Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Government and the Media

It is heartwarming to see government officials not afraid of the media. Senator Joker Arroyo is currently a very good poster boy on how government should treat media: take them to task for their wrongdoings. "Don’t tempt us to use our powers here, to now issue a general broadcast policy—that will be a law,” Arroyo warned the executives led by Maria Ressa of ABS-CBN, Jessica Soho of GMA-7, and Luchi Cruz-Valdes of TV5. Arroyo, a human rights lawyer who defended journalists during the Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship, cited provisions of Republic Act No. 7966, which granted franchises to broadcast networks, particularly on “self-regulation.”

That is very morale boosting especially after the angst that built up these past few days while watching Raffy Tulfo pathetically justifying his stupidity of tying up the single line to Mendoza at the most critical moments. Adding to my desire to wring his neck is his trying hard American twang that really sounds horrible. He looks even more stupid while trying so. But that is not what I really want to write about these days.

While I do applaud Sen Arroyo for standing up the media and their lack of sense of country while hiding behind the phrase, "We are just doing our job," I think it is really unecessary to further talk to the media and negotiate and request them to self regulate. Some people will say that policemen in the Philippines may be among the most undisciplined lot but I am sure that these same policemen will look like Sunday-school teachers if you make them stand side by side with members of the Philippine media. As you can see in the inquiries right now, media men will do anything and everything just to outscoop one another. Never mind if somebody or everybody dies.

It will take a long time before the media changes. So in the interim, here is my simple suggestions especially for the police:

The government and its instrumentalities, especially the PNP, should simply ignore the media and treat them as if they are not there. Let them do their job, let us do ours. This is so because no matter how much we beg, the media will report what they want to report. Now for us, let us just do our job according to the book and treat media as if they are not there.

In armed situations, media rarely respects any rule so let us not overburden ourselves in shooing them away. If they want to go in the middle of a firefight, let us not stop them. Let them do their job, let us do ours. Act as if they are not there. If your line of fire to an opponent is blocked by a media man, shoot through anyway. Act as if the media man is not there. If a media man is interviewing a hostage taker and the assault order is given, go ahead with the assault. Act as if the media man is not there. Shoot through your normal line of fire.

Like in the Maguindanao massacre, those media people know that that part of the Philippines is almost lawless. They themselves report and describe Mindanao as such. They themselves know the dangers thus they always love to trumpet "WALANG KINATATAKUTAN, WALANG SINISINO, WALANG INAATRASAN, WALANG BLAH BLAH BLAH." So when something like the Maguindanao incident happens, the government should also treat media as if they are not there. The PNP should exclude them from the victims list or at the very least, just ignore them in the investigation. They are not there.

When mediamen get death threats, the government should treat them as if they do not exist. Let them live up to their boasts that they are ready to die for their profession. It is time that we grant all their wishes!

Monday, August 30, 2010

That God-damned Hostage Drama

I am very busy but I cannot help but scribble a few notes on that Rizal Park incident. Let me start with my bottomline: That fiasco is solely and wholly the blunder of the decision makers! Let me name them: EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 309 signed in November 11, 1987 by the late Corazon Aquino states that the Peace and Order Council (that doubles up as the Crisis Management Committee in crisis situations like this), is chaired by the mayor and co-chaired by the chief of police. In short, the decision makers in this case are Lim and Magtibay. Good that Magtibay was already replaced. Lim should follow suit by resigning or literally committing suicide by shooting himself in the head just like the hostages.

But if there is only one person who should be blamed for this fiasco, it is Lim. As a lawyer, he made an asshole of himself bigtime when in the aftermath, during radio interviews, he said, "Hindi ako ang nag order na arestuhin yung kapatid. Ang sabi ko, posasan at dalhin sa presinto." Such a lame excuse. For a supposed to be hardened general, the true Lim came out: a dilly-dallying officer with no backbone of his own. The hero of EDSA I? Truth to tell, he was not! No matter how much his publicists and writers romanticized his role, he was a Marcos boy until the end. He only went to Gen Ramos in Camp Crame when the outcome to the revolution is already beyond question. In fact, just a few hours after he went to see Gen Ramos, Marcos left the country. In short, sigurista talaga sya na ang taya nya ay sa panalo. Lim actually ordered the dispersal of troops that on critical Sunday, February 23, 1986. He never had the courage to say no to Marcos. The real reason that Lim was not able to follow the order to disperse the crowd in EDSA was that he was not able to muster enough policemen to follow him. Only his subordinate Col Dawis and a handful of them followed him to EDSA. All the rest of the policemen cannot be located at that time. He now declares today that he purposely left his other 800 people in Camp Sikatuna. That is pure bullshit. Even to this day, not a single unit in Metro Manila can actually muster 800 men to assemble in that short period of time! He actually ordered Col Dawis to disperse the crowd but Dawis refused to obey him, both due to lack of manpower and due to priciples na rin!

Lim cannot and did not make a stand then. He did not and cannot make a stand now. Fate caught up with him and exposed him. He should leave immediately!

As for the bungling "SWAT" men who stormed the bus: what was their fault? Their fault was the failure of their team leader to tell the decision makers, "Sir, this operation is beyond the capabilities of my unit." It was the stupidity of their bosses to send them to that situation where they are ill-prepared and ill-equipped. Mind you, there are SWAT units in the PNP that are at par or better than some SWATs in other countries. For one, the SAF and NCRPO have SWAT units that are much more capable than the MPD SWAT. In short, there should have been another unit that made the assault but the MPD SWAT.

Good that Magtibay is already out. Lim should follow suit.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cry Baby Class 78

Why is it that these Class 78 people are turning out to be cry babies? First it was Bangit. Now it is Angue? Why is it that they were not crying for anything when the winds favored them. Now that they are sailing through headwinds, they begin to cry? For crissake, they are just giving proof that many of them do not deserve the positions they hold. They just keep on proving to their upperclassmen and underclassmen alike that they were appointed to their positions because they happened to adopt Gloria as their mistah! But in terms of professionalism, they are nothing but over ambitious people who lack the talent to achieve their dreams in an even playing field! To Angue, take the lesson from your upperclassman, Ramon Farolan in his counsel to Bangit some few issues back in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Look for the links in this blog. I hope you are not that incompetent not to find the links! Adios!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Alfredo Lim and Wang Wang

Last Thursday or Friday, (June 1 or 2), I chanced upon a live interview of Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim over DZMM. I tuned in a bit late in the interview but I got the drift of the conversation. It appeared that Lim declared an all out war against wang wang. He said something to the effect that "Uunahin ko ang mga pulis at ang mga stainless steel jeeps nila. Paano susunod sa batas ang mga tao kung ang mga mismong nagpapatupad nito ay hindi sumusunod?" The anchor appeared to be goading him into saying those fighting words.

