Friday, April 24, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 5 (NAPOLCOM speaking)

So, NAPOLCOM has suspended six people for excessive use of force. No problem that is okay. Let us examine the list: Mabanag, Ratuita, Perdozo, Razon, Abad, and Marcelo. For Mabanag and Ratuita, the order may be valid as they were there when the incident happened (But mind you, I think the NAPOLCOM is doing a big injustice in dignifying the complaint! The police just did their job! But that is another story.) But Pedrozo? He just happened to be the Station Commander covering New Era Hospital. He cannot stop Mabanag and Ratuita who were his seniors! He was not even there! And worse for Abad and Marcelo, they were just the investigators and had no participation whatsoever in the arrests. This is worst for Marcelo: while all these scuffle were on going, she was watching the incident on TV with her daughter in her office at the Investigation Division of QCPD!

Well, well, well. What can you expect of NAPOLCOM with Escueta? Is this not the same Eduardo Escueta who summoned Rivermaya Manager Lizza Nakpil during the height of the Rivermaya brand label controversy? Nakpil simply laughed at Escueta's stupidity. She should have even haled him to court for grave abuse of authority. Commissioner Escueta joined the fray because his son, Mark Escueta is among the protagonists as a member of Rivermaya! Hello Commissioner! Rivermaya is a civilian band, not a police unit!

Ted should not have cremated his wife. He should have preserved her until the technology for brain transplant becomes available. He has a very good brain donor in Commissioner Escueta: brain only slightly used!

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