Monday, June 28, 2010

Hopes of Pulis na Pogi Under the P-Noy Presidency

So P-Noy is taking over on Wednesday. I really hope that he shall be the change that he promised to be. As a cop, I really pray for a lot of changes but the foremost that I hope for is the end of the palakasan and bata bata system in positioning. I do recognize that the PNP will never be immune from political forces but I hope that it simply comes to play as a tie breaker. Merit and fitness should be the first and foremost consideration. Only if the candidates are all qualified that political consideration can come into play. For the policeman, the basic order is “Let us run after criminals and put them behind bars. If they fight us, we fight and fire back!” With this basic order, I hope that at the very minimum, P-Noy would consider that this statement is not all figurative: especially for police leaders sporting stars on their shoulders, once in their police lives they should have experienced doing this order literally. And as leaders who are expected to lead their men by example, they should still be able to perform this order literally if needed. Consider the following:

1. To literally run after criminals, policemen should be physically fit. So P-Noy should retire those invalid and sickly generals who cannot run anymore. At the very least, they should not be given command positions because they are bad examples to their men in terms of caring for one’s self.

2. To literally put criminals behind bars, policemen should know how to patrol and pound their beats. Likewise, policemen should also know how to investigate and sit in the prosecution’s witness chair and present these evidences in court. Thus, P-Noy should fire those generals who have not yet experienced being a prosecution witness in a criminal trial. Or they should be returned to the level where they will have the opportunity to experience this firsthand. Until then, I assure you that they do not know what they are talking about! There are so many of them.

3. To fire back, policemen must be adept in handling their firearms. However, current statistics show that 90% of policemen do not know how to shoot straight. And this is supported by statistics from the national headquarters. There are a lot of generals among these incompetent shooters! So to jump start things, P-Noy should revert these generals to PO1 status! For how dare you to command “Fire!” when you yourself do not know how to do it properly?

Many of these generals will say that being a police general, they need not perform all these things themselves. The basic order is not supposed to be literal but a figurative statement. My retort is short and sweet: In that case, be an artista!

More on the other wishes of Pulis na Pogi on the next posts. Abangan!

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