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NPC to file raps vs QC cops over attack on news team

NPC to file raps vs QC cops over attack on news team
03/17/2009 | 08:09 PM

Email this | Email the Editor | Print | ShareThisMANILA, Philippines - The National Press Club (NPC) is set to file charges against several Quezon City policemen in connection with Sunday's mauling of an ABS-CBN news crew inside the Batasan police station.

To be named respondents in the complaint are several police officials from the Quezon City Police District Station 6, including station commander Superintendent Antonio Yarra and Chief Inspector Alex Alberto, the officer on duty when the mauling incident happened.

NPC President Benny Antiporda said they would file the complaint before the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service.

The brawl started when complainants Jackylyn Maulion, Luchie Maulion, and Eddie Masurong attacked Dexter Ganibe of ABS-CBN’s radio station dzMM and ABS-CBN cameraman Benedicto Ganelo for allegedly violating their rights to privacy.

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My take:

This is what every citizen who falls victim to POLICE INACTION should do: file a case of misfeasance against these policemen. Nowadays, many policemen are COWARDLY (takot/duwag) and EVASIVE (iwas) towards work especially if they are facing loud and aggressive persons. How many times do we hear policemen simply tell complainants "Pumunta na lang kayo sa barangay dahil barangay case yan." when somebody complains that squatters are intruding into their property, when in truth and in fact, squatters entering a private property can be immediately arrested and charged using the Revised Penal Code! This is the main reason why in every nook and cranny of the metropolis, there are squatter colonies.

Policemen are more afraid of suspects filing cases against them than complainants doing the same. This is so because usually, suspects are jobless people who can attend to cases while complainants are law-abiding citizens who are busy earning their honest keep and has no time to even file a case against policemen. So in an incident where policemen need to intervence and risk earning the ire of a suspect, the choice boils down to: "Should I intervene and get charged for abuse of authority or should I back off and be charged for negligence?" The choice is quite obvious.

In this particular incident, it was very apparent that policemen committed an act of omission (misfeasance). In some news accounts, they were quoted giving the lame excuse that they cannot intervene in the fight because several of the protagonists are women and that they can be charged with sexual harassment. How stupid and how lame!

NPC should file the case in PLEB if they really want to see justice. Filing the case with IAS will eventually lead to settlement especially if the policemen bribe the corrupt hearing officers there (Almost all policemen there are corrupt! I was once a victim, haha!) Once the IAS hearing officers are paid, they themselves will initiate settlement between the parties. Compared to the PLEB, the case will be heard by a collegial body composed of 5 persons representing various sectors of the society.

Let us see if NPC really does its social responsibility of seeing this case through and sparing the community of further stupidities by these policemen!

Baka naman dakdak lang ng dakdak din ito at wala ring mangyayari! Abangan!

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