Saturday, January 10, 2009

the official security report

shortly after i posted my turn around post, ding gagelonia came out with an article entitled the-panganaman-dela-paz-family-feud posted at Filipino (

he ended with a conclusion that i definitely cannot agree on. so here is my post:

now, the official security incident report is now out! find it at
and guess what: take a look at lines 5, 6, and 7 and let me quote (with all the typo errors):
“but based to the statement of VGCCI marshall/ starter (mr elmer saguisa) at that time he talk already both parties but sudenly he was not expected that argument was not settled.”
aray! now, where did this detail first appear in the blogsphere?
answer: from the post of brianna asal above, posted on the 29th of december or 3 days after the incident and i cut and paste:
paragraph 3, lines 7 and 8: With the said explanation, del Paz replied “Okey, kortesiya lang.”
paragraph 6, lines 5 to 7: “Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshall what he explained to the elder dela Paz, which his knowledge the former already accepted his explanation.”
paragraph 8, lines 3 and 4: ” “Akala ko po, Sir, nagkaintindihan na ho tayo kanina”.
another answer: from the post of p that only appeared yesterday, or 1 week after the incident: and i cut and paste again:
paragraph 6, line 14 and 15: Thinking that things had been cleared up, Mr. dela Paz said, “Okay, kortesiya lang” (”Okay, just seeking courtesy“) .
paragraph 8, line 8 to 12: During their break, the marshal approached Nasser Jr, stating that the dela Paz’s were complaining that there were five of them in their group and why they overtook the dela Paz flight. Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshal what he had already explained to the elder del Paz, to which his knowledge the former had already accepted his explanation.
aray again. now why are these very telling details not in bambee’s blog? it is now clear as daylight that before the fisticuffs started, even the mashalls thought that the overtaking issue was already settled! ask mashall mr elmer saguisa!
aray! aray! aray!
and thanks to manuel quezon iii for marking my posts as spam and deleting them even before it is moderated. now, your pseudo-personality (leytenian) is commenting on my posts even if i cannot find it in the enties above! hahaha

(as for the mlq3-leytenian part, i made it because in mlq3's blog, my comments are marked as spam and deleted. however during that time, a certain leytenian kept on replying to my deleted posts so i thought that mlq3 and leytenian are one. i later found out that they are not. may bad. hehehe)

looking further, i realized that this security report was already in the hands of abs-cbn on the day alex santos made the report. reviewing the tv patrol footage in youtube, the report was momentarily flashed. depite the clarity of the report as explained above, abs-cbn chose to really milk the issue of its sensationalism potential, even to the extent of misleading its viewers!

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