonel”. It doesn’t stop one, however from being A SOLDIER. A military leader who wants to professionalize military affairs SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER what he was taught when he was a plebe.

    4. Bangit has all the right to cry foul. He was humiliated by someone who is not even IN A POSITION to say so. Lacierda is NOT a government official yet, nor is HE is the INCOMING COMMANDER-in-CHIEF! Resigning is an act of cowardice sanctioned by the Articles of WAR, and Lacierda here is trying to boss around when he never knew what the dynamics of the situation are. Would Bangit resign if he knew he could be prosecuted by violating an Article of War? Have you even checked what Lacierda has said after that? Even Ellen Tordesillas, or even the leftist pseudonym Patricio Mangubat recognizes that idea, and as for some respect.

    5. As a Chief of Staff, the position (not necessarily the person) carries one thing that police might not understand: HONOR. Even Gen Ibrado said so and Gibo Teodoro. The one you are berating has spent three decades of his life in public service. You ought to give him that.

    I want to say so much about the EDSA being a Great Divide and all that, but I knew better. Regards to your Director-General –turned-politician boss.

  2. mdgamboa:

    1. The power of ISAFP is not measured by the warm bodies it has. It is measured by their core product: intelligence

    2. Stupid, but greedy and ambitious he is. If he is intelligent, generous, and moderate in his ambitions, then this country would not have this non-issue today. And when did this SOLCOM become the best? The best in whose standards? Is this the same SOLCOM, that on March 6, 2010, lost an officer, 10 EPs, and had 7 other WIAs during an encounter with the “spent force” NPA in Mindoro?

    3. If he doesn’t want to stop from being A SOLDIER, then by all means, let him be a soldier. A soldier always recognizes the supremacy of civilian authority over the military.

    A military leader who wants to professionalize military affairs SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER what he was taught when he was a plebe. – Yes you are right. Among the many thing that he was taught and required to memorize in the PMA as part of the plebe knowledge is Military Professionalism.

    “Men who adopt the profession of arms submit of their own free will to a law of perpetual constraint of their own accord. They resist their right to live where they choose, to say what they think, to dress as they like, it needs but an order to settle them from their family and dislocate their normal lives.

    In the world of command, they must rise, march, run, endure bad weather, go without sleep or food, be isolated in some distant post, work until they drop. They have ceased to be the master of their own fate. If they drop on their tracks, if their ashes are scattered to the four winds, that is all part and parcel of their job.

    Now compare this with his statement shortly after he was bypassed by the CA: “Bangit said that while he had thought over the weekend of taking early retirement, he changed his mind because the issues that are hounding the military, including the failure of the CA to take up the confirmation of senior officers, already goes beyond him.
    “What made me change my mind? I have to come realize that this is no longer just about General Bangit, whom they doubt despite contrary evidence. This has been about our politicians who do not understand what the Armed Forces is all about. This has been about disregarding the military system that we have worked hard to put up and strengthen for the good of the organization and for the stability of this country,” he said.
    Does professionalism include questioning the right, privilege, and prerogative of the CA to say NO?

    4. What Lacierda? It was Noynoy himself who said that Bangit will not be his Chief of Staff! Now if Bangit wants to argue with the earlier statement of Lacierda, then, he should have done so punto por punto. Lacierda used Article 7 Section 15 of the Constitution to support his claim that Bangit should resign after he was bypassed by the CA because GMA cannot appoint him again. And how did the professional soldier reply? With a motherhood statement “I have to come realize that this is no longer just about General Bangit blah blah blah!” Where is the legal and factual basis?

    And about that prosecution-if-you-resign bull, Bangit and company should immediately cut that crap! Name a general who was prosecuted because he resigned! Damn, almost all security officers of major banks in the Philippines are resigned or retired AFP and PNP senior officers! And many of them are just in their 40s! Resignation and retirement are two legal and honorable options in the AFP and the PNP. It is never illegal to tell your Boss “I quit” especially if your continued presence causes too much divisiveness that hampers the organization. Saying “I will stay” even if he tells you to go is. It is insubordination!

    5. Honor is the center word in the PNP badge. Service, Honor, Justice. It is the same honor that made Versoza keep his mouth shut during the most critical hours.

    Regards to your Lt General-turned-cry baby boss.

  3. 1. True. ISAFP is on intelligence, counter-terrorism and security analysis. What’s your proof that such capabilities was used to manipuilate votes? Doble and his tapes? Hahaha.

    2. Oh really, this would be non-issue? This was an issue since PSG days. What stopping the media to get the hype on? Oh you don’t know what SOLCOM is? Check the stats on 2008. KIA, WIA are always there, and SOLCOM is not Mindoro. Where were you then?

    3. The soldier recognizes the authority if such person is the competent AUTHORITY. For all I know until know, GMA is still the C-in-C.
    That statement? Is protecting the institution from civilians who he believes is marring the integrity of the institution and blocks its road towards professionalism. Remember that Noynoy s not C-in-C and Lacierda is merely a spokesperson of a president elect.

