Thursday, August 20, 2009

National Artist

National Artists ask Supreme Court to stop 2009 awards rites
By Edu Punay (The Philippine Star) Updated August 20, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Groups of artists and concerned citizens yesterday trooped to the Supreme Court (SC) to stop the government from conferring the National Artist award on film director Carlo J. Caparas and three others over alleged violations of rules and the Constitution.

The petitioners, led by former recipients of the prestigious award, asked the High Court to issue a temporary restraining order enjoining the Palace from awarding Caparas, Cecille Guidote-Alvarez, Jose “Pitoy” Moreno and Francisco Mañosa, whose names were reportedly added by President Arroyo in the shortlist submitted by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the two bodies tasked by law to select National Artists.

(Please read the whole story from Philstar by clicking on the title above)

My take:

I will take exception on this and dip my fingers in non-police or law enforcement issue.

I really cannot comprehend the ruckus being raised by these past awardees of THAT "National Artist" title. Looking at their names, as a Filipino National, I believe that they should be familiar to me, just like I am familiar with Jose Rizal as my national hero, the carabao as my national animal, the maya or eagle (whatever) as my national bird, etc. But national artists Virgilio Almario for literature, Bienvenido Lumbera for literature, Benedicto Cabrera for visual arts - painting, Napoleon Abueva for visual arts - sculpture, and Arturo Luz for visual arts - painting and sculpture? Well, I may be extremely art illiterate that I haven't heard of them yet but looking at their wikipedia entries, the common denominator of these people is that all their works are unheard by me and most probably only appreciated by their peers. I saw some pictures of Ben Cabrera posing in front of some of his paintings and I for the life of me cannot see why I should have paid him--a cash award of P100,000, a monthly pension, medical and hospitalization benefits, life insurance, arrangements and expenses for a state funeral, a place of honor at state functions, and recognition at cultural events,emoluments of a National Artist under the law, from funds that come from my taxes paid in blood, toils, tears, and sweat--for all those paintings that I cannot understand nor see the beauty considering that they simply look like splatters of paint thrown in a piece of canvass.

Now, why not Carlo Caparas? Since my elementary days, he made me familiar with Tagalog (not Filipino duh, don't kid yourself, TAGALOG!) language which is not my spoken language at home. He made me familiar with the happenings in other parts of country with his colorful stories (Though illusrated by other artists, I think he has the right to claim ownership of those characters for himself. The illustrator can be replaced anytime and the story remains the same but that cannot be said about the writer. Walt Disney characters and cartoons are the work of many illustrators, but they all remain faceless and nameless except for a short moment in the end credits. All credits virtually go to Walt Disney himself!)

My point is that, maybe it is time that a National Artist come from the ranks of the masa. Somebody who does not kowtow to the whims and caprices of the high and the mighty in the so-called "art world." Somebody whose work many people understand.

CASE CLOSED?????!!!!!

Case closed: PNP clears ‘euro-general’

By Nancy C. Carvajal
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:08:00 08/20/2009

Filed Under: Euro Generals, Police, Graft & Corruption

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine National Police had cleared its former comptroller, Chief Supt. Eliseo de la Paz, for accountability of the 105,000 euros seized from him by Russian authorities last year during an Interpol seminar.

“He had returned the money to the PNP and we have cleared him,” Director General Jesus Verzosa told the Philippine Daily Inquirer Wednesday during the inauguration of a new police station in Quezon City.

(Please read the full PDI story by clicking on the link above)

My take:

If only to salvage whatever little credibility left to the PNP as an organization, Director General Versoza should resign together with this pronouncement. What dela Paz did was pure and simple Malversation penalized in Article 127 of the Revised Penal Code which reads:

Art. 217. Malversation of public funds or property. – Presumption of malversation. - Any public officer who, by the reason of the duties of his office, is accountable for public funds or property, shall appropriate the same, or shall take or misappropriate or shall consent, or through abandonment or negligence, shall permit any other person to take such public funds or property wholly or partially, or shall otherwise be guilty of misappropriation or malversation of such funds or property …

The malversation was CONSUMMATED. If not for the interference of Russian authorities, we would have not known of this at all! It is immaterial whether dela Paz returned the money or not: the crime was already completed and his act of returning the money is actually an evidence against him! It shows that indeed, the disdursement of the money is unauthorized in the first place. Having stated this, then all the previous statements made by the PNP top brass during the early days of this case are then barefaced lies. It was, at one time or another, claimed that the money is for the allowances of delegates, for procurement of surveillance equipments, private money for purchase of chandeliers and watches, etc. Now the PNP finally says that it was returned to the national treasury. So what is the truth all along?

Badge of Honor? Hahahahahaha!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Fortun Strikes Again

PNP crime lab hits back at forensic expert

MANILA, Philippines—The chief of the police Crime Laboratory on Friday lashed back at a forensic expert who claimed the body found in a steel drum fished out of the waters off Navotas was not that of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez.

“We did our best,” Chief Superintendent Arturo Cacdac on Friday said, adding in the end it would be up to the courts and the Department of Justice whom to believe.

The camp of Manuel Jimenez II, citing Dr. Raquel Fortun’s findings, has claimed that the body recovered by police was not of Ruby Rose.

My take:

The PNP may not be the most credible institution in the country today. But despite all its failings and shortcomings, to be bamboozoled like this by Fortun is the height of arrogance on the part of the Jimenezes and Fortun herself. Fortun may have won the public in the Failon suicide case. But looking at the bottomline, if Ted really wants to completely exonerate himself, why did he refuse a joint autopsy between Fortun and the PNP Crime Lab people? Why, is he afraid that Dr. Fortun may not be able to defend her findings if challenged by PNP doctors in front of Trina's body?

And now here comes again Dr. Fortun saying that the body fished out Manila Bay cemented in a drum is not of Ruby Rose's? Despite the testimony of the perpetrator himself who has nothing to gain and everything to lose in confessing to the crime except to just clear his conscience? This appears to be Failon Scandal all over again. As very authoritatively pointed out by Atty Alan Paguia in a forum before the National Press Club, to warrant a conviction, you need proof beyond reasonable doubt. With the statements of Fortun, doubt is now injected in the case.

So how credible is Fortun? Google says that she is the 18th prosecution witness in the Nicole Subic Rape case. She was was the one who said that a police lab exam that found no traces of semen on the condom that was said to have been used in the alleged assault or on the woman’s underwear was an “old” procedure no longer used in modern forensics. “It is believed unreliable,” Fortun said.

Her testimony was among those considered in the conviction of Daniel Smith. And now we know the truth...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 6 (NBI Speaking)

Today, May 22, 2009, Friday, NBI came out with its final report on the death of Trina Etong: it is suicide. According to the Inquirer report, the NBI arrived on its finding after "careful perusal of the testimonial evidence and conscientious evaluation" and concluded that it was money matters that drove Trina Etong to put a gun in her head. But in the same vein, the news also quoted that "Mantaring skated around questions on the amount of money involved or details of the financial losses or how they were incurred, citing purported bank secrecy laws."

You can read the other details of the case in several news outlets but here is my take on the situation:

1. In all news reports, everyone seemed to be happy. While there is "that" expected threat from Ted Failon to get back at QCPD policemen who "roughly treated" him and his family in the early part of the investigation, there appeared no real and honest to goodness effort on his part to make good of this threat. His priority now is to go on vacation and spend quality time with his family.

2. Even the QCPD policemen, who were adversely affected by this NBI conclusion also seemed to be contended with the turn of event. Supt. Mabanag was quoted by PDI that he will not dispute the findings of the NBI, shrugging it off as "let it be."

So what do I make about all this? Here are the ifs and thens and the threfores and buts:

1. IF this case simply dies out a natural death (everybody happy), then we can safely bet that if Noli becomes the President in 2010, then Ted becomes the Executive Secretary. The DOJ Chief is still Raul Gonzales (and if he is dead by then it will be Nestor Mantaring) and the SILG will still be Ronaldo Puno.


Ted knows that he is guilty of shooting his wife. Everyone knows he is. QCPD, most especially, provided almost incontrovertible forensic evidence of his guilt. So why the NBI conclusion?

Of what use is Ted the jailbird to this government? This government cannot afford another open war with the media. But with Ted safely hooked in the end of a very sturdy line, what are the possibilities? Noli is a frontrunner in 2010. The Lopez Group of Companies are ready for the picking. If Noli fails, Korina is the First Lady. In short, Ted is the master key that will open almost all the doors in Takeshi's Castle!

All happy. As for the other players, this is how I see that they will fan out in the future:

Ted Failon continues to be a high profile personality. But this time, he will be praising this government to high heavens (including QCPD).

Pam continues to be "THAT" woman. hahaha!

