Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 2 (Speaking to the Dead)

The dead cannot speak to us directly, but they do speak volumes to investigators, especially to forensics. In Trina's case, what is it that she might be telling us now?

Let me speculate freely as an investigator (well, this is my blog!).

Let us focus on this fact: Trina Etong is dead with a gunshot wound.

Let us focus on this main question: Is it suicide or something else?

Sub-question #1 (Place of incident): If you are Trina and you want to commit suicide, what would you do? Commit suicide in your house and not leave a note why you did it and put doubt on everybody in your house? The note found does not in any way resemble a suicide note!

If you are Ted and Trina actually committed suicide, would you muddle the fact that she indeed committed suicide by cleaning up the scene?

Sub-question #2 (Mode of suicide): If you are Trina and you want to commit suicide, will you be brave and composed enough to shoot yourself in the head? Have you heard about sleeping pills overdose?

If you are Ted and have a beautiful Walter PPK (small enough to be carried in your pants pocket), would you leave it at home? Why did you buy such an expensive weapon designed for concealed carry if you do not want to pack it?

Sub-question #3 (Timing of the suicide): If you are Trina and indeed you wanted to commit suicide, would you call up your husband first? If so, if you hate him and/or yourself that much, don't you want to let him hear the gunshot?

If you are Ted and as you alleged your wife told you something serious enough for you to hurriedly return home and undertime on the job, how serious things are? If your wife insinuated suicide already, is it not logical to call up anybody on the house to check on her before or while driving? And upon arrival at the house, will the first thing that you ask for from the maid is a glass of water?

What could be Trina telling us right now?

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