Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fugitive Lacson

So the warrant is finally out. Upon learning that an arrest warrant was issued against Senator Lacson, I cannot help but have that sinking feeling and feel sorry for the general state of the country. His persecution is reflective of the callousness of the highest officials of the land. Here is one person persecuted to the hilt by a regime that is accused with the extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearance of more than a thousand people. This is the same regime responsible for the slow death of thousands of Filipinos for hunger.

And what evidence do they have against Senator Lacson? An affidavit of one man, that’s all. The witness is not even a close subordinate of the senator and the affidavit was revised for so many times. Yes, Cesar Mancao is not a protégée of Lacson. Nor is Michael Ray Aquino. The two are the aides of Joseph Ejercito Estrada, the plunderer pardoned by Gloria Arroyo. This is the same Estrada who is now very suspiciously quiet at this point of the election period. This is the same Joseph Estrada whose name should have appeared in the warrant instead of Senator Lacson.

If you examine the track record of Pafilo Lacson the soldier and policeman, you can hardly see a killing targeted against a personal enemy. His record and that of Rodrigo Duterte are similar. The victims in the business end of their guns are never their political or personal enemies. If Lacson and Duterte had a penchant in killing their personal enemies, then Berroya would not be around today. The same with Nograles.

But look at Estrada. Remember Bentain? The offense of the person was to leak the tape of Estrada gambling with Atong Ang. And how about Dacer? Whom did he offend?

And the foremost question is “What would have Lacson gained if he ordered the murder of Dacer?” What’s in it for him?

Addendum: February 7, 2010

I came accross the "On Target" column of Ramon Tulfo in the Philippine Daily Inquirer posted on Fenruary 5, 2010 with title "Why Villar is overtaking Aquino in the surveys." As everyone who reads his column know by now, Ramon Tulfo is a fan of then Lt Lacson at the now defunct MISG but turned into a very bitter critic of Director General Lacson when the latter became Chief, PNP because the first order of the day of General Lacson was to stop the PNP "payola" to all hard hitting journalists. The Tulfo brothers lost nearly a million pesos monthly because of that order.

Anyway, back to the issue. In the first section of that article, Tulfo as usual, bashed Lacson. But in the process, be unwittinngly came to the defense of the embattled senator.

Here are the exact excerpts of his columns from

In the middle section, Tulfo was describing the relationship of Lacson and Estrada:

The former chief executive could only say by way of a comment: “He is no longer under me. He is a senator now. I think he is intelligent (enough) to know what to do.”

Of course, Mr. Former President, Lacson is no longer under you!

Even when you were still president, Lacson never thought he was under you; he never respected you.
Lacson’s contempt for Erap showed at a PNP fund-raising function at the Manila Hotel where Erap was guest of honor.

When somebody whispered to Lacson that Erap could not come to the function, the PNP and PAOCTF chief reportedly kicked the chair where his president was supposed to have sat in front of so many people.

That was an open defiance of, if not downright contempt, for the man who appointed him to the highest post in the police organization.

But in the last section, Tulfo stated this:

Why doesn’t Erap want to comment on Lacson’s flight from justice?

Why was Lacson contemptuous of his commander in chief?

The answer is pretty obvious: Lacson did dirty jobs for Erap before and during his term as president.

Who knows, one of those dirty jobs could have been the Dacer-Corbito double murders.

The irony cannot escape even the most simple-minded reader: If Lascon is contemptous to Erap and has no respect whatsoever for him, will he commit murder for him?

If this case goes to trial, I can almost hear the defense lawyer for Lacson say, "The defense calls its first witness, Mr Ramon Tulfo."


Friday, February 05, 2010

The Total Gun-Ban

The total gun ban, implemented since January 10, was very successful in one thing: it made the criminals the king of the streets. Before the gun ban, upright citizens, including off duty cops, can bring their licensed firearms even when they are in civilian clothes. During this time, it is already gun ban for criminals and unlicensed firearms holders. Criminals think twice in robbing PUVs considering the possibility that an armed off duty cop may be among the passengers just like the case of Police Inspector Obien who killed 2 bus robbers and arrested another inside a bus travelling along EDSA last May 21, 2009. With the implementation of the gun ban, nothing changed for the criminals but for the previously legal gun owners, they suddenly find themselves at the short end of the stick.

Did the gun ban lower crime commission? Hell, no. Contrary to the pronouncements of the police generals about the success of the gun ban, street crimes actually increased after the gun ban though police officials sugarcoat their reports to the media. Robbery snatching had returned in Alabang-Zapote Road, Sucat Road, Quiapo, Sta Cruz, and other major thoroughfares. In Manila, holduppers are back to business in jeeps plying the Sta. Cruz-Monumento route—and this time, they don’t care less about off duty policemen. They know that off-duty policemen are unarmed. In Masingal, Ilocos, a candidate for councilor was killed in front of his house last January 28. In Masbate, a village official was killed in front of his family while eating dinner right inside his home. I can go on and on and on but even with cursory examination of the reports, it can be seen that the gun ban succeeded in only making the lives of criminals easier.

In this situation, who can the people turn to? As a cop, definitely, I will just shout “Tumawag kayo ng COMELEC” if I happen to chance upon a police situation and I am off-duty and unarmed. Never mind if a criminal is robbing somebody—much more if the criminal is armed.

I think it is high time that affected citizens bring this matter to the courts. I think lawyers should find ways to bring the COMELEC to task. And I wonder from what law did the COMELEC based their inclusion of the airsoft guns which are not firearms? Have anyone heard of a politically related incident where airsoft guns where used?

COMELEC Resolution 8714 should be declared invalid by the Courts!