The children will continue to look at Pam as their real mother, just like it used to be.

Carlota Morbos (the househelp) continues to serve Ted's household but this time as a "mayordoma" in charge of everything in the house.

The driver and other househelps continue in their jobs with double the salary (until [or unless] Ted decides that it will be cheaper if they go the "Trina Way.")

2. IF Noli gets wind of this and fires Ted or even just distances himself from his best friend, then Ted loses half of his expected value to his puppeteers. Expect the reopening of the investigation and expect a totally different result.

3. IF ABS-CBN gets wind of this and fires Ted or even just distances itself from its blue chip news reader, then Ted loses half of his expected value to his puppeteers. Expect the reopening of the investigation and expect a totally different result.

4. IF one of the players gets a sudden conscience hit, then...

To be continued?

or the end?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 5 (NAPOLCOM speaking)

So, NAPOLCOM has suspended six people for excessive use of force. No problem that is okay. Let us examine the list: Mabanag, Ratuita, Perdozo, Razon, Abad, and Marcelo. For Mabanag and Ratuita, the order may be valid as they were there when the incident happened (But mind you, I think the NAPOLCOM is doing a big injustice in dignifying the complaint! The police just did their job! But that is another story.) But Pedrozo? He just happened to be the Station Commander covering New Era Hospital. He cannot stop Mabanag and Ratuita who were his seniors! He was not even there! And worse for Abad and Marcelo, they were just the investigators and had no participation whatsoever in the arrests. This is worst for Marcelo: while all these scuffle were on going, she was watching the incident on TV with her daughter in her office at the Investigation Division of QCPD!

Well, well, well. What can you expect of NAPOLCOM with Escueta? Is this not the same Eduardo Escueta who summoned Rivermaya Manager Lizza Nakpil during the height of the Rivermaya brand label controversy? Nakpil simply laughed at Escueta's stupidity. She should have even haled him to court for grave abuse of authority. Commissioner Escueta joined the fray because his son, Mark Escueta is among the protagonists as a member of Rivermaya! Hello Commissioner! Rivermaya is a civilian band, not a police unit!

Ted should not have cremated his wife. He should have preserved her until the technology for brain transplant becomes available. He has a very good brain donor in Commissioner Escueta: brain only slightly used!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 4 (Fortun Speaking)

In a PDI article, Dr. Raquel Fortun has this picture:

She is demonstrating the estimated postion of the gun in the head of Trina when she committed suicide. Dr. Fortun was quoted saying that the bullet trajectory is upwards.

Ok Dr. Fortun, if that is the case, please find the position of Trina's head at the time the trigger is pulled so that the impact of the bullet hits the wall behind the toilet. The impact point is less than 2 feet above the floor and is about two inches away from the adjacent wall.

For interested readers, here is a screen grab of Failon's toilet:

The impact point is between the far wall and the toilet bowl. It is about 2 inches from that wall. Also, the impact point is less than 2 feet from the floor, a lot lower than the top cover of the water tank for the toilet flush.

So how do you position Trina's head so that the trajectory of the bullet is upwards, yet the final impact point in the wall is this low? There is only one way: put Trina's head near the floor! But what about the statement of househelp Carlota Morbos where she said that she found Trina propped up against the wall and the gun is in her right but at her feet?

This reenactment is based on the statements of Ted and the other persons in the house themselves!

You be the judge but for me, Dr. Fortun should shift to fortune telling!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 3 (Speaking to the Living)

So Ted Failon had spoken, with him filing it all at the prosecutor's office. With his lawyer as the talking head, his official stand in the obstruction of justice charges is "There is no obstruction of justice because there is no crime to start with. Suicide is not a crime." Oh. How convenient. His wife died in the most unusual circumstances yet in an instant, he declares it suicide. How unusual? Well, even right at the start of the incident, his recollection is different from that of his househelp Carlota Morbos. According to Ted, he found his wife lying in a pool of blood on the floor near the toilet bowl while Morbos told the police that she saw Trina sitting propped up against the wall in front of the toilet bowl. They opened the door at the same time--and they both agreed on this in their official statements! Is it possible that Ted and Morbos are looking at the same scene yet saw two different things?

Or is it possible that when Ted shot Trina, she fell to the floor and laid in her pool of blood near the toilet. This could be what was imprinted in his mind. As a husband--her wife is still alive at this time--he propped her up againt the wall in sitting position, locked the toilet door, then called Morbos to open it together with him. The second scene may be the one seen by Morbos. There is no mistaking on what Morbos saw. She demonstrated it in front of the television cameras for everyone to see.

This contradiction in their statements, at the very least should arouse suspicion.

And Dr Raquel Fortun has now spoken too. The self-proclaimed prime forensic expert stated that Trina committed suicide because the trajectory of the bullet is upwards as shown by the wounds on the head of Trina. Now, she made this statement despite (or because of?) the earlier rumors attributed to the QCPD SOCO that the bullet trajectory is downwards. Be that as it may, as there is a real possiblility to put in question the credibility of both camps, how does Dr. Fortun now explain the findings of SOCO (and everyone who had been in that bathroom during the second search) that the bullet impact is behind the toilet bowl? The impact point is no more than 2 feet from the floor. With this incontrovertible information based on verifiable and well documented evidence, what does it make of the statement of Dr. Fortun? Trina committed suicide with a gun pointing upwards towards her head but the impact point of the bullet is only two feet above the floor. So, conclusion: Trina shot herself while lying down on the floor! But wait! Morbos said that Trina was sitting with her back against the wall! Uh uh. Dr. Fortun's conclusion, to be very generous about it, is questionable. But for me, what she said is impossible.

And Trina had spoken too. She left her blood on the wall. She had her blood on the floor. She also had her blood in the car, in the carpet, in her and Ted's clothes. She even had her blood in his shoes!

And today, Trina is about to be cremated. I only see one purpose for this: Stop her from talking to the forensic experts.

But had Trina said it all yet?

May she rest in peace and justice come upon her!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ted Failon, et al. Part 2 (Speaking to the Dead)

The dead cannot speak to us directly, but they do speak volumes to investigators, especially to forensics. In Trina's case, what is it that she might be telling us now?

Let me speculate freely as an investigator (well, this is my blog!).

Let us focus on this fact: Trina Etong is dead with a gunshot wound.

Let us focus on this main question: Is it suicide or something else?

Sub-question #1 (Place of incident): If you are Trina and you want to commit suicide, what would you do? Commit suicide in your house and not leave a note why you did it and put doubt on everybody in your house? The note found does not in any way resemble a suicide note!

If you are Ted and Trina actually committed suicide, would you muddle the fact that she indeed committed suicide by cleaning up the scene?

Sub-question #2 (Mode of suicide): If you are Trina and you want to commit suicide, will you be brave and composed enough to shoot yourself in the head? Have you heard about sleeping pills overdose?

If you are Ted and have a beautiful Walter PPK (small enough to be carried in your pants pocket), would you leave it at home? Why did you buy such an expensive weapon designed for concealed carry if you do not want to pack it?

Sub-question #3 (Timing of the suicide): If you are Trina and indeed you wanted to commit suicide, would you call up your husband first? If so, if you hate him and/or yourself that much, don't you want to let him hear the gunshot?

If you are Ted and as you alleged your wife told you something serious enough for you to hurriedly return home and undertime on the job, how serious things are? If your wife insinuated suicide already, is it not logical to call up anybody on the house to check on her before or while driving? And upon arrival at the house, will the first thing that you ask for from the maid is a glass of water?

What could be Trina telling us right now?

Ted Failon, et al. Part 1

By now, except those living in caves, everyone already know the Ted Failon-Trina Etong saga. So much has been said and done already that by now, I will just be another Johnny come lately. But what the heck, here is my cop opinion.

This whole episode would not have taken these twists and turns had everybody told the truth right at the very start and acted in the normal and expected course of things. From a policeman's standpoint, a lot of things will expectedly raise a lot of questions and awaken your investigator's insticts. Let us analyze these things in chronological order:

Chapter 1. The first report about a shooting victim came to the attention of the police at around lunch time. The report is from the duty guard of New Era Hospital. Hohum, normal day. Shooting victim reports are a normal fare in Quezon City. I would love to see a single tabloid without a news item of somebody dying by gunshot wound in Quezon City. That would be a real collector's item. Hospitals are mandated by law to report such incidents that come to their attention. The normal reaction of the police to this report is to send investigators to investigate the incident. The favorite trauma hospital in Quezon City is East Avenue Medical Center and guards there know of this SOP by heart. Not far behind are Malvar General Hospital and New Era Hospital because they are the nearest hospitals to the stabbing and shooting capital of Quezon City: Payatas dumpsite and Litex in Commonwelath Avenue and its environs.

