Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Gordon sheds tears while making an appeal to the Abus

That picture of Gordon Inquirer is the best evidence that he is unfit to be president. Thank God he has very little chance. We sing the National Anthem yet we do not understand its lyrics especially the last line. When we sing "Ang mamatay ng dahil sa yo," let us take a break and consider the fact that one day, we may have to interpret that literally.

Everybody dies anyway so if these three ICRC workers die in this crisis that is largely of their own making, I am sure, their names will forever be literally etched in stone in an ICRC facility. Shed no tears for anybody here Gordon. Accept the fact that with what you are doing in ICRC, death in line of duty is a very real possibility. Just make sure that the three will not die in vain. Make sure that 300 Abus (pratically all of them--yes, all Abus--300 lang pala according to the military!) die with them!

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