This interview of Lim really got my goat. It showed his age and his rumored very deteriorated mental state. He is so out of touch with reality. That time, I want to shout in his face, "Hoy Mayor, hindi pulis ang nag wa wang wang nang illegal sa kalye. Ito ay ang mga pulitiko na gaya mo at mga Intsik na gaya mo uli." True enough, on Sunday, the HPG conducted operations in Binondo area and netted around 50 wang wangs. Another 30 was reportedly voluntarily surrendered by their owners--yes, all Tsinoy businessmen in Binondo.

This anti wang wang campaign of PNoy did not affect many cops. Only very very few use wang wang in their private cars. Most of the illegal wang wang users are the politicos and rich businessmen and their escorts. Mind you, many of these escorts are civilians who are often like flies perched on top of a carabao and thought that they are taller than the carabao! The very glaring evidence is that in the wake of the anti wang wang drive spurred by PNoy's lead and pronouncements, not one policeman was included in the list of illegal wang wang users.

Kaya Pulis na Pogi cheers, "Go, go, go, Pnoy!

Friday, July 02, 2010

P-Noy, V-Nay, and Wang-wang

Now comes the first disagreement between P-Noy and V-Nay. And of all things, it is about wang wang. P-Noy says that he is against the use of wang wang except those allowed by PD 96 while V-Nay says that he needs it especially if he is responding to shooting incident or fires. The arguments reflect the real mindsets of the protagonists. For P-Noy, his stand is reflective of his desire to actually create equality in the country. The wang wang is the ultimate display of arrogance and panlalamang of public officials. During campaign they say, “Iboto nyo ang inyong abang lingkod!’ but when they win they say through their wang wangs, “Tumabi kayo at dadaan ang inyong abang lingkod!” How “assholic!”

On the other hand, V-Nay’s stand is reflective also of his mindset: a trapo who needs to be in the action first, even to the extent of undermining those who were supposed to be in charge. Let me take him at his word: shooting incident. He said he needs wang wang to go to the scene first. V-Nay, if you do not know it yet, the first responder should be the cops. Now, let us say you arrived ahead of them, what would you do? Of course, infront of the cameras, you will berate them because they are so slow, inept, corrupt, etc. But did you consider that they were riding in Model 90 Toyota Corollas? Most probably, its wang wang and top lights are also defective because the good patrol cars are there escorting people like you, who aside from having hawi boys on motorcycle, are also aboard the latest Toyota Land Cruisers with wang wang. Naturally, the likes of V-Nay would be on the scene first while the cops are still chipping in for gas money to be used in their patrol cars.

I really do not have a quarrel with public officials playing to the camera during crisis situations (like Bong Revilla telling Ducut “Mahal kita!” hahahaha) but I believe that if they want to be on the scene first, then they ride a marked vehicle. Then they can use their wang wang all they want. Also, this will give the criminals a good chance of shooting at them when they arrive at the scene! Hahahaha

For those who say that the time of public officials are very important such that they cannot be stuck in traffic, that is stupid reasoning. Any public official who says that, can try resigning immediately and I am sure, he will not be missed. Now, if he hates traffic, then as a public official, he is in the position to correct that. He should then solve the traffic problem so that he will not get stuck in it!

Now for those who say that P-Noy is endangering himself when he stops at traffic lights, that mindset is so 1700s. The armoring technology in the 21st century is almost perfect that you practically need a howitzer to hurt a passenger of an appropriately armored vehicle. P-Noy can actually stop in the traffic all he wants and nobody can lay a finger on him. The armoring of the presidential car is at B7! Now, if somebody can already prove that you can conceal a howitzer in a holster, then by all means, P-Noy should use the wang wang!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PO2 Jomel Caronan, HERO!

PO2 Jomel Caronan joins the list of the elite group of policemen who were given the chance to be a hero, stood up to the challenge, and emerged unscathed. This is indeed heartwarming and I hope that this is a portent of things to come in the P-Noy administration.

Not all policemen is given this chance in their lifetime. In fact, majority of policemen who stay in the service for more than 30 years in the service, will never have this kind of chance encounter in flagrante delicto. And not all who will encounter this opportunity will step up to the challenge. Others will run away. Others will just pretend that they have not seen anything. More so in the case of PO2 Caronan, he could have opted to just drive away because he is assigned in Paranaque and the place of incident is in Manila. Unfortunately, shoe who accept this challenge do not survive or gets injured to a varying degree. This makes the accomplishment of PO2 Caronan a triple victory for him!

Once again, congratulations to PO2 Jomel Caronan!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Hopes of Pulis na Pogi Under the P-Noy Presidency

So P-Noy is taking over on Wednesday. I really hope that he shall be the change that he promised to be. As a cop, I really pray for a lot of changes but the foremost that I hope for is the end of the palakasan and bata bata system in positioning. I do recognize that the PNP will never be immune from political forces but I hope that it simply comes to play as a tie breaker. Merit and fitness should be the first and foremost consideration. Only if the candidates are all qualified that political consideration can come into play. For the policeman, the basic order is “Let us run after criminals and put them behind bars. If they fight us, we fight and fire back!” With this basic order, I hope that at the very minimum, P-Noy would consider that this statement is not all figurative: especially for police leaders sporting stars on their shoulders, once in their police lives they should have experienced doing this order literally. And as leaders who are expected to lead their men by example, they should still be able to perform this order literally if needed. Consider the following:

1. To literally run after criminals, policemen should be physically fit. So P-Noy should retire those invalid and sickly generals who cannot run anymore. At the very least, they should not be given command positions because they are bad examples to their men in terms of caring for one’s self.