So the report came in at 1:00 PM. QC police sent investigators and found that the victim is a certain Trinidad Etong and that she was brought to the hospital by a certain Teodoro Etong. Now, all of you who smell something spectacular, raise your hands. Who are these Etongs? Please raise your hand if you know them from Adam and Eve. But for the police, whether it is Etong or Failon or Sanchez, investigators follow the same Bible, to quote QCPD Chief Elmo San Diego.

Step 1 of course is find the nearest kin of the victim. After 2 hours, (yes Victoria, 2 hours!) the police was able to find Pamela Trinchera (sister of victim) together with a lawyer, all the while passing away their time in the canteen while the police looked for them in every nook and cranny of New Era Hospital. They were found because the guards cannot stand anymore the elicitation of the policemen. The Etongs instructed the guards not to reveal their identities. Why?

When the police found Pamela, the obvious first question is "Where and when did the shooting take place?" Before Trincera answered this question, she consulted with the lawyer for almost 15 minutes. So the address of Teodoro Etong was given to the police at past 3:00 PM. Oh my...

Question: Is this normal the normal course of things? Why did the Etongs not report the incident to the police? They had 4 hours to make the call. Why is Pamela hesitant to give the place of the incident to the police? Do you need your lawyer to be with you to report a real suicide? Think...

Chapter 2. So the police went to the house of Teodoro Etong at about 4:00 PM. Lo and behold, they were met by Ted Failon. Huh, you are Teodoro Etong? Hehe. And more importantly, is Ted not supposed to be in the hospital at the side of his wife? At this stage, if you are the investigator, will you be not more suspicious than ever?

Chapter 3. The obvious question to Ted is "Where and when did this happen?" So the police where shown the place. But wait, why is the place cleaned already? The lame excuse of Ted is that, "My children will be traumatized if they will see the blood so I have the place cleaned up." Simplest retort to Ted is, "Don't you know that it is illegal? You are a law graduate, a former congressman, know-it-all broadcaster, and yet you did not know that? And most importantly, hindi ka ba nanonood kay Gus Abelgas sa kanyang programang "S. O. C. O.?" Hmmm...

Even just at this point, one can conclude that something is amiss. An investigator worth his salt should by hyped by the facts.

If it was suicide, it would just be too easy to report it to the police. Ted knows what really happened.

It is not suicide...

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Chip Tsao Frenzy

The Chip Tsao frenzy stirred the proverbial hornets nest that is the Philippines to the extent that Philippines officially banned him from entering the country. Senators demanded investigation, the DFA mulled diplomatic protest, and the Philippine Consulate in Hong Kong issued a formal statement criticizing Tsao. And rightfully so. We should shout to high heavens because Chip Chao is so wrong!

Chip Tsao is so wrong in his description of our country: we are not a nation of servants. At the very least, we are a nation of people too lazy to read. At worst, we are a nation of stupid people who already cannot understand what we are reading. To those who made conclusions and opinions without first reading the article of Chip Tsao (including our senators) here are the first two paragraphs of the article:

1. The Russians sank a Hong Kong freighter last month, killing the seven Chinese seamen on board. We can live with that—Lenin and Stalin were once the ideological mentors of all Chinese people. The Japanese planted a flag on Diàoyú Island. That’s no big problem—we Hong Kong Chinese love Japanese cartoons, Hello Kitty, and shopping in Shinjuku, let alone our round-the-clock obsession with karaoke.

3. But hold on—even the Filipinos? Manila has just claimed sovereignty over the scattered rocks in the South China Sea called the Spratly Islands, complete with a blatant threat from its congress to send gunboats to the South China Sea to defend the islands from China if necessary. This is beyond reproach. The reason: there are more than 130, 000 Filipina maids working as $3, 580-a-month cheap labor in Hong Kong. As a nation of servants, you don’t flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.

Right there and then, you can already see that this article is not an attack of the Filipinos. Ironically, it is actually in defense of us. Chip Tsao's bottomline is putting China to task for picking a fight with lowly Philippines for doing something so minor, instead of directing its rage against Russia and Japan who had done far more serious crimes against China. He even called Spratlys as scattered rocks! Hay, how difficult is that to understand?

Mabuhay talaga ang Pilipino!

2 'Lacson men' seen in US--Gonzalez

2 'Lacson men' seen in US--Gonzalez

By Tetch Torres
First Posted 21:56:00 03/31/2009

Close this MANILA, Philippines -- Two media personalities identified with Senator Panfilo Lacson are in the United States “maybe doing errands” for former police officers linked to the deaths of a publicist and his driver, Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez said Tuesday.

Quoting Bureau of Corrections Director Oscar Calderon who arrived from the US, Gonzalez said a certain "De Belen" and "Burgos" were also there.

(Please click on the title above to view the full article)

My take:

This Raul Gonzales is acting like a showbiz reporter. He is the SOJ for crissakes! If he has the goods on Lacson, then, he should order his prosecutors file the case in court and ask for a warrant ASAP. Murder is a non-bailable offense so he better do his home work and put Lacson behind bars. Otherwise, he better keep his mouth shut. Stupid...

Duterte gives up control of Davao City cops

Duterte gives up control of Davao City cops

Quits Napolcom post

By Jeffrey M. Tupas
Inquirer Mindanao
First Posted 02:40:00 04/01/2009

DAVAO CITY—Embattled Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Tuesday gave up control of Davao City’s police forces and resigned from the National Police Commission (Napolcom), amid charges from an international watchdog linking the local police to death squad assassinations.

(Please click on the title above to view the full article)

Notable quotes from this article:

De Lima: “He just showed some ‘delicadeza’ (propriety) and I hope that he is consistent,”

Ok, Duterte has delicadeza. How about you, Leila? How about the killings perpetrated by Gloria? How about the human rights of the three ICRC hostages? Why don't you investigate the Abus? Why single out Duterte who made Davao City the number 1 most livable city in the country today?

Tango: “There came a time when I did not want to read the Command Journal (anymore).”
“The frequency was so alarming that much attention must be given to these incidents,” Tango said. He said the thought that the killings were “orchestrated never crossed my mind.”

Then resign your post general. It is that easy. And change a letter in your surname.

Gordon sheds tears while making an appeal to the Abus

That picture of Gordon Inquirer is the best evidence that he is unfit to be president. Thank God he has very little chance. We sing the National Anthem yet we do not understand its lyrics especially the last line. When we sing "Ang mamatay ng dahil sa yo," let us take a break and consider the fact that one day, we may have to interpret that literally.

Everybody dies anyway so if these three ICRC workers die in this crisis that is largely of their own making, I am sure, their names will forever be literally etched in stone in an ICRC facility. Shed no tears for anybody here Gordon. Accept the fact that with what you are doing in ICRC, death in line of duty is a very real possibility. Just make sure that the three will not die in vain. Make sure that 300 Abus (pratically all of them--yes, all Abus--300 lang pala according to the military!) die with them!

FILIPINO CAPTIVE ASKS ‘Why is gov’t risking our lives?’

‘Why is gov’t risking our lives?’

By Arlyn dela Cruz
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:07:00 04/01/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Mary Jean Lacaba has a lot to say on the eve of an expected execution.

She expressed fear, sadness, anger and confusion in a phone interview on Monday, past 9 p.m.

The 37-year-old engineer of the International Committee of the Red Cross could not even say who among the three ICRC workers would be beheaded.

The Abu Sayyaf earlier said that one of the hostages would be killed at 2 p.m. Tuesday if the government did not comply with a demand for a total troop withdrawal from Jolo Island in Sulu province.

Monday was the 75th day of Mary Jean’s captivity. Mary Jean, Swiss Andreas Notter and Italian Eugenio Vagni were kidnapped while en route to the Jolo airport after looking at conditions in the municipal jail.

The voice on the other line trembled, her tone a pitch higher than her usual calm voice in her earlier interviews aired by media.

She said time was running out.

“Maybe one of us will be gone soon,” Mary Jean said in Filipino. “Do we have a chance or not?”

She said their hands and feet had been tied as early as 5 p.m. Monday.

The leader of the kidnappers, Albadar Parad, said the hostages had refused to eat.

The dinner of rice and fish had been left untouched. Parad said on the phone that this was a sign the hostages were accepting their fate.

“We could not understand why the government was risking our lives,” Mary Jean said.

(Please click on the title above to view the full article)

My take:

The answer to your question is very simple: Why you yourselves risked your lives in the first place? You know for a fact that foreigners are blue chip targets in that area. Can you not find local plumbers in the first place? Ang baba naman ng tingin nyo sa mga taga Jolo.

Now that the inevitable happened, you mean, the government should risk the lives of the rest of Jolo citizens just to save you? And even acceding to the demands of the Abu Sayyaf does not guarantee your safety darling.

