Friday, April 09, 2010

Ang Ladlad and the Bishop

Bishop opposes party-list group Ang Ladlad

By Leila B. Salaverria
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:43:00 04/09/2010

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MANILA, Philippines—Despite the Supreme Court’s affirmation of Ang Ladlad's right to run in the May elections, an official of the Catholic Church believes the party-list group for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders should not be allowed to enter Congress, and said he would discourage people from voting for it.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, chairman of the committe on public affairs of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said the Catholic Church disagrees with the Supreme Court ruling and said accrediting Ang Ladlad as a party-list group would encourage an “abnormality.”

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My take:

I am very busy lately so I have not posted anything for quite a while. I am still very busy now but I just want to vent the expletives building up inside me. Yes, there are a lot of shit going on in this country: Mike Arroyo the Fatman behind every scam, the lame duck CPNP Versoza, the Liar in Villar, and of course the Shameless President Gloria. But among the most apalling among these bull is the pretentiousness of the Roman Catholic Church.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, chairman of the committe on public affairs of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines really went overboard in disagreeing with the Supreme Court to the extent of calling the situation of the LGBT sector an abnormality. If that was the case, then a lot of the priests, bishops, and cardinals are ABNORMAL! Let them dispute that in the light of the apology of the Pope himself for the sexual abuse committed by priests against young boys in Ireland. One article read:

Last week, a psychiatrist who treated a priest decades ago in a German archdiocese run by the future pope said he had repeatedly warned that the priest, who was accused of sexually abusing boys, should never work with children again. The priest was re-assigned to parish work almost immediately after his therapy began, and one of Benedict’s deputies at the time has taken responsibility for that decision. Less than five years later, the priest was accused of molesting other boys, and in 1986 was convicted of sexual abuse.


Here are some links that you need to read before you open your mouth, Bishop!

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