Friday, February 05, 2010

The Total Gun-Ban

The total gun ban, implemented since January 10, was very successful in one thing: it made the criminals the king of the streets. Before the gun ban, upright citizens, including off duty cops, can bring their licensed firearms even when they are in civilian clothes. During this time, it is already gun ban for criminals and unlicensed firearms holders. Criminals think twice in robbing PUVs considering the possibility that an armed off duty cop may be among the passengers just like the case of Police Inspector Obien who killed 2 bus robbers and arrested another inside a bus travelling along EDSA last May 21, 2009. With the implementation of the gun ban, nothing changed for the criminals but for the previously legal gun owners, they suddenly find themselves at the short end of the stick.

Did the gun ban lower crime commission? Hell, no. Contrary to the pronouncements of the police generals about the success of the gun ban, street crimes actually increased after the gun ban though police officials sugarcoat their reports to the media. Robbery snatching had returned in Alabang-Zapote Road, Sucat Road, Quiapo, Sta Cruz, and other major thoroughfares. In Manila, holduppers are back to business in jeeps plying the Sta. Cruz-Monumento route—and this time, they don’t care less about off duty policemen. They know that off-duty policemen are unarmed. In Masingal, Ilocos, a candidate for councilor was killed in front of his house last January 28. In Masbate, a village official was killed in front of his family while eating dinner right inside his home. I can go on and on and on but even with cursory examination of the reports, it can be seen that the gun ban succeeded in only making the lives of criminals easier.

In this situation, who can the people turn to? As a cop, definitely, I will just shout “Tumawag kayo ng COMELEC” if I happen to chance upon a police situation and I am off-duty and unarmed. Never mind if a criminal is robbing somebody—much more if the criminal is armed.

I think it is high time that affected citizens bring this matter to the courts. I think lawyers should find ways to bring the COMELEC to task. And I wonder from what law did the COMELEC based their inclusion of the airsoft guns which are not firearms? Have anyone heard of a politically related incident where airsoft guns where used?

COMELEC Resolution 8714 should be declared invalid by the Courts!

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