So be true to the mission statement of ICRC: The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization blah blah blah. Be independent and leave the Philippine Government out of this mess that you created.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Abus threaten to behead one hostage Tuesday

Abus threaten to behead one hostage Tuesday

By Tarra Quismundo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:27:00 03/31/2009

Dinner of rice and fish was served as usual Monday night, but the three abducted workers of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) refused to eat in the forested Indanan hideout of their Abu Sayyaf kidnappers.

The kidnappers announced that they would execute one of their hostages at 2 p.m. Tuesday, unless the military pulled out from Jolo Island, a demand Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno described as impossible to carry out.

“They know what will happen, that is why they don’t want to eat. They are silent, sometimes they would cry,” said a caller, who identified himself as Albader Parad, the Abu Sayyaf leader, to radio talk show host Arlyn dela Cruz in Manila.

“Their hands and feet are tied,” Parad said. “They’re in one place.”

(Please click on the title above to view the full article)

My take:

The government is again willingly allowing the bandits to take it hostage at the expense of thousands of law abiding Jolo citizens. In exchange for what? The safety of three people who in the first place should have never been there anyway? With the repeated failure of the Abus to comply with their end of the bargain in the current negotiations, they are just reconfirming what everybody knows all along: they are a bunch of idiotic morons who must be obliterated from the face of the earth through the use of sheer brute force. Negotiations is useless with them as word of honor is not in their vocabulary. This happened before, this is happening now, and this will again happen in the future. Once and for all, the government must act decisively. Even at the expense of three people who actually asked for it anyway...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Two incidents to remind Sen Pangilinan of his Stupid Law

Boy, 14, stabs man he claimed stole his phone
By Marlon Ramos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:09:00 03/28/2009

MANILA, Philippines – Police arrested a 14-year-old who allegedly stabbed dead a neighbor whom he accused of stealing his cell phone in Pasay City Friday.

Aside from the minor, police also held his older brother and their cousin who allegedly helped him beat up and stab the victim.

Senior Supt. Raul Petrasanta, Pasay police chief, identified the boy’s brother as Alvin Wabie, 27, and their cousin as Allan Mesias, 30.

Petrasanta said they already turned over the minor to the city social welfare office.

He said the victim, Leo Noel Caturan, 28, was inside an Internet shop on Leonardo Street, Barangay 61 at about 2:30 a.m. when Mesias arrived and asked him to go outside.

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Cebu girl, 13, raped and slain
Suspects are youngsters

By Jhunnex Napallacan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:56:00 03/28/2009

CEBU CITY, Philippines — A 13-year-old girl was gang-raped by six youngsters, aged 13 to 19, and then stabbed 60 times until dead, police said.

The gruesome attack happened past 9 p.m. on March 25 but was discovered the following evening after one of the suspects surrendered to the police and admitted his participation in the crime.

The girl lived in the Looc district of neighboring Lapu-Lapu City. Police said she was a neighbor, supposedly even a friend, of the teenagers who molested and killed her.

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My take:

These are the things that should happen to KC Concepcion if only to drive home the point to her father that Republic Act 9344, otherwise known as the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 (JJWA) is one of the most stupid laws in the world. While other countries are reducing the age of decernment of their youth, Philippines took a giant step backward (nearly bringing it back to the dark ages--if we are not there yet) when the Stupid Pangilinan Law practically absolved people below 18 years old. Other countries are increasing the rights--and liabilities--of people when they reach the age of 16 while here in the Philippines, we officially believe that citizens below 18 years old still do not know how to think responsibly, therefore should not be held accountable. God bless our country...we need it very very badly.

CHR probes 800 kills by Davao death squad

CHR probes 800 kills by Davao death squad

De Lima airs concern over public acceptance

By Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:25:00 03/30/2009

Close this MANILA, Philippines—The killings have gone on for too long and it’s time to hold those responsible to account.

With this message, Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chair Leila de Lima is set to open on Monday a public inquiry into a wave of unexplained killings of more than 800 people in Davao City since 1998.

Many of the victims were people purportedly with criminal records, giving rise to suspicions that the killings were the work of the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS), a shadowy vigilante group.

For De Lima, what is “most alarming … is the growing culture or mentality of public acceptance of the executions.”

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My take:

De Lima should be included in the hitlist of Duterte Death Squad. She is meddling with an executive option. Before she opens her mouth about the DDS, she should consider the fact that Davao City is number 1 most livable city in the country today and is also ranked Asia-wide. People like De Lima are the ones that should be shot on sight. Before she landed in the CHR post, she was with the COMELEC. Now pray tell me, is there anyone here who can say anything good about the COMELEC? In the same breath I dare ask: is there anyone here who can say anything good about the CHR? De Lima, before you open your mouth again and meddle in the affairs of Duterte, make sure that you had already done your job from where you draw your salary!

Leave Davao and Duterte alone and let Davaoenos decide their fate!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

NPC to file raps vs QC cops over attack on news team

NPC to file raps vs QC cops over attack on news team
03/17/2009 | 08:09 PM

Email this | Email the Editor | Print | ShareThisMANILA, Philippines - The National Press Club (NPC) is set to file charges against several Quezon City policemen in connection with Sunday's mauling of an ABS-CBN news crew inside the Batasan police station.

To be named respondents in the complaint are several police officials from the Quezon City Police District Station 6, including station commander Superintendent Antonio Yarra and Chief Inspector Alex Alberto, the officer on duty when the mauling incident happened.

NPC President Benny Antiporda said they would file the complaint before the Philippine National Police Internal Affairs Service.

The brawl started when complainants Jackylyn Maulion, Luchie Maulion, and Eddie Masurong attacked Dexter Ganibe of ABS-CBN’s radio station dzMM and ABS-CBN cameraman Benedicto Ganelo for allegedly violating their rights to privacy.

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My take:

This is what every citizen who falls victim to POLICE INACTION should do: file a case of misfeasance against these policemen. Nowadays, many policemen are COWARDLY (takot/duwag) and EVASIVE (iwas) towards work especially if they are facing loud and aggressive persons. How many times do we hear policemen simply tell complainants "Pumunta na lang kayo sa barangay dahil barangay case yan." when somebody complains that squatters are intruding into their property, when in truth and in fact, squatters entering a private property can be immediately arrested and charged using the Revised Penal Code! This is the main reason why in every nook and cranny of the metropolis, there are squatter colonies.

Policemen are more afraid of suspects filing cases against them than complainants doing the same. This is so because usually, suspects are jobless people who can attend to cases while complainants are law-abiding citizens who are busy earning their honest keep and has no time to even file a case against policemen. So in an incident where policemen need to intervence and risk earning the ire of a suspect, the choice boils down to: "Should I intervene and get charged for abuse of authority or should I back off and be charged for negligence?" The choice is quite obvious.

In this particular incident, it was very apparent that policemen committed an act of omission (misfeasance). In some news accounts, they were quoted giving the lame excuse that they cannot intervene in the fight because several of the protagonists are women and that they can be charged with sexual harassment. How stupid and how lame!

NPC should file the case in PLEB if they really want to see justice. Filing the case with IAS will eventually lead to settlement especially if the policemen bribe the corrupt hearing officers there (Almost all policemen there are corrupt! I was once a victim, haha!) Once the IAS hearing officers are paid, they themselves will initiate settlement between the parties. Compared to the PLEB, the case will be heard by a collegial body composed of 5 persons representing various sectors of the society.

Let us see if NPC really does its social responsibility of seeing this case through and sparing the community of further stupidities by these policemen!

Baka naman dakdak lang ng dakdak din ito at wala ring mangyayari! Abangan!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Estrada under fire for toy machine gun

Estrada under fire for toy machine gun

By Tarra Quismundo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 03:10:00 03/25/2009

Filed Under: Politics, opposition, Firearms, Laws

MANILA, Philippines—Deposed President Joseph Estrada and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay may have to choose their rides more carefully next time.

The Philippine National Police is investigating the two opposition leaders for appearing in public on a military jeep with a mounted replica machine gun, a possible violation of a presidential decree issued way back during martial law.

PNP Director General Jesus Verzosa Tuesday ordered Camp Crame’s Civil Security Group (CSG) to “dig deeper” into the circumstances surrounding a March 3 photograph that showed Estrada and Binay aboard a vintage jeep during a motorcade in Carmen town, Cebu province.

The photo appeared on the front page of a newspaper earlier this month.

“This looks very much like another case of harassment by the administration,” Estrada’s spokesperson Margaux Salcedo said.

