Monday, January 12, 2009

what can i say?

now valley golf came out with the official decision: de la paz instigated the fight. for that he is expelled. sec. pagdanganan is liable for the actions of his sons so he is suspended fo two years. all dependents and guests are banned for life.

after i read this news, i returned to some of the articles that dealt with this topic a couple of weeks back and was surprised that a lot of people are still supporting the de la pazes. even delfin cried "injustice" and said that he is willing to submit himself to a lie detector test.

what for?

filipinos really have to reexamine its national psyche. in this case, many purportedly asked for justice. but when the investigation was completed and the decision was against the underdog, they cry whitewash! they should have taken the cue from the appeal of bambee to the nbi early in this brouhaha: "Sana po mapalabas nila ang katotohanan. Sana 'di sila [magpadala] sa kahit anong impluwensya (I hope they will be able to come out with the truth. I hope they will not be swayed by influence)," Bambee dela Paz asked the NBI during an interview with ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda. (cut and paste from abs-cbn website). anyone making this appeal to investigating authorities even before the investigation gets underway are usually the ones who are not confident of the outcome. take it from pulis na pogi, i have seen lots of them!

the decision was not rendered by a government agency. granting (and admitting) that this government is corrupt and has a very low credibility, the valley golf board of directors are totally different animals. they do not have any responsibilities except to their members! and i don't think anyone can afford their collective price.

i think the truth came out: it was delfin de la paz who lied. until now, he is lying!

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