Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 4 (Fortun Speaking)

In a PDI article, Dr. Raquel Fortun has this picture:

She is demonstrating the estimated postion of the gun in the head of Trina when she committed suicide. Dr. Fortun was quoted saying that the bullet trajectory is upwards.

Ok Dr. Fortun, if that is the case, please find the position of Trina's head at the time the trigger is pulled so that the impact of the bullet hits the wall behind the toilet. The impact point is less than 2 feet above the floor and is about two inches away from the adjacent wall.

For interested readers, here is a screen grab of Failon's toilet:

The impact point is between the far wall and the toilet bowl. It is about 2 inches from that wall. Also, the impact point is less than 2 feet from the floor, a lot lower than the top cover of the water tank for the toilet flush.

So how do you position Trina's head so that the trajectory of the bullet is upwards, yet the final impact point in the wall is this low? There is only one way: put Trina's head near the floor! But what about the statement of househelp Carlota Morbos where she said that she found Trina propped up against the wall and the gun is in her right but at her feet?

This reenactment is based on the statements of Ted and the other persons in the house themselves!

You be the judge but for me, Dr. Fortun should shift to fortune telling!

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