    4. Lacierda doesn’t know what he is talking about. He made the pronouncement first. He said Bangit should resign because it’s a legal no brainer. That is what stirred the entire hullaballoo. That is a civilian occupying no position in government telling someone to resign not knowing that he is putting a soldier in probable violation of Articles of War. That is why when confronted by Tordesillas, Lacierda merely said to use Noynoy pronouncement.

    Secondly, the position is valid the thing that was by passed was the rank. For all I can can hold CSAFP position until such time that he is relieved of his duty. Simple matter being complicated by civilians and civilian minded.
    5. Oh really. Versoza, didn’t kept his mouth shut during the critical moments? Come on. Proof? Here: Honor? Is it not honorable to fight for your institution?

    I don’t know. Perhaps your DG is trying to save his arse.

    He’s not my boss anymore. But I look up to him. Because he delivers. Election2010 wouldn’t have turned like that if it weren’t for him.

  4. mdgamboa:

    1. Proof? How can someone like me, or anyone for that matter, provide proof against ISAFP? They are among the best in what they do. If an insider like Doble cannot do it, I will not pretend that I can. That is how I respect their OPSEC. Btw, what unit produced the Hello Garci Tapes?

    2. How will this be an issue? This is a non-issue right at the very start. Whether Bangit resigns or not is immaterial. Noynoy will have his choice of Chief of Staff anyway. That is assured by the law. Yes, KIA and WIA will always be there but you cannot really claim to be the best if included in your resume is the worst defeat that any AFP unit had suffered against the NPA in recent history. And yes, Mindoro is under SOLCOM.

    3. Correct, GMA is the C-inC. So what was that “I am hurt because Noynoy did not inform me personally” crap of Bangit all about? As for Lacierda, he is a lawyer and a civilian with no government position. So what made him different with those civilians occupying no government positions marching on the streets shouting “AFP Berdugo!”? Why did Lacierda merited a response from Bangit but not the hundreds of others who are also like him? And still insisting on that Articles of War thing? Cite the specific provision please.

    4. I have things to say about this but at this point I think this is moot and academic considering that Bangit already said that he will opt for early retirement. Good for him.

    5. Yes it is honorable to fight for your institution, even to the point that your Commander in Chief snubs you in the Army event and snubs the graduation rites of your premier academy.

    I don’t know too but your CS should not have tried to save his arse. He should have saved the institution he represents.

    Versoza is not my boss and has never been my boss. In fact, there are a lot of times in this blog that I said that he should have resigned a long time ago because there were several things that he mishandled in the PNP, not the least of which is the Euro Generals scandal. I don’t believe that he is even among the top 10 best officers of the PNP today! But in this case, I think he carried the PNP well. But Barias could have done better. And he is not my boss either!

  5. and guys, here is "One last word on Gen. Delfin Bangit" from Reveille of Ramon J Farolan published in the PDI.

  6. 1. Not a good excuse. That’s irresponsibility

    2. It is an issue because you just called someone stupid. And they way to debunk that is to show that he is not. Simple di ba?

    3. Article of War Number 58. If you did not listened to the speech. What’s the difference? One, they are not asking him to resign. Two, they are not making him commit a violation.

    4. moot or not, that’s the point of blogging. It is about discussing issues. And it is an issue

    5. My case is fighting for honor, not
    comparing. If you did not get the flow. And the versoza thing? I just debunked your point. And now, with the dilg thing, is he shutting his mouth when he should?

  7. 1. That is not an excuse. That is supposed to be double-bladed.

    2. I stand by the word stupid. If he is not, then we should not have this non-issue.

    3. Bangit citing Article 58 is the proof of his stupidity. He can read the very simple statement of his upperclassman Ramon J Farolan Jr now writing for the PDI:

    "Bangit’s problem today is that he does not appear to know how to exit gracefully. Instead he has been making all sorts of statements that only cast doubt about his intentions. He declared that he had contemplated early retirement but “decided to fight not just for myself but for the entire military institution.” Fight for what, and against whom? And just what sort of “fighting” in the days and weeks ahead can he possibly have in mind? He was quoted as saying that resignation is “tantamount to cowardice.” Nothing can be further from the truth. Officers resign from the military service every now and then for various reasons. For some, it is a choice of honor. Bangit should have kept his mouth shut and followed the simple dictum: Big talk, big mistake, small talk, small mistake, and no talk, no mistake."

    4. It is a non-issue now, I believe.

    5. So do I. Take note of the phrase from Ramon Farolan Jr above about resigning: "For some, it is a choice of honor."

    That puts into stark contrast the other statement: "Fight for what, and against whom? And just what sort of “fighting” in the days and weeks ahead can he possibly have in mind?"


  8. lol, as if police were honorable. Delete this blog gagong pulis. Mag trabaho ka t wag mag palaki ng tyan. Kung mag trabaho naman protektor ng jueteng at drugs. BOBONG PULIS!

    1. hahaha. delfin, gumawa ka na lang ng sarili mong blog. retired ka na, di ba?

      at bakit pumasok ang issue ng protektor ng jueteng at drugs dito? thinkers are doers, remember that!


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