Thursday, August 20, 2009

CASE CLOSED?????!!!!!

Case closed: PNP clears ‘euro-general’

By Nancy C. Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:08:00 08/20/2009

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MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine National Police had cleared its former comptroller, Chief Supt. Eliseo de la Paz, for accountability of the 105,000 euros seized from him by Russian authorities last year during an Interpol seminar.

“He had returned the money to the PNP and we have cleared him,” Director General Jesus Verzosa told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Wednesday during the inauguration of a new police station in Quezon City.

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My take:

If only to salvage whatever little credibility left to the PNP as an organization, Director General Versoza should resign together with this pronouncement. What dela Paz did was pure and simple Malversation penalized in Article 127 of the Revised Penal Code which reads:

Art. 217. Malversation of public funds or property. – Presumption of malversation. - Any public officer who, by the reason of the duties of his office, is accountable for public funds or property, shall appropriate the same, or shall take or misappropriate or shall consent, or through abandonment or negligence, shall permit any other person to take such public funds or property wholly or partially, or shall otherwise be guilty of misappropriation or malversation of such funds or property …

The malversation was CONSUMMATED. If not for the interference of Russian authorities, we would have not known of this at all! It is immaterial whether dela Paz returned the money or not: the crime was already completed and his act of returning the money is actually an evidence against him! It shows that indeed, the disdursement of the money is unauthorized in the first place. Having stated this, then all the previous statements made by the PNP top brass during the early days of this case are then barefaced lies. It was, at one time or another, claimed that the money is for the allowances of delegates, for procurement of surveillance equipments, private money for purchase of chandeliers and watches, etc. Now the PNP finally says that it was returned to the national treasury. So what is the truth all along?

Badge of Honor? Hahahahahaha!

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