2. To literally put criminals behind bars, policemen should know how to patrol and pound their beats. Likewise, policemen should also know how to investigate and sit in the prosecution’s witness chair and present these evidences in court. Thus, P-Noy should fire those generals who have not yet experienced being a prosecution witness in a criminal trial. Or they should be returned to the level where they will have the opportunity to experience this firsthand. Until then, I assure you that they do not know what they are talking about! There are so many of them.

3. To fire back, policemen must be adept in handling their firearms. However, current statistics show that 90% of policemen do not know how to shoot straight. And this is supported by statistics from the national headquarters. There are a lot of generals among these incompetent shooters! So to jump start things, P-Noy should revert these generals to PO1 status! For how dare you to command “Fire!” when you yourself do not know how to do it properly?

Many of these generals will say that being a police general, they need not perform all these things themselves. The basic order is not supposed to be literal but a figurative statement. My retort is short and sweet: In that case, be an artista!

More on the other wishes of Pulis na Pogi on the next posts. Abangan!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I know that this title will again stir not only a few angry remarks but I cannot anymore contain the frustrations that I have kept to myself for the past few days. Actually, I was about to applaud Bangit when he declared that he is retiring early but with his latest remarks, I think I have to say my piece.

In an earlier post, I called Bangit a stupid but greedy and ambitious officer. This did not sit well with one of my readers who posted a defense for Bangit. But with Bangit’s latest remarks made during his speech as outgoing CS, I would dare say again that HE IS STUPID YET GREEDY AND AMBITIOUS BEYOND COMPARE! AND NOW LET ME ADD: HE IS ARROGANT AND UNFIT TO BE CALLED AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN.

He said a lot of stupidities in that speech and I intend to dissect all of them one by one but let me focus with the portion that I have the most beef at. He said,

"I am concerned that because of what happened to me, people will think that the position of AFP Chief of Staff is co-terminus with the President. It is not and will never be,” he told the audience, which included outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

When I read these remarks on the papers, my jaw dropped and exclaimed, “My God, who is this Bangit? Was he really the Chief of Staff?” This is because as the highest mammal leading the military organization of the Philippines, it is expected that he is well-versed with the legal, moral, ethical, and all the other basis of his and his organization’s existence. At the very least, he should have known the legal basis.


If he had not read it yet after 36 years in the military service, let me cite for him the most relevant provisions that are applicable in his case:

Article I, Section 2 (d). The civil authority shall always be supreme. The President of the Philippines as the Commander-in-Chief of all military forces, shall be responsible that mobilization measures are prepared at all times.

Article II, Section 22 (b). Officers shall be commissioned in the Army of the Philippines subject to such examinations for the determination of fitness and proficiency as the President may prescribe. All appointments and promotions shall be made by the President, but the appointments and promotions in the Army from the rank of colonel shall be made with the consent of the Commission on Appointments of the National Assembly.

Article II Section 23 (a) The Chief of Staff shall be directly subordinate to the President of the Philippines.

Had Bangit cared for the AFP like the way he said he cared for it, he should have made himself thoroughly well-versed with the legal basis of his existence. This way, he should have realized that his career as a pure soldier ended at the rank of Lt. Col. considering the fact that after that rank, he had to directly kowtow with the politicians especially those in the Commission on Appointments. And kowtow he did. In fact, I would dare say that he politicized himself more and better than the others and in the end, these political connections propelled him to the highest military post of the land way ahead of his time and way ahead of his many seniors.

Bangit has to acknowledge that this political factor intensifies as a soldier move further up in the hierarchy and culminates at the Chief of Staff position wherein the enabling law found it necessary to define it with a very special, separate, and specific article: “Article II Section 23 (a) The Chief of Staff shall be directly subordinate to the President of the Philippines.” This simply means one and only thing: the CS position is a position of confidence and in GMA’s time, Bangit benefitted the most from it. If he dares to deny this, then let him deny this in front of Classes 76 and 77.

The Board of Generals and others what-have-you may make recommendations, but in the end, it is the President who decides. Remove that prerogative of the President and the civil authorities and imagine the possible chaos that it will bring.

At this stage, Bangit should take heed from Jackie Chan in Rush Hour: “I like to let people who like to talk, talk. It makes it easier to find out how full of shit they are.”

Bangit should keep his shit to himself.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy to be a Cop, despite...

The father’s day special article of Philippine Daily Inquirer written by Patricia Evangelista entitled “Girl survives massacre but finds a father and a name” is special in two counts: It caught my eye literally—it made me cry—because 1) It was a moving story of a girl snatched from hell, and 2) The hero guy happened to be a policeman. But making it most special is the fact that the article was written by Patricia Evangelista, a writer who is not really known to be a fan of the police. And the way she wrote the article showed her bias.

Ezzeah’s story is undoubtedly extraordinary. However, as a Father’s Day article, it was written more like a “Baby’s Day Special.” Yes, the policeman hero, PO3 Edgardo Figuracion, was mentioned and so were his superiors, Chief Supt. Angelo Sunglao and PNP Director General Jesus Verzosa. All were fathers who made this miracle possible, yet the latter two’s participation merited only a single line. The likes of PO3 Edgardo Figuracion, Sunglao, and Versoza in the PNP far outnumbers the scums that always land in the front pages. But that is Evangelista’s way.

From my pulis viewpoint, the most significant contrast in the story are the two fathers of Ezzeah: her biological and her adopted fathers. The former is a tricycle driver, the latter is the perceived mortal enemy of tricycle drivers: a cop. If their encounter is in another venue or forum, most probably, the cop would be the much reviled and maligned character and the tricycle driver the “kawawang maliit na tao na inapi ng may kapangyarihan.” If there is one thing that I would really like to highlight here, it is the irresponsibility of the tricycle driver. In most probability, his attitude towards his daughter is reflective of the typical tricycle driver's attitude about driving in the streets : “Bahala na kayo dyan, basta ako kumita lang.” This is the very same attitude that led him to make three children even if it appeared that he cannot support them properly. The death of his wife and his 4-year old son would have resulted in him having two less mouths to feed. But he chose to run away from the responsibility, much like the way tricycle drivers run away from accident scenes whenever they can. And don’t tell me they don’t—I had been a victim of these scums.

