Friday, April 23, 2010

Pro-life group junks Aquino

CEBU CITY—A pro-life group in the Visayas has junked Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III for supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill and called on pro-life voters to reject him at the polls.

Paul Hubahib, spokesperson and member of the Task Force Family and Life (TFFL)-Visayas core group, said Aquino and most of his senatorial candidates are staunch proponents of the RH bill.

“I don’t care if the Catholic Church will abandon me because of my support for the ‘Reproductive Health’ bill...We must ensure full availability of contraceptives,” Hubahib quoted Aquino as saying.

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May take:

These pro-lifers should get real. The Catholic Church offers several arguments to support their stand. Among them is the reasoning classified in "Nature" from the website. Let me quote:

"Contraception is wrong because it’s a deliberate violation of the design God built into the human race, often referred to as "natural law." The natural law purpose of sex is procreation. The pleasure that sexual intercourse provides is an additional blessing from God, intended to offer the possibility of new life while strengthening the bond of intimacy, respect, and love between husband and wife. The loving environment this bond creates is the perfect setting for nurturing children.

But sexual pleasure within marriage becomes unnatural, and even harmful to the spouses, when it is used in a way that deliberately excludes the basic purpose of sex, which is procreation. God’s gift of the sex act, along with its pleasure and intimacy, must not be abused by deliberately frustrating its natural end—procreation."

The bottomline for this argument is that, "Sex is primarily for procreation. Pleasure is just an add on."

The Catholics should ask themselves, "Is this really true to humans?" To animals, it is natural, but to human? Lets enumerate animal behavior as we observe it. Let us choose dogs but for pigs and horses, this is also the same. Dogs mate for one purpose: procreation. A bitch in heat SEEKS OUT STUDS to mate with her. It only does this when it is in heat. In all other times during its menstrual cycle, it does not entertain studs. Studs on the other other hand, will only mate with a bitch in heat because it has only one purpose: procreation. Now that is natural because the main sex organ of the animals are located in between their legs.

How about humans? Men and women are capable to engage in sex morning noon and night. Humans can have sex during menstruation, ovulation, menopause, and almost all other times. This is so because the main sex organ of humans is located in between their ears. Those who cannot grasp this concept are totally unqualified to argue about birth control--like the priests. Or do they really?

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