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My take:

Versoza should already seriously consider resigning or retiring. As a former head of the premier investigation agency of the PNP which is the CIDG, I am sure that he knows very well what kind of charges will stick and those that will be thrown out of court the moment it is filed. And this is one of those cases. But it seems that Versoza also threw away the phase "No maam!" from his vocabulary that he now knowingly makes a fool of himself. He should really go now before he further taints his legacy.

We’re not clowns — Verzosa

We’re not clowns — Verzosa
By: Alfred P. Dalizon
THE Philippine National Police leadership yesterday asked anew the movie and television industry to stop portraying lawmen as villains and comic figures since it clashes with the police transformation program.

“We’re asking for a dialogue with the TV and movie industry so that we can ask producers, directors and scriptwriters to stop making movies and television shows that degrade the image of the police,” said PNP spokesman Chief Supt. Nicanor A. Bartolome.

Bartolome said they are also suggesting the services of a PNP representative or consultant to assist in the taping or filming of movies and TV sitcoms to give them inputs on how police wear their uniform or react to real-life situation.

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My take:

This is another case of a dog barking at the wrong tree. If Versoza wants respect for policemen, he should start an honest to goodness house cleaning. Jokes only hurt if they have a ring of truth in it--because most of the time, jokes are accurate social commentaries of reality. I seldom hear of a great man losing his cool over a joke. On the contrary, self depracating jokes are always a hit if delivered by a man of great stature because it makes the audience feel at ease and at par with the speaker. In the hit TV show of the 60s "The Soupy Sales Show," celebrities even has to beg Soupy Sales to be in his show just to get pied in the face. Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davies are just two of the notable persons who guested in this show. Did it demean the stocks of Sinatra and Davis? Absolutely not!

For the PNP to regain the respect of the community, Versoza need not look at the TV or read the newspaper. All he has to do is just take a look at the parade grounds of Camp Crame. During Lacson's time, the area literally overflowed with recovered carnapped vehicles turned over by corrupt policemen who illegally used them for their personal purposes. Just like Versoza now who is not taken seriously by street patrolmen, Lacson only got everybody's attention and compliance when he sent the SAF to forcibly recover a car illegally used by PSupt Don Montenegro. When everybody saw Montenegro sprawled and handcuffed to the gound by a certain Inspector Delelis, everyone instantly understood that Lacson meant business. Overnight, Crame became the depository of thousands of recovered vehicles. And the PNP started to again regain the trust of the people. Now in Versoza's time, Montenegro is about to become a General as head of CIDG.

How can Versoza's PNP expect to gain sympathy with scams left and right? Euro generals, camo green uniform, jueteng, Erap machine gun-toting case, etc? If he is looking for a place to start, he can begin by relieving from their posts those directorial staff officers in Camp Crame who cannot pass the mandatory physical fitness tests.

Until then, the PNP will remain as a laughing stock--even without the television and the movies.

Manila cops criticize MPD memo on uniform

Manila cops criticize MPD memo on uniform

By Jeannette Andrade
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:45:00 03/24/2009

Filed Under: Local authorities, Police

MANILA, Philippines – Members of the Manila Police District have criticized what they described as attempts by officials to “militarize” their ranks by requiring them to wear camouflage uniforms during official inspections.

The Manila’s Finest Brotherhood Inc. (MFBI), composed mostly of policemen from the MPD, said the directive was in violation of the Constitution, which states that the Philippine National Police must remain civilian in character.

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My take:

MFBI has a point here but they are using the wrong arguments. The focus of the protest should center on the introduction of yet another new unifom without the proper technical basis. The new uniform is obviously a result of another general going to bed with yet another supplier and is again payback time.

Questions to the immaculate generals:

1. Will the new uniform make policemen snappier?
2. What is the difference between blue and green in urban settings? Why is the old non-functional and stupid camo-blue now being replaced by an equally stupid and non-functional camo-green?

But MPD people should stop thinking like civilians. It makes them look as equally stupid as the generals they criticize. In 90% of the world, while policemen are technically civilians, in the strictest terms, they are part of a very regimented military-like organization. When a person joins the force, he voluntarily gives up a lot of his civil rights, among which is his right to wear the clothes he like.

The uniform is made for a basic purpose: tactics. It should not be changed on a whim just because MJ went to bed with Spiderman!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Red Cross Kidnapping Sulu

the kidnapping of three ICRC personnel in Sulu--near the provincial capitol at that--again brought to fore several harsh realities in that part of the country:

1. bandits are just next door of the good guys;
2. these bandits do not distinguish who is fair game;
3. the worst is that in the end, we may not be able to distiguish who are the bandits and who are on our side.

the ICRC is a worldwide organization recognized all over the globe. while i do not completely subscribe to their utopic thinking that their symbol is already respected by all groups in a warzone thus they shun any armed escorts from any side, the ICRC is a very active and effective organization in alleviating the conditions of the needy in areas where very few other relief and humanitarian organizations dare to go.

good luck to the victims. i hope that this situation is resolved with no blood loss. after their release, i hope the military and police do their respective jobs better next time.

Monday, January 12, 2009

the bottomline of the valley golf brawl

the bottomline came out:

1. pangandaman breached golf protocol by overtaking the de la pazes. de la paz responded by complaining to the marshall.

2. the marshall responded by resolving the issue right in hole number 4 (or 5?) (or so he thought)

3. de la pazes breached golf protocol by hitting balls in pangandamans direction. pangandamans responded by telling the mashall to let the de la paz group play through. de la paz responded by going to the pangandaman group and unleashing the “HINDI MO BA AKO KILALA” line together with the umbrella poke.

4. a fisticuff ensued between delfin del paz, the mayor, and the latter’s brother. Bino joined the fray and broke the mayor’s hands with a driver. bambee joined in too!

5. then all hell broke loose.

i think it is really easy to understand who is at fault.

what can i say?

now valley golf came out with the official decision: de la paz instigated the fight. for that he is expelled. sec. pagdanganan is liable for the actions of his sons so he is suspended fo two years. all dependents and guests are banned for life.

after i read this news, i returned to some of the articles that dealt with this topic a couple of weeks back and was surprised that a lot of people are still supporting the de la pazes. even delfin cried "injustice" and said that he is willing to submit himself to a lie detector test.

what for?

filipinos really have to reexamine its national psyche. in this case, many purportedly asked for justice. but when the investigation was completed and the decision was against the underdog, they cry whitewash! they should have taken the cue from the appeal of bambee to the nbi early in this brouhaha: "Sana po mapalabas nila ang katotohanan. Sana 'di sila [magpadala] sa kahit anong impluwensya (I hope they will be able to come out with the truth. I hope they will not be swayed by influence)," Bambee dela Paz asked the NBI during an interview with ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda. (cut and paste from abs-cbn website). anyone making this appeal to investigating authorities even before the investigation gets underway are usually the ones who are not confident of the outcome. take it from pulis na pogi, i have seen lots of them!

the decision was not rendered by a government agency. granting (and admitting) that this government is corrupt and has a very low credibility, the valley golf board of directors are totally different animals. they do not have any responsibilities except to their members! and i don't think anyone can afford their collective price.

i think the truth came out: it was delfin de la paz who lied. until now, he is lying!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The 14-year old Kid

I can't believe that up to this time, the de la paz family continues to play the 14-year old kid trump card. and more apalling is the fact that a lot of people are still biting the bait and thus considered the scuffle between the two families as between an old man, a kid, and a girl vs armed politicians with bodyguards.

there is no question as to the capability for violence of the pangandamans and an examination of the de la paz side will entail a very long article so let me focus on the "14 year old kid" first.

so who is bino de la paz? from news accounts, he is 14 years old alright, 140 pounds and 5'7" in height. he has the same height and weight when pacman fights hatton in may, he is 35 pounds heavier than pacman when the latter started fighting at 105 and he is 10 pounds heavier than pacman when the latter demolished most of the mexican legends at 126 and 130 lb division. get my drift? a 140 pound "kid" packs a punch. but that is pacman. so how about bino?

a quick scan of the home page of valley golf showed that he made an ace at hole #6 of the executive course on november 23, 2008 or just one month before the golf brawl. that is a 155 par 3 so there is no question about the hitting power of the "kid."

google search also turned up his performance in the 2007 Callaway Golf Junior World Golf Championships held on Jul 17 - Jul 20, 2007 at Lake San Marcos Country Club & Resort - North in california, usa. he made a 68 in round 2 and finished the tournament tied at #13 in a field of around a hundred players. so there is no question on his ability to play golf and his decision making in the field.

what am i pointing to?

my point is, how mature is a 14 year old kid?

in hawaii, idaho, and south carolina, usa, they can legally consent to sex and are already considered consenting adults. in the philippines, 14 is already 5 years beyond the statutory age for rape (2 under the new law setting the age at 12).

