Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 3 (Speaking to the Living)

So Ted Failon had spoken, with him filing it all at the prosecutor's office. With his lawyer as the talking head, his official stand in the obstruction of justice charges is "There is no obstruction of justice because there is no crime to start with. Suicide is not a crime." Oh. How convenient. His wife died in the most unusual circumstances yet in an instant, he declares it suicide. How unusual? Well, even right at the start of the incident, his recollection is different from that of his househelp Carlota Morbos. According to Ted, he found his wife lying in a pool of blood on the floor near the toilet bowl while Morbos told the police that she saw Trina sitting propped up against the wall in front of the toilet bowl. They opened the door at the same time--and they both agreed on this in their official statements! Is it possible that Ted and Morbos are looking at the same scene yet saw two different things?

Or is it possible that when Ted shot Trina, she fell to the floor and laid in her pool of blood near the toilet. This could be what was imprinted in his mind. As a husband--her wife is still alive at this time--he propped her up againt the wall in sitting position, locked the toilet door, then called Morbos to open it together with him. The second scene may be the one seen by Morbos. There is no mistaking on what Morbos saw. She demonstrated it in front of the television cameras for everyone to see.

This contradiction in their statements, at the very least should arouse suspicion.

And Dr Raquel Fortun has now spoken too. The self-proclaimed prime forensic expert stated that Trina committed suicide because the trajectory of the bullet is upwards as shown by the wounds on the head of Trina. Now, she made this statement despite (or because of?) the earlier rumors attributed to the QCPD SOCO that the bullet trajectory is downwards. Be that as it may, as there is a real possiblility to put in question the credibility of both camps, how does Dr. Fortun now explain the findings of SOCO (and everyone who had been in that bathroom during the second search) that the bullet impact is behind the toilet bowl? The impact point is no more than 2 feet from the floor. With this incontrovertible information based on verifiable and well documented evidence, what does it make of the statement of Dr. Fortun? Trina committed suicide with a gun pointing upwards towards her head but the impact point of the bullet is only two feet above the floor. So, conclusion: Trina shot herself while lying down on the floor! But wait! Morbos said that Trina was sitting with her back against the wall! Uh uh. Dr. Fortun's conclusion, to be very generous about it, is questionable. But for me, what she said is impossible.

And Trina had spoken too. She left her blood on the wall. She had her blood on the floor. She also had her blood in the car, in the carpet, in her and Ted's clothes. She even had her blood in his shoes!

And today, Trina is about to be cremated. I only see one purpose for this: Stop her from talking to the forensic experts.

But had Trina said it all yet?

May she rest in peace and justice come upon her!

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