The story of the tricycle is a reflection of the environment in which it operates in. While it is true that tricycles are necessary in some cases, most of the time, it operates at routes that can be considered “walking distance.” It simply feeds that “indolence of the Filipinos” that even a distance that would have merited a short walk becomes a tricycle route. But that is beside the point.

The way Evangelista wrote the article brought forth to mind another joke that goes this way: One day, a woman was praying inside a church. She was praying loudly, “Dyos ko, bigyan nyo po ako ng P100 na pambili ng gamot ng anak ko.” The cop who was seated beside her took pity on her. But when the cop pulled out his wallet, he found out that he only have P50. Nevertheless, he took it out and gave to the woman his last money. And so the woman prayed again, “Dyos ko salamat po at dininig nyo ang aking panalangin. Pero sana sa susunod wag nyo na idaan sa pulis kasi kalahati lang ang natanggap ko!”

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lt Gen Delfin Bangit should resign now

It has been quite a long time that I held my peace and temper on Bangit. First and foremost, he is in the military and I am a cop. Professional courtesy dictates that I do not comment on the military's affairs. But with his latest pronouncement in the media that he was hurt because "Aquino did not inform him that he would not be retained as Armed Forces chief" I just cannot control my rage anymore. Bangit's is the ultimate poster boy of the Arroyo generals: Stupid, but greedy and ambitious officers who will sell their souls just to get their ambitions (that are normally beyond their natural talents). For how can you follow a totally discredited leader if you do not swallow your dignity that was honed to value "courage, integrity, and loyalty" during your ideal and formative years? You have to totally fool yourself to be able to convince that inner voice in you to recognize Gloria Arroyo's legitimacy. One such officer who can do (and did) that was Bangit. He not only silenced that inner voice in him: he murdered that voice forever. He is one of the Hello Garci Generals!

When Bangit said "Spare the military from politics and intrigues" shortly after he was bypassed by the Commission on Appointments, I nearly made this article already. How dare him say that after he himself dragged the military into the political abyss with the "Hello Garci!" But I still held my peace. But his pronouncement that he "was hurt" took the cake. What does he expect, Noynoy to call him at this point? Even after the proclamation, his idol Gloria is still the President. Noynoy is only limited to preparations for the transition and he has no real power yet. He should never begrudge Noynoy if the latter is acting professionally, unlike him who is acting like a child.

Bangit, after all those years in the military, should have known that a soldier's professional career service ends at the rank of Lt. Colonel. Anything higher than that are already political positions and this is enshrined in the 1987 Philippinne Constitution. (But I think Bangit knows this all the while. He is just playing dumb at his convenience and for his advantage at this time of crisis with Noynoy.) He should read Article VII, Section 16 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It is stated there that Colonels and above are presidential appointees and their appointments must be confirmed by the Commission on Appointments. If he cannot grasp the "politicalness" of that situation, then he has no right to be called a soldier.

But I think Bangit knows this very well. When he was appointed Army Chief in 2009, not a few thought that there were other more deserving senior officers bypassed. But the more professional officers held their peace. The same also happened when he was appointed AFP Chief this year. He jumped over more than 20 senior officers from classes 76 and 77. Still only some of these officers just expressed their displeasures and frustrations. And more than that, all officers carried on, understanding that the President can choose even a Brigadier General as the AFP Chief of Staff because of two vital criteria: trust and confidence. Now that he does not enjoy it from the new President, he dares to cry foul? How dare! (or how stupid?)

About that bull that there are no resignations in the Army or the military, a simple google search with the keyword "general resigns" returns almost 4 million pages. Generals resign for various reasons all over the world. Resignation and retirement are two very legal options of every officer at any stage of his career!

Bangit should take either option now. Those are the last remaining options he has. This is his last opportunity to at least redeem some of his dignity that once held sacred the ideals of "courage, integrity, loyalty."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Man claims money woes led wife to abortionist

HER CONCERN OVER THE added financial burden of having another mouth to feed drove his 22-year-old pregnant wife to seek help from an abortionist.

This was the claim made Thursday by the husband of Catherine Castro who was arrested on Tuesday afternoon by barangay officials in Quezon City based on a tip from a concerned citizen.

(Please read the whole article from by clicking on the tile above.)

My pulis take:

The above links are my previous articles on sex education, contraception, and my railings about the Catholic Church. Now here comes another incident of intentional abortion. At the very least, this is one of the strongest arguments that the Catholic Church should consider in reexamining their stand on the RH Bill. If before we thought that abortion is only performed in unwanted pregnancies by pregnant unwed women, then here is the proof that a legally married woman, impregnated by her legal husband--and the pregnancy is acknowledged by the husband--may seek abortion for other reasons. In this case, it is financial. This also goes to show that people nowadays are fully aware of the burden and responsibilities brought about by child rearing. Given a choice, these people will definitely take steps to avoid unwanted pregnancy. To do so effectively, they have to be educated. And this is through sex education that the Catholic Church so strongly opposed for so long a time now (since the Spanish era! hahaha).

Heck, with Noynoy at the helm, I hope he stands firm on his earlier pronouncements supporting the RH Bill. I hope he will not kowtow to the Catholic Church just like what his predecessors did.

Well anyway, there is no Catholic vote. If the Roman Catholic Church has not realized it yet, it is now almost irrelevant in Philippine politics. Just look at the latest elections and the previous elections.

They should now realize that Iglesia is already the big IT!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Obillos and Company Deserved What They Got!

I am making this post as an addendum to my previous post regarding this same topic (Cavite police chief, 17 more cops face murder raps). I based my previous conclusions on what I saw on the early evening news. I focused on the two portions where Col Obillos was grappling with the M60 LMG and PO Paraiso holding the hand of a policeman checking his gun in his holster.

Today I reviewed the footage in Google and was even more shocked by the other details I saw. At 1:51 of the video, the man (presumably PO Paraiso) holding the hand of the policeman checking on his 9mm in his holster is himself holding an M-16. Worse, the M16 appeared to be pointed to the cop. And where ever it was actually pointed, it is definite that the M16 was held in a "ready position." All these happened while that man was shouting to the policeman "Bitawan mo yan!"

