Saturday, January 10, 2009

standard written retort

subsequently, after all the tirades and bards are exchanged, i have this standard retort to the makulits.

some people just cannot accept the fact that they were taken for ride by the de la pazes. maybe this post by a certain aberosal (another original member) in pinoy golfers can shed more light:
“Footbolero, rge and I were present when the head of the fact finding committee was describing the testimonies of all parties - including that of dela paz. We were not provided with the official written findings - we were simply told some facts that were pertinent to the incident.

my memory isn’t as good as rge but the “discussion” points were as follows:
1) Based on witnesses’ accounts, Dela paz clearly started the fight. In his own words - “hinampas ko yung payong.” Others used words by Pagdamanan, caddies, were “poked” “tusok” etc. Dela paz used the word “hinampas” - and its on tape.
2) On the 6th tee, during the “fight” Bino swung his driver at the mayor. There was medical evidence provided to the committee of a fracture to his hand. If a 5′6, 140lbs person swung a driver at me, I am pretty sure I will not be asking his age before I strike back (assuming I survive of course) - and strike back I will with intent to make sure he doesn’t swing that driver again.
3) Dela Paz didn’t give Valley employees and security staff a chance to stop the incident from escalating. Per witness accounts, the dela paz family kept provoking and making threats na “gaganti sila”.
Jovi, if you want to get the whole story - come to valley golf club and make your own investigation and interview the witnesses. RGE is making kuwento and is not a member of the fact finding committee. Majority of the members/employees at Valley know what happened and very few if any are on the dela paz camp.
You are basing your facts too much on a blog and not on actual witness accounts.

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