Saturday, January 10, 2009

then the turn around

Three days after my first post, I was able to talk to a friend who happened to be a regular valley golf player. We were bantering about the incident during a break in our driving range practice and he related to me his experience with Bambee de la Paz just a few days back. This cemented my opinion of the case because during that time, I already had doubts on the story of Bambee after reading her blog. The cop in me kicked in and I felt that something was amiss, very much like the calm that you see before an ambush. because it was the holidays without much action in the streets and i have nothing better to do except practice and internet, i posted this comment in many blogs and got many reactions, many of which attacked my person (online personality, hahahaha). of course, there are those who agreed with me but they were few and far between! here goes the post:

"in this incident, the dela Pazes were first given attention by the media and add that to the fact the natural tendency of many filipinos (including me) to hold prejudice against moros, my first reaction is anger at the pangandamans.
and i am still angry at them up to this moment. secretary and mayor pangandaman should have known better and should have acted with prudence no matter and however they were provoked. they are no ordinary citizens but persons vested with responsibility by the people.
however, i now tend to give credence to the story of the pangandamans after my friend who happens to be a member of valley golf related his brush with the dela Pazes. and so the story goes this way:
shortly before christmas, he was practicing his putting in one of the three putting greens in vally golf. in the other putting green is bambee de la Paz also practicing putting. mind you, this family of dela pazes are terrific golf players! all of a sudden, bambee, together with her mother fanning herself like crazy, joined my friend in his putting green, stroking the house balls here and there, oblivious to the presence of my friend. golf etiquette 101: this is not beig courteous. the same issue they used against the pangandamans. fortunately my friend is no pangandaman and so the scandal happend days later and not involved my friend. after around 30 minutes of pure arrogance and “i am a champion and who are you” attitude from bambee, she and her mother left my friend in the practice green with the 12 house balls strewn all around. etiquette 101 again: this is, again, not being couteous. the ball holders clearly bore the sign “replace after use.”
after i heard this story of my friend, he and i thought, well, the arrogant dela Pazes met their match in the equally arrogant pangandamans.
now, we are angry at all of them for bringing their lies to the public and wasting our time!"

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  1. one of some things to determine the veracity of bambee dela paz's account of the incident is a an attest of a medical physician in the form of medical certificate corroborating the extent of her father's and brother's physical injuries, which, if her story is to be believed, are very serious. is there one?


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