At the start of the video, at about 1:16 mark, it can be clearly seen that the cop driving the jeep was harassed by the people of Obillos to the extent that he shouted, "Wag nyo ko anuhin! Pambihira naman kayo. Tatawagin ko nga CO ko!" to which somebody from the Obillos camp retorted, "Tawagan mo! Sige tawagin mo! Sige humawak ka pa sa baril mo!" This retort was shouted while the cop was clearly walking away! In this exchange alone, it can be definitely seen who are the provocateurs! The cop was actually going the pacifist way! "Tawagin ko CO ko!" is rarely followed by "Sige para magbarilan na tayo!" When a policeman decides to call for his superiors already, then he is actually wanting to get a way out. He is passing the buck to his superior. He has no murder in mind.

Compare that with a person telling an obviously armed cop (of course, he is in uniform!) "Sige humawak ka pa sa baril mo!" What does that person intend to do if the cop holds his gun? Shoot the cop? All the time, in that instance, cops are trained to check on their gun by resting their palm in it while holstered. By all means, that is "hawak" in its barest form. Is that now permission for them to shoot the cop? What did that person has in mind provoking the cop like that?

These new details strenghtened my earlier conclusion. Infact, now, more than ever, I firmly believe that Obillos and company got what they deserved that day!

I hope that the authorities, especially the judges and prosecutors who will handle the case, will see things in an impassioned way.

Good work and kudos to the Cavite Police!


At 3:48 of the video, the lawyer of Obillos, Atty Rey Robles said, "Pag makipagbarilan ka, isa, dalawang tama...pag tumumba ka na, tama na yun no. E ito, sabi nga ng isang taga NBI na tumulong sa amin para dun sa report, parang hindi na tao ang mga bumaril dito e. Lapas ng 50 ang tama."

I wonder how many shootouts this lawyer has been into personally. When you are in a shootout, especially in that kind of close encounter, you do not have the luxury of time to check on your opponent especially if he is armed with firearms stronger than yours. I believe that that lawyer, an educated man that he is, agrees to this. But who can blame him? He was already bought by his clients to say the things they want him to say.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Joavan, Mayor Soc to be charged Monday

The .45 caliber pistol used in Friday's road rage incident in Talisay City involving Joavan Fernandez and a businessman driving a BMW, is still missing.

Joavan's red Isuzu Bighorn was towed yesterday to the police station as law enforcers refused to inspect the car without a court warrant.

The police's failure to open the car immediately after arresting Joavan, the Talisay mayor’s son, was a wasted opportunity, said two legal sources.

They don't need a warrant for that, said lawyer Democrito Barcenas in an interview.

“As long as the arrest was lawful, a search can be made,” he said.

A second source, a judge who asked to remain unnamed, confirmed this.

Read the whole article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer website by clicking on the title above.

My pulis take:

I do not believe that the Talisay, Cebu policemen are that stupid not to know that "search incidental to arrest is legal." I just think that these policemen were just staying in the side of caution in protecting themselves. Personally I believe that what they did was wrong--very very wrong. But who can blame them? Consider the options they were facing:

1. If they searched the car, they could have found the weapon--and earned the ire of Mayor Soc. By all indicators, Mayor Soc is the textbook example of a "kunsitidor." In this particular case, if the reports were accurrate, it appears that he even personally retrieved the main evidence and "corpus dilecti" in this crime. So if you are a Talisay policeman, what would you prefer, earn the ire of Mayor Soc and make Vincent Joe Castrodes happy or vice versa? Who is Joe anyway?

2. If the policemen searched Joavan's car, the latter could charge them with robbery (even if unfounded of course). The criminal aspect of the robbery case may be resolved in their favor by the courts later but the administrative part may be filed by Joavan in the PLEB. And guess who is the ultimate head of the PLEB? Yes, you guessed it right, the Mayor--the Dad! The law mandates that one member of the PLEB is an SB member and another is a Bgy Captain. Usually, both of these guys are the Mayor's choices.

3. Now that they did not do their duty, the policemen "will face a separate administrative investigation for their “lapses” in the case," said Sr. Supt. Erson Digal, provincial police director. Well, the complainant in this case will be the PNP itself. For the involved policemen, this is way better than a case where Joavan is the complainant.

So there you have it. Some pulis idea from a pulis na pogi. And by the way, before critics lambast me, i would like to remind you that Mayor Soc is always right. And people of Talisay agree with him. Just look at the results of the recent elections!

Hahaha, fire away!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Cavite police chief, 17 more cops face murder raps

MANILA, Philippines - Double murder and frustrated murder charges were filed before the Department of Justice on Wednesday morning against 18 policemen for the killing of 2 security aides of a former congressman on May 10.

Leading the respondents was Senior Superintendent Primitivo Tabujara Jr., director of the Cavite provincial police office.

The other policemen charged were Superintendent Ramil Montilla, Chief Inspector Christopher Olazo, Senior Police Officer (SPO) 4 Jimmy Narag, SPO2 ariel panganiban, SPO1 Janelito Dinglasan, Police Officers 3 Ricardo Poblete, Salvador Cesma, Domingo Garcia, Police Officers 2 Alvin Sinko, Wilfred Casalme, Renato Bayo, Bobby Zamora, and Police Officer 1 Rafael Rodriguez.

The charges filed stemmed from an encounter between the security team of former congressman Plaridel "Del" Abaya and the policemen in front of the Bacoor Municipal Police Station on election day.

Abaya's chief security officer, retired police senior superintendent Arnulfo Obillos, and security aide Navy Petty Officer 2 Juanito Paraiso were killed in the supposed encounter.

Abaya's lawyer, Rex Robles, said evidence recorded by the police's scene-of-the-crime office and eye witness accounts show that Obillos and Paraiso were shot at close range, which is contrary to claims of the policemen that they were killed in a shootout.

Robles added that Paraiso, who died of multiple gunshot wounds, including 2 in the head, tested negative for gunpowder nitrates which showed that they did not fire back at the policemen.

The lawyer told reporters that the filing of the criminal charges against the policemen goes beyond politics and that they were simply seeking justice for the families of Obillos and Paraiso.

Grabbed from
Posted at 06/02/2010 12:51 PM | Updated as of 06/02/2010 11:17 PM

My pulis take:

Two nights ago, I saw on GMAs early evening news 24 Oras the video footages taken by somebody moments before the alleged shoot out occured. I believe that the policemen involved in the incident are justified in the use of force. Many people will say that I am biased for the cops, and I admit I may be, but let me explain.

