Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Duterte gives up control of Davao City cops

Duterte gives up control of Davao City cops

Quits Napolcom post

By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 02:40:00 04/01/2009

DAVAO CITY—Embattled Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Tuesday gave up control of Davao City’s police forces and resigned from the National Police Commission (Napolcom), amid charges from an international watchdog linking the local police to death squad assassinations.

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Notable quotes from this article:

De Lima: “He just showed some ‘delicadeza’ (propriety) and I hope that he is consistent,”

Ok, Duterte has delicadeza. How about you, Leila? How about the killings perpetrated by Gloria? How about the human rights of the three ICRC hostages? Why don't you investigate the Abus? Why single out Duterte who made Davao City the number 1 most livable city in the country today?

Tango: “There came a time when I did not want to read the Command Journal (anymore).”
“The frequency was so alarming that much attention must be given to these incidents,” Tango said. He said the thought that the killings were “orchestrated never crossed my mind.”

Then resign your post general. It is that easy. And change a letter in your surname.

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