when i was 14, i am already in 2nd year high school and very much aware of the happenings around me. i am already discussing with my parents, classmates, and whoever cares the political issues of the time (edsa uno). i regularly ride my bmx bike to the next town and back covering the distance of around 50 km of winding roads non-stop.

in short, a 14 year old is not exactly a kid. but of course, they are also not exactly adults. under the stupid pangilinan law, minors are defined to be those under 18 years old and as a general rule, they do not incur criminal liability. this is the reason why when we arrest jeepney hold uppers and petty snatchers, when they turn out to be minors, we can't do much about them. and these "minors" perfectly know this, thus in 2007, 35% of arrested petty hold-uppers and snatchers are minors.

but those are the street kids and me. what about bino? well, it is obvious that he may have been brought up in a sheltered world thus is not that mature. this is the reason why his father should have exercised more caution in exposing him to violence. but the way things are turning out now, with more information surfacing, it appears that delfin de la paz started a war right in front of his kid.

definitely, there is child abuse committed in the valley golf brawl--and the suspect's name is not pangandaman.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


lately, we had been entertained by the very public laundry washing of pdea and doj over the alabang boys. the issue, as i understood it, is very simple: when pdea arrested the alabang boys, the families of the suspects allegedly tried to bribe pdea into releasing them without filing the case. when their bribe were turned down, they allegedly offered the bribe to the doj and viola, they almost got away with it.

so how this all happened and what is my take on this? to appreciate the chain of events better, it is helpful to revisit the sequence:

September 20 (Saturday) – Richard Brodett and Jorge Joseph were arrested by PDEA agents in a buy bust operations conducted in the early morning at about 1AM. four hours later, Joseph Tecson was also arrested in a follow up operation based on the information provided by the two.

September 21 (Sunday) – State Prosecutor John Resado conducted inquest proceedings in PDEA headquarters in Quezon City where the suspects were detained. He recommended no bail for ALL charges against ALL suspects. Immediately, the suspects executed a waiver of Article 125 and Resado set preliminary investigation on September 29.

December 2 (two months later) – The Department of Justice national prosecution service files a resolution dismissing the case due to "lack of probable cause."

December 3 to present – All hell breaks loose.

so how do i analyze the situation? bottomline: pdea is telling the truth and the doj (prosectors and all) were lying. how did I arrive to this conclusion?

in the first two days of the arrest, pdea did everything by the book: within the reglamentary period, they presented the suspects for inquest. in this first round, they won by knockout--resado upheld the arrest and no bail was recommended. but this is just round 1 in the fight between the arresting officers (pdea) and the suspects.

in this portion, major marcelino must be telling the truth when he said that several people called him up and offered the bribe. this is the normal course of things in any police operation. common sense will uphold the assumption that the suspects will bribe their captors in the hope of getting off the hook easy and immediately.

this approach may sometimes work for "piso-piso" operations but not for the big ones like the alabang boys. more so if the case is already reported by the media, this approach has no chance whatsoever. there are just too many risks that no policeman or law enforcer in his right mind will do this. he has to present the suspects for inquest.

during the inquest, the families had not yet offered the bribe to resado et. al. this is the reason why resado recommended the case for filing. subsequently, following the natural course of things, lawyers of suspects caught in this situation (no bail on inquest) requests for PI. In the PI, the ballgame takes a completely different texture. this is round 2 between pdea and the suspects. and a new player comes into the ring.

In inquest proceedings, only the arresting officers are asked by the inquest prosecutors and questions towards the suspects are usually perfunctory. the only thing being determined by the inquest prosecutor is the validity or legality of the arrest based on Rule 113 the RRC. the PI on the other hand is a sort of quasi-judicial proceeding wherein the investigating prosecutor actually hears both sides before rendering a resolution. so in inquest, the fiscal is sort of a big brother to the police while in pi, the fiscal is in the middle.

so where did things most probably went wrong?

for pdea: they did everything right except entrap the bribers. for all we know, pdea double crossed the suspects (accepted the bribes--but not major marcelino i think--and still filed the case anyway.) this might have given rise to the outburst of one of the relatives of the suspects as narrated during the congressional inquiry.

for resado, he was very coarse in his diskarte. he should have not rendered an inquest resolution right there if he had the intention of receiving the expected bribe. he should have talked to his supervisor first. but habit may have overtaken him this time. it is common to see cases recommended for filing by the inquest prosecutors on the night of the inquest proceedings when the arresting offices are present, overturned the next morning by the chief inquest when the resolution is forwarded to him. during the interim, you and i knows what happens.

for the doj, they had tolerated their people for so long that verano thought that even in this high profile case, he can get away with the blatantly illegal things that he used to do all the time.

for the family of the suspects, they should have known better than bribe pdea. with a bagito marines as team leader of the arresting team, they should have known that he is still incorruptible. had they bribed resado at the very start, they could have won right in the very first round. resado could have written: "there are things that need to be clarified in a preliminary investigation. release of the suspects is hereby ordered unless detained for other lawful grounds." the only recourse of the pdea then is a motion for reconsideration.

this happens all the time!

the baseball bat

when somebody posted the alleged original version of bambees post with its colorful language and incriminating details, i posted this reaction:

oh my oh my, how that saying “your can only hide the truth for so long” rings so true now.
before, all accusations of wrongdoing on the part of the de la pazes are dismissed as insinuations. but now, with the original version of bambees blog wildly flying in the blogshpere, what will her supporters say about her now?
her words: “My mom had a miniature baseball bat with her, and my older brother had a real one, and they lunge to attack.”
uh uh, indeed sorry bambee, you just totally lost your credibility!

standard written retort

subsequently, after all the tirades and bards are exchanged, i have this standard retort to the makulits.

some people just cannot accept the fact that they were taken for ride by the de la pazes. maybe this post by a certain aberosal (another original member) in pinoy golfers can shed more light:
“Footbolero, rge and I were present when the head of the fact finding committee was describing the testimonies of all parties - including that of dela paz. We were not provided with the official written findings - we were simply told some facts that were pertinent to the incident.

my memory isn’t as good as rge but the “discussion” points were as follows:
1) Based on witnesses’ accounts, Dela paz clearly started the fight. In his own words - “hinampas ko yung payong.” Others used words by Pagdamanan, caddies, were “poked” “tusok” etc. Dela paz used the word “hinampas” - and its on tape.
2) On the 6th tee, during the “fight” Bino swung his driver at the mayor. There was medical evidence provided to the committee of a fracture to his hand. If a 5′6, 140lbs person swung a driver at me, I am pretty sure I will not be asking his age before I strike back (assuming I survive of course) - and strike back I will with intent to make sure he doesn’t swing that driver again.
3) Dela Paz didn’t give Valley employees and security staff a chance to stop the incident from escalating. Per witness accounts, the dela paz family kept provoking and making threats na “gaganti sila”.
Jovi, if you want to get the whole story - come to valley golf club and make your own investigation and interview the witnesses. RGE is making kuwento and is not a member of the fact finding committee. Majority of the members/employees at Valley know what happened and very few if any are on the dela paz camp.
You are basing your facts too much on a blog and not on actual witness accounts.

reply to Ding Gagelonia

less than a day after i made the post, article author ding gagelonia posted this:

It’s unfortunate that you think this is just about the 2 feuding families even as you unelegantly heckle or seemingly gloat when the other commenters to not ‘engage’.
If you’ve been issued a ‘mission order’to defend the Pangandamans your haughty posturing is only driving home the point of your clients’ perceived arrogance.
Now that’s a pity.

to which i replied: 


It’s unfortunate that you think that i think that this is just about the 2 feuding families even as you unelegantly defend the lynching mob to not ‘engage’ in light of emerging new information.
If you’ve been issued a ‘mission order’to defend the de la Pazes, your fast trigger pull is only driving home the point of your clients’ perceived arrogance.

Ding, when you interpret the report, you have the gall to twist it to suit your needs–never mind the fact that you posted the scanned copy at At Midfield for everyone to see, complete with comments of other posters.

Just read the title of your At Midfield post: “Valley Golf Guards Report: Pangandaman Security Men Drew Guns on Dela Pazes.” I scraped the bottom of my brains and recalled the many times i participated in several DSSPC, RSSC, and NSSPC but i just cannot find the relevance of your headline to the rest of the article! i read the lead paragraph i did not find it. i read the whole report, still i did not find it. my, my, my…

And in this Filipino Voices article, imagine yourself saying:
“More revealing, the report points out that the Pangandaman security drew their high-powered rifles menacingly at the Dela Pazes.”
where in the report did you find this? give me a break!