Early in the video footage, it can be seen that Obillos was grappling with a cop for the M-60 machine gun. Accounts differ later whether Obillos actually got control of the gun. However, the mere act of Obillos of touching the gun of the cop is already enough fatal trigger. Many will not understand this but here is the explanation:

Cops are armed for a purpose. If you notice, other private people are also allowed to carry firearms but only the cops and other authorities in uniform are allowed to do so openly and in full view of the public. All others are admonished to keep their firearms away from sight. This permission to cops and authorities are embedded with both symbolic and tactical reasons.

First, the cop is a symbol of government authority. He is the frontline representative of the government and his uniform is the symbol of that authority. The gun is part of his uniform.

That brings us to the second reason, which is tactical in nature. In the course of the job of the cop of discharging his duties in maintaining peace and order and other government regulations, it is always assumed that there will be people who will opt not to submit to this authority. It is also assumed that these people will hurt the cop if the latter intervenes in their affair. Anyone who would dispute this can try an experiment or two: Without carrying a gun, try to stop or pacify two people beating each other to hell. Or try stopping a burglar emerging from the shop he had just robbed. Obviously, the one intervening needs to have an absolute advantage over the people he is intevening on. It is not acceptable that the authorities give a "fair fight" to suspects. Every intervention must always be to the advantage of the authorities, usually symbolized by the cop. This is upheld in Supreme Court jurisprudence. No government takes risks with their cops' lives on the line to give a fair fight. Anyone who would dispute this should try being a barangay tanod for a night. With this backdrop, it is obvious that the only real instrument that can maintain this advantage is the GUN DISPLAYED OPENLY.

Col Obillos most probably knew very well as a retired officer that his action of attempting to take away that advantage is a disaster in the making. And a disaster it actually turned out to be.

As for the case of Navy Petty Officer 2 Juanito Paraiso, I saw in the footage that he was holding the hand of a cop, presumably to prevent the latter from drawing his pistol. As a navy man not trained in police work, Paraiso must have not known that what he did was also fatal. Here is the explanation:

Cops here and abroad are taught this lesson right at the very start: ALWAYS BE ONE STEP AHEAD. For those interested, you can read the book "Tactical Edge" by Charles Remsberg. ( This book is the "Bible" of street patrolmen in almost all US police forces. This means that in any situation, the policemen must anticipate potential dangers and the most dangerous weapon out there is a gun. One has to undertand the basic force continuum in the use of the gun: for a gun carrying individual, to use the gun, one has to follow the following steps in order. 1. if the gun is concealed, like tucked in the waist or placed inside a bag, one has to take it out first in the open or open that bag or raise that shirt. 2. Second is to hold that gun. 3. The third step is to draw that gun. 4. The next step is to aim that gun. 5. And the last step is to fire that gun. To emphasize the obvious, steps 1 to 5 may take less than a second to a skilled gun user.

That cop in the video sees armed people all around him at that moment. In this scenario, you do not leave your gun unchecked in the holster where it can be grabbed. Likewise, you can get shot anytime during that moment. The most practical way of checking that your gun is still in your holster and at the same time be one step ahead of others, is to place your hand over your gun (without drawing it of course). This is what the navy man must have failed to understand. He grabbed the hand of the cop shouting, "Wag mong bunutin yan!" This is his second fatal mistake. You do not tell a cop what he is supposed to do, especially in things relating to his self defense. In that case, if you think that the cop is about to draw his weapon, the correct reaction of a civilian is to surrender by raising his hand or to just simply run away. In that particular incident that took place in a very public location, either of the two options would be the wisest move. If you have complaints against the actions of the cops, then you can take that up later (ALIVE of course) with the courts, the NAPOLCOM, the DILG, the PLEB, the Mayor, the IAS, the COP, the PD, the RD, the Chief PNP, the CHR, the Civil Service Commission, the OMBUDSMAN, or if all these formal channels fail, the media. Yes Virginia, ganun karami ang disciplinary authorities na pwedng magimbestiga at magsuspinde ng mga pulis! But Paraiso chose to take matters in his own hands literally. And the result is fatal.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Super Garapal Political Ads

Over lunch today, I saw a tv spot for the partylist group endorsed by Romeo Jalosjos. A google search on the KAKUSA partylist showed that "it has for its chairman emeritus the convicted child rapist and former Zamboanga del Norte Rep. Romeo Jalosjos. It is supported by the Lamb of God Foundation and by the outreach program for elderly inmates reported to be established by Jalosjos." What really got my attention is that in the tv spot, Jalosjos was surrounded by children, male and female! For crissake! Is this not the Romeo Jalosjos who was convicted of statutory rape for having sex with a child?

I held my peace for quite a while because I just do not have that much spare time in my hand. I thought that the battlecry of De Venecia, "Palabra de Honor, Dedikasyon, Delikadeza" was repugnant in its lowliest form, for how can you claim delikadeza when you joined in the bidding of a multi million peso ZTE project while your father is the Speaker of the House? But this ad of jalosjos comes along and I can't stop puking.

Hay, Pilipinas Kong Mahal!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pro-life group junks Aquino

CEBU CITY—A pro-life group in the Visayas has junked Liberal Party standard-bearer Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III for supporting the passage of the Reproductive Health (RH) bill and called on pro-life voters to reject him at the polls.

Paul Hubahib, spokesperson and member of the Task Force Family and Life (TFFL)-Visayas core group, said Aquino and most of his senatorial candidates are staunch proponents of the RH bill.

“I don’t care if the Catholic Church will abandon me because of my support for the ‘Reproductive Health’ bill...We must ensure full availability of contraceptives,” Hubahib quoted Aquino as saying.

Read the full article from the Inquirer by clicking on the title above)

May take:

These pro-lifers should get real. The Catholic Church offers several arguments to support their stand. Among them is the reasoning classified in "Nature" from the website. Let me quote:

"Contraception is wrong because it’s a deliberate violation of the design God built into the human race, often referred to as "natural law." The natural law purpose of sex is procreation. The pleasure that sexual intercourse provides is an additional blessing from God, intended to offer the possibility of new life while strengthening the bond of intimacy, respect, and love between husband and wife. The loving environment this bond creates is the perfect setting for nurturing children.

