Friday, March 27, 2009

We’re not clowns — Verzosa

We’re not clowns — Verzosa
By: Alfred P. Dalizon
THE Philippine National Police leadership yesterday asked anew the movie and television industry to stop portraying lawmen as villains and comic figures since it clashes with the police transformation program.

“We’re asking for a dialogue with the TV and movie industry so that we can ask producers, directors and scriptwriters to stop making movies and television shows that degrade the image of the police,” said PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Nicanor A. Bartolome.

Bartolome said they are also suggesting the services of a PNP representative or consultant to assist in the taping or filming of movies and TV sitcoms to give them inputs on how police wear their uniform or react to real-life situation.

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My take:

This is another case of a dog barking at the wrong tree. If Versoza wants respect for policemen, he should start an honest to goodness house cleaning. Jokes only hurt if they have a ring of truth in it--because most of the time, jokes are accurate social commentaries of reality. I seldom hear of a great man losing his cool over a joke. On the contrary, self depracating jokes are always a hit if delivered by a man of great stature because it makes the audience feel at ease and at par with the speaker. In the hit TV show of the 60s "The Soupy Sales Show," celebrities even has to beg Soupy Sales to be in his show just to get pied in the face. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies are just two of the notable persons who guested in this show. Did it demean the stocks of Sinatra and Davis? Absolutely not!

For the PNP to regain the respect of the community, Versoza need not look at the TV or read the newspaper. All he has to do is just take a look at the parade grounds of Camp Crame. During Lacson's time, the area literally overflowed with recovered carnapped vehicles turned over by corrupt policemen who illegally used them for their personal purposes. Just like Versoza now who is not taken seriously by street patrolmen, Lacson only got everybody's attention and compliance when he sent the SAF to forcibly recover a car illegally used by PSupt Don Montenegro. When everybody saw Montenegro sprawled and handcuffed to the gound by a certain Inspector Delelis, everyone instantly understood that Lacson meant business. Overnight, Crame became the depository of thousands of recovered vehicles. And the PNP started to again regain the trust of the people. Now in Versoza's time, Montenegro is about to become a General as head of CIDG.

How can Versoza's PNP expect to gain sympathy with scams left and right? Euro generals, camo green uniform, jueteng, Erap machine gun-toting case, etc? If he is looking for a place to start, he can begin by relieving from their posts those directorial staff officers in Camp Crame who cannot pass the mandatory physical fitness tests.

Until then, the PNP will remain as a laughing stock--even without the television and the movies.

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