“The Pangandamans in their own ‘counter-account’ have consistently denied that they had any security personnel with them on the VGCC fairway.
What is now clear to me is they lied in this respect.”
another fast trigger pull. in light of rge’s account, the pangandamans now appeared to be telling the truth when they said that they did not have bodyguards in the fairway and that your client de la paz were lying through the skin of their teeth!

the comment of ordinaryobserver in your At Mindfield blog posted at 12:52 said it all, yet to still dared to post this article and make all this twist less than two hours later? ordinaryobserver said:
“I’m sorry, but the report doesn’t really help the de la Paz’s. In the first place, it doesn’t really counteract the Pangandaman’s story that they didn’t have bodyguards on the fairway. All it says is that the security personnel saw the bodyguards on the lower veranda of the clubhouse. It doesn’t preclude that the bodyguards were actually on the fairway with their principals, but it doesn’t confirm it either.
Also, the report only tells us that the bodyguards were carrying high-powered armaments. It says nothing about them using the same to intimidate the de la Paz’s.

Journalist for 30 years? 

Now that’s a pity.

the ultimate aray for the de la pazes

on january 4, 2008, the ultimate aray of the de la pazes arrived through a post in and i reposted it in different blogs:

here is the ultimate aray for the de la pazes:
this is the post of a certain rge in forum. he is a member since april 2007 with 595 posts to date (he is a pioneer member i supposed, as the forum started only in end of march 2007) he placed his address as valley golf, orchard, eagle ridge so i suppoed he is personally known to many others in the philippine golfing community and is a “somebody” given his access to information sources. his preliminary statement said it all.

I just spent some time with the head of the fact-finding committee. He has submitted all pertinent facts to the board and leaves it to them to make the necessary decision based on all the facts. I will outline the facts to you as it was outlined to me. Rest assured that the facts were obtained from all parties involved and all witnesses at each incident site. The statements were obtained both by the valley fact-finding group and by the NBI as well. Testimonies were recorded, verified, and re-verified. Fortunately for the parties involved, there were always witnesses to give supporting statements on the events as they occurred.
I will compose the outline shortly as it will be lengthy but just to whet your appetite or get you thinking, you will be quite surprised with the findings. Let’s put it this way, the people we thought of as villains weren’t quite what they were depicted to be. and the supposed protagonists may have yet been quite as factual in their testimony as it turns out to be. Even our 14-year old isn’t as innocent and “prayerful” when all the details come out. just give me a few minutes….
In the interest of making sure that no facts might be left undisclosed, I will take it upon myself to start from the very beginning. Firstly let us start by saying that on or at about 12:40 p.m., the party of the Pangandaman’s registered at the starter’s area. They registered for 2 flights comprised of 4 individuals per flight. Unfortunately, they still had 2 members of their group that had not yet arrived, so they initially tee’d off as 2 successive threesomes. The starter and marshall were informed that the 2 individuals that had not yet arrived would just catch up with them in the fairway. On or at about 1:05 p.m. the Dela Paz group registered initially as a twosome but since this isn’t normally allowed, they registered as a 3-some even if the elder Mr. Dela Paz was not really going to play.
When the Dela Paz 3-some was playing on hole number 3, they were passed by 2 golf carts containing Mayor Pangandaman and his companion (in one cart) and the caddies being brought by one of the starter personnell. The Pangandaman’s did not ask permission to drive through because they did not want to disturb the Dela Paz’s who were in the middle of the fairway. Upon reaching the green of the 3rd hole, Mr. Dela Paz asked the caddie why the people in the cart just went through. Mayor Pangandaman who was already positioned at the 4th hole, personally informed Mr. Dela Paz that they were part of 2 foursomes. At this point, Mr. Dela Paz said “ah okay, courtesy lang naman”. This was verified by the caddies. Mr. Pangandaman said that he did not disturb them anymore because the player was about to hit. At this point, Mayor Pangandaman thought everything was okay so he proceeded to the 4th hole (Par 3) where his other flightmates were. In the records it says that Mr. Pangandaman was not yet even done pitching into the green when a ball landed near his 8-year old child so they immediately made sure the child was secured in the cart. ( For those unaware of the common practice at Valley Golf, on every par 3, the group behind you is signaled to hit into the green once everyone from your group is already on the green) Until you have been cleared to hit by the group ahead, you should not hit into the green. It is common sense and basic precautionary procedure.
In this particular case, we have no corroborative testimony. One set of caddies say they were given clearance, while the other say that no clearance was given as of yet when the ball/s had landed.
The Pangandaman’s claim that the same situation happened in the 5th hole (Par5). Even the caddied confirmed this. At this time, Bambee Dela Paz had called the Marshall to tell him that the flight behind them was complaining about why their pace was slow and that the cause of the delay was the 5-some in front of them. Shortly thereafter, a marshall on his motorcycle appeared and approached the Pangandaman’s and asked if they were playing as a fivesome to which the Mayor said no. “We are 2 foursomes”. Nonetheless, the Pangandaman’s had already agreed among themselves that they would rather the Dela Paz’s play through. The Mayor was even quoted saying to his Father. ” magagaling yung mga bata at malakas pumalo, baka mabagalan sa atin” They informed the marshall that they would just let the Dela Paz group play through and the marshall informed the Mr. Dela Paz of this. ( Just as an aside, the investigative group actually asked the group behind Dela paz if indeed they had complained about the slow down and the group said that the y said no such thing to the Dela paz flight. They were not even in contact at anytime before they arrived at the tee house to see the fight and eventually help stop it) When the Delapaz group reached the green of hole 5, the caddies of the 2 kids gave them their drivers so that they would waste no time playing through. The Mayor, who at that time was sitting along with their companions, stood up to personally tell Mr. Dela Paz to play through. Caddies, and the tee house server claim that the Mayor told Dela Paz na “Mauna na ho kayo” and walked to approach Dela Paz, The response of Dela Paz was “Huwag mo akong pagtaasan ng boses” Dela Paz began to question the Mayor why they were playing as a fivesome. The Mayor said that this was not the case but Dela Paz was insisting and even said (again corroborated by the caddies) “Linoloko mo ba ako?” “Member ka ba dito, Kilala mo ba ako?” (as you can see, this question did not come from Pangandaman. In fact, in the recorded testimony, this is exactly what Pangandaman claimed delapaz had said to him and yet in Delapaz’ recorded statement, he never said that the mayor asked him ” kilala mo ba ako” Completely different from when the media was already involved.
When Delapaz was posing the above question, the mayor was heard to say. “Sandali lang, hindi naman tayo nagaaway dito. Akala ko ba naayos na natin yung issue kanina sa hole 3? At about this point Delapaz closed his umbrella and then poked the mayor on his stomach using the pointed end ( some caddies say Dela Paz swung the umbrella and some say that he poked the Mayor) The investigative board asked Dela Paz what he did, he said that he poked the Mayor in self defense. When asked who was attacking him, Dela Paz said that he was being surrounded by 4 men. The caddies and other witnesses on hand said that when the umbrella incident happened, it was only Dela Paz and the mayor that were talking. The other parties were in the tee house about 15-20 yards away. The Mayor says he was poked and so he backed off and just as he was about to be poked again, his brother, Hussein ran and attacked Delapaz and hit Delapaz knocking him to the ground.( At this point the commotion took place. One of the things observed is 14-year old Bino hit the Mayor with his driver. Apparently, the mayor parried with his forearm and hand so this is where he sustaned the injury. In the process also, Hussein was being pulled off the older dela paz by his 2 children but again Bino was seen to hit Hussein in the face and head while Bambee had scratched the other side of Husseins face. At this time also, witnesses say, that 3 or 4 other members of the flight excluding the Secretary, the 8-year old boy, and the girlfriend of Hussein were involved in attacking or subduing the older dela paz but this lasted very shortly and when the combatants had been separated the existing people in the tee house as well as the new flight that was playing behind the dela paz’s.
At this point the Secretary told the delapaz group to leave so as to avoid any more trouble. As the elder delapaz was leaving he was heard calling someone on his cellphone saying ” may away kami, pumunta kayo dito”No one knew who delapaz was speaking to as he walked away towards the main clubhouse. A few minutes later, the secretary and his group decided to end the day instead of continuing to play. When they got to the clubhouse, Hussein wanted to wash up because he was bleeding in the neck area. As he got near the reception area, he saw delapaz and was heard to have said “O, nandito pa pala kayo” to which Dela Paz said “Hindi pa tapos ito gaganti pa kami”. At this point, Bino got in between his Dad and Hussein while saying ” Tatandaan ka namin” (None of the witnesses in the clubhouse, and there were many, ever saw Bino kneel and say that he was only 14 years old at maawa na sila) On the contrary, Bino was acting like anything but a helpless child. He sounded tough, angry, and antagonistic enough that the fight broke out again. At this point, the bodyguards of the Mayor ran into the clubhouse via the poolside entrance. When questioned about this, the mayor said that one was his driver and the other was his “Yayo”. As far as the board was concerned, the “Yayo” was also a bodyguard. Said Yayo came into the clubhouse with a clutchbag containing a gun and brought out the gun without pointing it at anyone. The Mayor immediately instructed him that there was no need for guns and the gun was put back. During the investigation, the Mayor said that the handgun was his and that his “yayo” was likely going to give it to him but he declined. Upon instructing his “yayo”, the man just stayed in one corner. At this time the wife of Dela Paz and his other son arrived. The son was wielding a baseball bat and the wife had a knife which she pulled out of a scabbard. These two were subdued by security but they were verbally threatening the Pangandaman’s during this time. There was also a reported incident where the driver of the mayor ran out and came back with a suitcase containing a supposed armalite as claimed by valley security. The driver never pulled it out or pointed it at anyone but it was readily accesible

pulis na pogi on January 4th, 2009 8:37 am
and here is what the site admin of pinoy says about the post of rge:
“Great account of the incident, Ray. My compliments. I heard the same details third-hand from my sources. I agree with the others; Mr. de la Paz was foolish to pick a fight with his children present.
The revelation of these facts cast a severe shadow on the Bambee’s blog, don’t they?”
aray, aray, aray!!!