But sexual pleasure within marriage becomes unnatural, and even harmful to the spouses, when it is used in a way that deliberately excludes the basic purpose of sex, which is procreation. God’s gift of the sex act, along with its pleasure and intimacy, must not be abused by deliberately frustrating its natural end—procreation."

The bottomline for this argument is that, "Sex is primarily for procreation. Pleasure is just an add on."

The Catholics should ask themselves, "Is this really true to humans?" To animals, it is natural, but to human? Lets enumerate animal behavior as we observe it. Let us choose dogs but for pigs and horses, this is also the same. Dogs mate for one purpose: procreation. A bitch in heat SEEKS OUT STUDS to mate with her. It only does this when it is in heat. In all other times during its menstrual cycle, it does not entertain studs. Studs on the other other hand, will only mate with a bitch in heat because it has only one purpose: procreation. Now that is natural because the main sex organ of the animals are located in between their legs.

How about humans? Men and women are capable to engage in sex morning noon and night. Humans can have sex during menstruation, ovulation, menopause, and almost all other times. This is so because the main sex organ of humans is located in between their ears. Those who cannot grasp this concept are totally unqualified to argue about birth control--like the priests. Or do they really?

It’s final: High court rules Arroyo may appoint new CJ


BAGUIO CITY—Ruling with finality, the Supreme Court Tuesday reiterated that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo may appoint the successor of Chief Justice Reynato Puno, and that the high court was exempt from the election ban covering midnight appointments.

Supreme Court Administrator Midas Marquez said the justices denied the motion for reconsideration filed by 17 petitioners and intervenors against the tribunal’s March 17 ruling that authorized Ms Arroyo to appoint the next Chief Justice during election season.

(Click on the title for the full article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer)

My take:

Why is the President, who is on her way out, so hell bent to appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, despite the protests from almost all fronts? Could it be because she has the only the interests of the nation in keeping the balance between the three branches of the government, thus leaving behind a legacy of stable government? But her 9 year in office had shown that the interest of the nation is almost at the bottom of her priorities whenever she make monumental decisions. ZTE, fertilizer scam, road users tax, etc. There were just too many to mention them all. So what is this all about?

Except for the Chief Justice, all justices are now Arroyo appointees. So what is the significance of this? Well, from my pulis point of view, Arroyo is not stepping down on June 30. All indicators point to her holding on to power. She had consolidated the armed forces with the appointment of her "mistahs" in key positions. She need not force Versoza to quit his post as Chief PNP because she knows that the key PNP force, NCRPO is under her loyal general, another Class 78 in Director Rosales. That said, all she has to mind now is a Supreme Court that will uphold the legitimacy of her actions, whatever she does next, much like the way the Supreme Court upheld her legitimacy during EDSA II.

So what are these options?

She can manipulate the correct agencies to declare a failure of elections. In this case, she holds on to power by force and the AFP can invoke tha they, being the "protector of the people," concurs with her. If the Supreme Court upholds this, then Noynoy Aquino can kiss his presidential ambitions goodbye.

She can orchestrate the military to declare a coup-de-etat and grab power for a "junta." Being a member of Class 78, she has a good shot of squeezong herself in the inner circle, thus perpetuating her power. Or the military, after declaring a coup, goes into the drama of returning the power to the civil authorities--namely gloria Arroyo because there is no legitimately elected president because of the coup.

Another option is that, as a member of the House of Representatives, she can manipulate the House into convening and declaring a caretaker head of government. This is possible if there will be a partial failure of election wherein the counting of votes for the national candidates will not be finished on time. At this juncture, there is no President, Vice President, and Senate President. As such the legitimate successor based on the law is the Speaker of the House. If she does this, then she will only need the concurrence of the Chief Justice to complete her hold to power.

In the worst case scenario, Arroyo needs the Chief Justice to declare Gibo Teodoro the winner. This is a very real possibility and she is already laying the ground work with the filing of Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal on April 5 of a petition asking the Supreme Court to abolish the presidential electoral tribunal (PET) and declare the body as unconstitutional. Click on this link to read the news article in Yahoo. In a nutshell, the petition asks the Supreme Court to stop convening itself as a Presidential Electoral Tribunal and simply leave everything to the Chief Justice. The petition is so brazen and its sinister purpose so obvious, that the Office of the Solicitor General, led by the now infamous Alberto Agra, despite all his frailties and schemes in the Ampatuan case, had already made its stand objecting to the petition.

So the pattern is established at this point. Arroyo is hell bent in making sure that the Chief Justice is hers. This is to ensure that the SC will uphold the legitimacy of her next move to hold on to power. Then she can do anything and everything.

If she can legitimize her manicurist in the Pag-ibig board and her gardener as Deputy of the Luneta park Administration, then she can legitimize herself as the hold over President of Republic of the Philippines.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Ang Ladlad and the Bishop

Bishop opposes party-list group Ang Ladlad

By Leila B. Salaverria
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 19:43:00 04/09/2010

Filed Under: Elections, Churches (organisations)

MANILA, Philippines—Despite the Supreme Court’s affirmation of Ang Ladlad's right to run in the May elections, an official of the Catholic Church believes the party-list group for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders should not be allowed to enter Congress, and said he would discourage people from voting for it.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, chairman of the committe on public affairs of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, said the Catholic Church disagrees with the Supreme Court ruling and said accrediting Ang Ladlad as a party-list group would encourage an “abnormality.”

Please click on the title above for the complete story from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

My take:

I am very busy lately so I have not posted anything for quite a while. I am still very busy now but I just want to vent the expletives building up inside me. Yes, there are a lot of shit going on in this country: Mike Arroyo the Fatman behind every scam, the lame duck CPNP Versoza, the Liar in Villar, and of course the Shameless President Gloria. But among the most apalling among these bull is the pretentiousness of the Roman Catholic Church.

Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, chairman of the committe on public affairs of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines really went overboard in disagreeing with the Supreme Court to the extent of calling the situation of the LGBT sector an abnormality. If that was the case, then a lot of the priests, bishops, and cardinals are ABNORMAL! Let them dispute that in the light of the apology of the Pope himself for the sexual abuse committed by priests against young boys in Ireland. One article read:

Last week, a psychiatrist who treated a priest decades ago in a German archdiocese run by the future pope said he had repeatedly warned that the priest, who was accused of sexually abusing boys, should never work with children again. The priest was re-assigned to parish work almost immediately after his therapy began, and one of Benedict’s deputies at the time has taken responsibility for that decision. Less than five years later, the priest was accused of molesting other boys, and in 1986 was convicted of sexual abuse.


Here are some links that you need to read before you open your mouth, Bishop!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Fugitive Lacson

So the warrant is finally out. Upon learning that an arrest warrant was issued against Senator Lacson, I cannot help but have that sinking feeling and feel sorry for the general state of the country. His persecution is reflective of the callousness of the highest officials of the land. Here is one person persecuted to the hilt by a regime that is accused with the extrajudicial killing and enforced disappearance of more than a thousand people. This is the same regime responsible for the slow death of thousands of Filipinos for hunger.

And what evidence do they have against Senator Lacson? An affidavit of one man, that’s all. The witness is not even a close subordinate of the senator and the affidavit was revised for so many times. Yes, Cesar Mancao is not a protégée of Lacson. Nor is Michael Ray Aquino. The two are the aides of Joseph Ejercito Estrada, the plunderer pardoned by Gloria Arroyo. This is the same Estrada who is now very suspiciously quiet at this point of the election period. This is the same Joseph Estrada whose name should have appeared in the warrant instead of Senator Lacson.

If you examine the track record of Pafilo Lacson the soldier and policeman, you can hardly see a killing targeted against a personal enemy. His record and that of Rodrigo Duterte are similar. The victims in the business end of their guns are never their political or personal enemies. If Lacson and Duterte had a penchant in killing their personal enemies, then Berroya would not be around today. The same with Nograles.

But look at Estrada. Remember Bentain? The offense of the person was to leak the tape of Estrada gambling with Atong Ang. And how about Dacer? Whom did he offend?

And the foremost question is “What would have Lacson gained if he ordered the murder of Dacer?” What’s in it for him?

Addendum: February 7, 2010

I came accross the "On Target" column of Ramon Tulfo in the Philippine Daily Inquirer posted on Fenruary 5, 2010 with title "Why Villar is overtaking Aquino in the surveys." As everyone who reads his column know by now, Ramon Tulfo is a fan of then Lt Lacson at the now defunct MISG but turned into a very bitter critic of Director General Lacson when the latter became Chief, PNP because the first order of the day of General Lacson was to stop the PNP "payola" to all hard hitting journalists. The Tulfo brothers lost nearly a million pesos monthly because of that order.

Anyway, back to the issue. In the first section of that article, Tulfo as usual, bashed Lacson. But in the process, be unwittinngly came to the defense of the embattled senator.

Here are the exact excerpts of his columns from

In the middle section, Tulfo was describing the relationship of Lacson and Estrada:

The former chief executive could only say by way of a comment: “He is no longer under me. He is a senator now. I think he is intelligent (enough) to know what to do.”

Of course, Mr. Former President, Lacson is no longer under you!

Even when you were still president, Lacson never thought he was under you; he never respected you.
Lacson’s contempt for Erap showed at a PNP fund-raising function at the Manila Hotel where Erap was guest of honor.

When somebody whispered to Lacson that Erap could not come to the function, the PNP and PAOCTF chief reportedly kicked the chair where his president was supposed to have sat in front of so many people.

That was an open defiance of, if not downright contempt, for the man who appointed him to the highest post in the police organization.

But in the last section, Tulfo stated this:

Why doesn’t Erap want to comment on Lacson’s flight from justice?

Why was Lacson contemptuous of his commander in chief?

The answer is pretty obvious: Lacson did dirty jobs for Erap before and during his term as president.

Who knows, one of those dirty jobs could have been the Dacer-Corbito double murders.

The irony cannot escape even the most simple-minded reader: If Lascon is contemptous to Erap and has no respect whatsoever for him, will he commit murder for him?

If this case goes to trial, I can almost hear the defense lawyer for Lacson say, "The defense calls its first witness, Mr Ramon Tulfo."


Friday, February 05, 2010

The Total Gun-Ban

The total gun ban, implemented since January 10, was very successful in one thing: it made the criminals the king of the streets. Before the gun ban, upright citizens, including off duty cops, can bring their licensed firearms even when they are in civilian clothes. During this time, it is already gun ban for criminals and unlicensed firearms holders. Criminals think twice in robbing PUVs considering the possibility that an armed off duty cop may be among the passengers just like the case of Police Inspector Obien who killed 2 bus robbers and arrested another inside a bus travelling along EDSA last May 21, 2009. With the implementation of the gun ban, nothing changed for the criminals but for the previously legal gun owners, they suddenly find themselves at the short end of the stick.

Did the gun ban lower crime commission? Hell, no. Contrary to the pronouncements of the police generals about the success of the gun ban, street crimes actually increased after the gun ban though police officials sugarcoat their reports to the media. Robbery snatching had returned in Alabang-Zapote Road, Sucat Road, Quiapo, Sta Cruz, and other major thoroughfares. In Manila, holduppers are back to business in jeeps plying the Sta. Cruz-Monumento route—and this time, they don’t care less about off duty policemen. They know that off-duty policemen are unarmed. In Masingal, Ilocos, a candidate for councilor was killed in front of his house last January 28. In Masbate, a village official was killed in front of his family while eating dinner right inside his home. I can go on and on and on but even with cursory examination of the reports, it can be seen that the gun ban succeeded in only making the lives of criminals easier.

In this situation, who can the people turn to? As a cop, definitely, I will just shout “Tumawag kayo ng COMELEC” if I happen to chance upon a police situation and I am off-duty and unarmed. Never mind if a criminal is robbing somebody—much more if the criminal is armed.

I think it is high time that affected citizens bring this matter to the courts. I think lawyers should find ways to bring the COMELEC to task. And I wonder from what law did the COMELEC based their inclusion of the airsoft guns which are not firearms? Have anyone heard of a politically related incident where airsoft guns where used?

COMELEC Resolution 8714 should be declared invalid by the Courts!