Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Red Cross Kidnapping Sulu

the kidnapping of three ICRC personnel in Sulu--near the provincial capitol at that--again brought to fore several harsh realities in that part of the country:

1. bandits are just next door of the good guys;
2. these bandits do not distinguish who is fair game;
3. the worst is that in the end, we may not be able to distiguish who are the bandits and who are on our side.

the ICRC is a worldwide organization recognized all over the globe. while i do not completely subscribe to their utopic thinking that their symbol is already respected by all groups in a warzone thus they shun any armed escorts from any side, the ICRC is a very active and effective organization in alleviating the conditions of the needy in areas where very few other relief and humanitarian organizations dare to go.

good luck to the victims. i hope that this situation is resolved with no blood loss. after their release, i hope the military and police do their respective jobs better next time.

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