despite this posting, the de la pazes comtinue to draw support from bloggers thus i thought, wow, WTF?!

the official security report

shortly after i posted my turn around post, ding gagelonia came out with an article entitled the-panganaman-dela-paz-family-feud posted at Filipino (

he ended with a conclusion that i definitely cannot agree on. so here is my post:

now, the official security incident report is now out! find it at
and guess what: take a look at lines 5, 6, and 7 and let me quote (with all the typo errors):
“but based to the statement of VGCCI marshall/ starter (mr elmer saguisa) at that time he talk already both parties but sudenly he was not expected that argument was not settled.”
aray! now, where did this detail first appear in the blogsphere?
answer: from the post of brianna asal above, posted on the 29th of december or 3 days after the incident and i cut and paste:
paragraph 3, lines 7 and 8: With the said explanation, del Paz replied “Okey, kortesiya lang.”
paragraph 6, lines 5 to 7: “Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshall what he explained to the elder dela Paz, which his knowledge the former already accepted his explanation.”
paragraph 8, lines 3 and 4: ” “Akala ko po, Sir, nagkaintindihan na ho tayo kanina”.
another answer: from the post of p that only appeared yesterday, or 1 week after the incident: and i cut and paste again:
paragraph 6, line 14 and 15: Thinking that things had been cleared up, Mr. dela Paz said, “Okay, kortesiya lang” (”Okay, just seeking courtesy“) .
paragraph 8, line 8 to 12: During their break, the marshal approached Nasser Jr, stating that the dela Paz’s were complaining that there were five of them in their group and why they overtook the dela Paz flight. Nasser Jr. reiterated to the marshal what he had already explained to the elder del Paz, to which his knowledge the former had already accepted his explanation.
aray again. now why are these very telling details not in bambee’s blog? it is now clear as daylight that before the fisticuffs started, even the mashalls thought that the overtaking issue was already settled! ask mashall mr elmer saguisa!
aray! aray! aray!
and thanks to manuel quezon iii for marking my posts as spam and deleting them even before it is moderated. now, your pseudo-personality (leytenian) is commenting on my posts even if i cannot find it in the enties above! hahaha

(as for the mlq3-leytenian part, i made it because in mlq3's blog, my comments are marked as spam and deleted. however during that time, a certain leytenian kept on replying to my deleted posts so i thought that mlq3 and leytenian are one. i later found out that they are not. may bad. hehehe)

looking further, i realized that this security report was already in the hands of abs-cbn on the day alex santos made the report. reviewing the tv patrol footage in youtube, the report was momentarily flashed. depite the clarity of the report as explained above, abs-cbn chose to really milk the issue of its sensationalism potential, even to the extent of misleading its viewers!

then the turn around

Three days after my first post, I was able to talk to a friend who happened to be a regular valley golf player. We were bantering about the incident during a break in our driving range practice and he related to me his experience with Bambee de la Paz just a few days back. This cemented my opinion of the case because during that time, I already had doubts on the story of Bambee after reading her blog. The cop in me kicked in and I felt that something was amiss, very much like the calm that you see before an ambush. because it was the holidays without much action in the streets and i have nothing better to do except practice and internet, i posted this comment in many blogs and got many reactions, many of which attacked my person (online personality, hahahaha). of course, there are those who agreed with me but they were few and far between! here goes the post:

"in this incident, the dela Pazes were first given attention by the media and add that to the fact the natural tendency of many filipinos (including me) to hold prejudice against moros, my first reaction is anger at the pangandamans.
and i am still angry at them up to this moment. secretary and mayor pangandaman should have known better and should have acted with prudence no matter and however they were provoked. they are no ordinary citizens but persons vested with responsibility by the people.
however, i now tend to give credence to the story of the pangandamans after my friend who happens to be a member of valley golf related his brush with the dela Pazes. and so the story goes this way:
shortly before christmas, he was practicing his putting in one of the three putting greens in vally golf. in the other putting green is bambee de la Paz also practicing putting. mind you, this family of dela pazes are terrific golf players! all of a sudden, bambee, together with her mother fanning herself like crazy, joined my friend in his putting green, stroking the house balls here and there, oblivious to the presence of my friend. golf etiquette 101: this is not beig courteous. the same issue they used against the pangandamans. fortunately my friend is no pangandaman and so the scandal happend days later and not involved my friend. after around 30 minutes of pure arrogance and “i am a champion and who are you” attitude from bambee, she and her mother left my friend in the practice green with the 12 house balls strewn all around. etiquette 101 again: this is, again, not being couteous. the ball holders clearly bore the sign “replace after use.”
after i heard this story of my friend, he and i thought, well, the arrogant dela Pazes met their match in the equally arrogant pangandamans.
now, we are angry at all of them for bringing their lies to the public and wasting our time!"

pulis na pogi in other blogs

when the pagdanganan-de la paz golf war erupted, this blog was still inactive as i haven't found out yet the way to recover my lost password. because of that, i am just another poster leaving comments in somebody else's blog or article. well, let me consolidate my comments from various blogs so that i have a record of how good i am in debates. hahaha!

Friday, January 09, 2009

the return of the comeback and the golf war

Wow, it had been 14 months since i posted anything here. Well, I had a lot of reasons but the primary cause is that i forgot my password in google. Oh my, obvious ba na covert name ko lang ito? hahaha.

Well, here i am again my dear blog. I had been all over other blogs in the pangandaman-de la paz golf war. Including you tube, I had seen the power of the blogger who is first to cry "INJUSTICE!" When bambee's blog first appeared, she apparently emailed her friends who in turn, emailed their friends. Alas! The first version was not meant to be so she edited it, toned down her language, and remove entries that could work against her and her family.

The immediate aftermath of the edited blog was so fiery and reactions were too hot for the pangandamans that a week later, the Secretary came out of national television and appealed to the bloggers to go easy on them because, in his words "my family is hurting."

But the appeal worked like gasoline spilled in the inferno. The calls for resignation countinued and dar issues are included in the ammunition. All these, despite the fact that as early as four days later, cracks in Bambee's blog began to surface. The original version of her blog showed up, discussion of respected members of showed a lot of inconsistences in her family's statements, and i myself got a first-hand report of a friend who was at the receiving end of bambee's crassness in a practice green just a few days before the infamous "golf war." Efforts by posters who believe that the pagdanganans are not totally and singularly guilty or even those who simply believe that both sides are equally liable are met with all kinds of brickbats, namecalling, and even threats from bambee's supporters. Up to this time, the support for Bambee continues (or so i think).

What does this mean? I exactly do not know but I am thinking of several possible reasons:

1. Could it be because Bambee was the first to get to the blogsphere with her sad story?
2. Could it be because of the seemingly great disparity in the status of the protagonists? (Bambee pictured her family as poor--which is a very very big lie of course because at the minimum, they are in the upper middle class if not the landed rich people. At the same time, she pictured the Pangandamans as rich, abusive, and war freak Muslim family).
3. Could it be that bloggers identified with Bambee because she can be considered as one of their own?
4. Could it be because the general Filipino population has a built in bias against the Muslims--although only few dare to admit it?
5. Could it be because Filipinos really love to stick with the underdog no matter what?
6. Could it be because of the distrust of the people on the politicians?

Well, i exactly do not know but up to this time, despite the overwhelming evidence that show that the incident was not entirely the Pangandaman's fault, the tirades had not stopped, nor any of the supposedly respected columnists cared to rectify their first opinions.

Hay, Pilipinas kong Mahal!