Friday, January 09, 2009

the return of the comeback and the golf war

Wow, it had been 14 months since i posted anything here. Well, I had a lot of reasons but the primary cause is that i forgot my password in google. Oh my, obvious ba na covert name ko lang ito? hahaha.

Well, here i am again my dear blog. I had been all over other blogs in the pangandaman-de la paz golf war. Including you tube, I had seen the power of the blogger who is first to cry "INJUSTICE!" When bambee's blog first appeared, she apparently emailed her friends who in turn, emailed their friends. Alas! The first version was not meant to be so she edited it, toned down her language, and remove entries that could work against her and her family.

The immediate aftermath of the edited blog was so fiery and reactions were too hot for the pangandamans that a week later, the Secretary came out of national television and appealed to the bloggers to go easy on them because, in his words "my family is hurting."

But the appeal worked like gasoline spilled in the inferno. The calls for resignation countinued and dar issues are included in the ammunition. All these, despite the fact that as early as four days later, cracks in Bambee's blog began to surface. The original version of her blog showed up, discussion of respected members of showed a lot of inconsistences in her family's statements, and i myself got a first-hand report of a friend who was at the receiving end of bambee's crassness in a practice green just a few days before the infamous "golf war." Efforts by posters who believe that the pagdanganans are not totally and singularly guilty or even those who simply believe that both sides are equally liable are met with all kinds of brickbats, namecalling, and even threats from bambee's supporters. Up to this time, the support for Bambee continues (or so i think).

What does this mean? I exactly do not know but I am thinking of several possible reasons:

1. Could it be because Bambee was the first to get to the blogsphere with her sad story?
2. Could it be because of the seemingly great disparity in the status of the protagonists? (Bambee pictured her family as poor--which is a very very big lie of course because at the minimum, they are in the upper middle class if not the landed rich people. At the same time, she pictured the Pangandamans as rich, abusive, and war freak Muslim family).
3. Could it be that bloggers identified with Bambee because she can be considered as one of their own?
4. Could it be because the general Filipino population has a built in bias against the Muslims--although only few dare to admit it?
5. Could it be because Filipinos really love to stick with the underdog no matter what?
6. Could it be because of the distrust of the people on the politicians?

Well, i exactly do not know but up to this time, despite the overwhelming evidence that show that the incident was not entirely the Pangandaman's fault, the tirades had not stopped, nor any of the supposedly respected columnists cared to rectify their first opinions.

Hay, Pilipinas kong Mahal!

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  1. 1. first impression of the story as told by bambee.
    2. hate and distrust of politicians.
    3. identity with the underdogs.
    4. massive hate campaign for their cause regardless of the truth, or perhaps to distort the truth, and fear of the truth surfacing.
    5. inability to believe otherwise because of past and present cases between obviously ricj and powerful, guilty and notorious perpetrators and normal citizens.
    if bambee really took me for a ride, i'm now classifying her family with the kind i mentioned above.


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