Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 14-year old Kid

I can't believe that up to this time, the de la paz family continues to play the 14-year old kid trump card. and more apalling is the fact that a lot of people are still biting the bait and thus considered the scuffle between the two families as between an old man, a kid, and a girl vs armed politicians with bodyguards.

there is no question as to the capability for violence of the pangandamans and an examination of the de la paz side will entail a very long article so let me focus on the "14 year old kid" first.

so who is bino de la paz? from news accounts, he is 14 years old alright, 140 pounds and 5'7" in height. he has the same height and weight when pacman fights hatton in may, he is 35 pounds heavier than pacman when the latter started fighting at 105 and he is 10 pounds heavier than pacman when the latter demolished most of the mexican legends at 126 and 130 lb division. get my drift? a 140 pound "kid" packs a punch. but that is pacman. so how about bino?

a quick scan of the home page of valley golf showed that he made an ace at hole #6 of the executive course on november 23, 2008 or just one month before the golf brawl. that is a 155 par 3 so there is no question about the hitting power of the "kid."

google search also turned up his performance in the 2007 Callaway Golf Junior World Golf Championships held on Jul 17 - Jul 20, 2007 at Lake San Marcos Country Club & Resort - North in california, usa. he made a 68 in round 2 and finished the tournament tied at #13 in a field of around a hundred players. so there is no question on his ability to play golf and his decision making in the field.

what am i pointing to?

my point is, how mature is a 14 year old kid?

in hawaii, idaho, and south carolina, usa, they can legally consent to sex and are already considered consenting adults. in the philippines, 14 is already 5 years beyond the statutory age for rape (2 under the new law setting the age at 12).

when i was 14, i am already in 2nd year high school and very much aware of the happenings around me. i am already discussing with my parents, classmates, and whoever cares the political issues of the time (edsa uno). i regularly ride my bmx bike to the next town and back covering the distance of around 50 km of winding roads non-stop.

in short, a 14 year old is not exactly a kid. but of course, they are also not exactly adults. under the stupid pangilinan law, minors are defined to be those under 18 years old and as a general rule, they do not incur criminal liability. this is the reason why when we arrest jeepney hold uppers and petty snatchers, when they turn out to be minors, we can't do much about them. and these "minors" perfectly know this, thus in 2007, 35% of arrested petty hold-uppers and snatchers are minors.

but those are the street kids and me. what about bino? well, it is obvious that he may have been brought up in a sheltered world thus is not that mature. this is the reason why his father should have exercised more caution in exposing him to violence. but the way things are turning out now, with more information surfacing, it appears that delfin de la paz started a war right in front of his kid.

definitely, there is child abuse committed in the valley golf brawl--and the suspect's name is not pangandaman.


  1. this brings to my mind another stupid law called young offenders act (YOA)that i proposed to be abolished in canada after a filipino teen was stabbed and killed by young kids, whose names, because of their age-minority statuses, could not even be revealed, much less questioned without the presence of their parents, were given sentences comparable with hand-slaps. i cited the ever growing trend and tendency of the present generation to grow up to six feet in height before reaching the age of sixteen. your perception of bino dela paz as not a cowering victim of mauling, given his background and bulk, sounds true.

  2. Yaps. Those were eventually found out in the investigations.


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